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Time for a Live Blog

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The kids are asleep and I have nothing better to do on a Saturday night. How about a live blog, for the two of you who are still up and on the Internet?

Here’s how it works. You see the chat window below? Look at the bottom. Enter your name or pseudonym in the top window. Enter your comment in the second window, and hit send. I will have to approve your comment before it appears, but I’m online right now, and will approve most comments within a minute. Usually within seconds.

So hop on!

UPDATE: Note the buttons at the bottom. You might want to turn off “autoscroll.” It bothers a lot of people.

UPDATE x2: Thanks to everyone who participated. I’m tucking the transcript in the extended entry. Click on “more” to read it.

4 Responses to “Time for a Live Blog”

  1. It’ 12:44 on Sunday afternoon where I am. I’m having a Bloody Mary by the pool before I go in for a sauna and a jacuzzi. You’re a daily read from my home in OC, but this week I’m in Bangalore, India.

    Yeastfarmer (4eae3d)

  2. DRJ,

    Are you still up? What happened with the grassfire?

    nk (8eafa0)

  3. OT but somehow not

    Pearls Before Swine

    The Internets is just tubes, after all.

    steve miller (724340)

  4. Isn’t CoverItLive great?

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

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