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Ten Million Page Views

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This blog had its 10 millionth hit today.

I have now received, in the entire five-year history of this blog, as many page views as Hot Air gets in a month.


25 Responses to “Ten Million Page Views”

  1. Sheesh — you keep comparing it to HotAir. You’re blog is nothing but one guy and a couple friends — all of whom have day jobs.

    I think we do ok.

    Thanks for letting me play in your sandbox.

    PS — this is my first entry on my gleaming new 24 inch iMac.

    I finally chucked the Windows machine.

    wls (1cdbde)

  2. But you get high quality page views.

    And congratulations.

    DRJ (a0ba79)

  3. But you get high quality page views.

    And me!! 😀

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  4. C’mon, you know it’s just because broody guys get all the chicks.

    Anwyn (0ab609)

  5. Congratulations!
    10 Million!
    Think of that as the entire population of Hungary,
    or 1/2 the population of Australia,
    or 1/6 of England,
    or 1/132 of China,
    or 1/2 of LA County.
    The 1/2 that reads.
    Which is why the Times is scared of you.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  6. ...this is my first entry on my gleaming new 24 inch iMac. I finally chucked the Windows machine.

    If your experience w/OSX is anything like mine, your first two smiles will come from no blue screens of death ever after 4 years on an obsolete Emac, and then simply using ‘force quit’ when some
    very rare conflict hangs you up. One click and you’re back in business. One extra thing I did was install Firefox alongside Safari for the browser. It is so much hardier. Not the new Firefox!!! Too many glitches already showing up I hear.

    And why would I read Hot Air when I get all the good posts I need right here? And I don’t mind that DRJ isn’t posting anymore, for her comments are mostly mini-posts anyway.

    allan (ed28f9)

  7. Hmm… I dunno.

    I’ve had a full electrified Dell Dimension before (and by fully electrified I mean I get shocked every time I wanna turn it on/off or just touch the chassis).

    Nothing to do with Windows, of course, but I will note that between the time I found out the thing was electrocution waiting to happen to the unwary and the time Dell sent someone out to fix it (a good three weeks, because I couldn’t be bothered to send out for the technician, who actually showed up when he was supposed to and fixed the problem in under 30 mins), Vista (yes, the eeeevvvilll Vista) kept ticking over day after day after day, no reboots required, no BSOD, no sudden hardware failure…

    Not so sure a Mac is quite that hardy. Course, never had the moolah to spare for a Mac. Damn thing cost 8k where I am for the cheaper models.

    And congratulations, Patterico!

    Gregory (f7735e)

  8. Congratulations!!!!

    All without T-Shirts and cheesecake pictures (except Beckham’s wife) – Amazing

    daleyrocks (1cc55d)

  9. Congratulations Patterico!

    PrestoPundit (ff5e16)

  10. Not so sure a Mac is quite that hardy.

    That’s not what I said. It’s Firefox that is hardier than Safari. But I could say the antiquated eMac is pretty hardy since it’s 4 yrs old and I haven’t done one thing on the hardware side, or software either. It’s the Energizer computer maybe. Or perhaps an old Timex watch. But I’m not licking it to find out if it keeps ticking.

    allan (ed28f9)

  11. Amigo,
    I am a late comer to this site. It has been by word of mouth. Your appeal is humor and a bit of brainy common sense…a slow riser these days.
    Congrats on 10 mil.

    Mike Flan (be3fe7)

  12. 10 and 8.

    corwin (1fd2f0)

  13. To be considered a credible news source, you need to announce massive layoffs and buyouts.

    Justin is doomed.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  14. Congrats, Pat.

    JD (75f5c3)

  15. And to DRJ and WLS as well.

    JD (75f5c3)

  16. As HotAir itself would say, awesomely awesome. Congrats Patterico.

    no one you know (1f5ddb)

  17. Visitors to Patterico are looking for quality first and jokes somewhere else.


    Todd Roth (99e0d9)

  18. Congrats. Yours is an enjoyable and provocative site for both SoCal and national issues. I wish for you whatever you wish for yourself.

    C. Norris (52254c)

  19. Congrats! And I don’t think the comparison to HotAir is fair. I love their site and comment there frequently, but AP is a provocateur. He generates traffic simply be pushing people’s buttons.

    I’d be interested to see a comparison of the ratio of Unique Visitors to Total Visitors over the course of a month. I’d wager this blog has a significantly higher number of uniques (relatively, of course) as compared to HotAir.

    Just a thought.

    h2u (4a7c7f)

  20. Congratulations!

    htom (412a17)

  21. Not to take anything away from HotAir — which is my favorite blog (no offense meant, P – you’re high up there) — but you have to click a link to read each of the articles there. That dramatically increases page views. Here, you can read most of the content without ever clicking on an internal link, assuming you don’t want to leave a comment.

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (b6cc49)

  22. > assuming you don’t want to leave a comment.

    And who does?

    Congrats, Patterico.

    AMac (0f4b0c)

  23. Congratulations, Pat! I’m mostly a lurker, but I think I can speak for a lot of us who read these entries and comments that I find the discourse here to be incredibly interesting. ‘Course, it helps that I thoroughly enjoy seeing you and others eviscerate the liberals, MSM, and trolls. Oh, yes, wls: congrats on the 24in iMac. I’ve had mine since March and it’s bulletproof. Hope you got a TimeCapsule! Cheers all!


    dhmosquito (4340e1)

  24. Congrats, Patrick!

    Paul (0ea0cf)

  25. Gregory, #7

    Ebay. You can get a G4 iMac for under 400 dollars there. Maybe as low as 200. I’m using a G3 iMac with OS 10.4.11 and a RAM upgrade to 1 gig. Still doing good. Next month I’m planning on upgrading to cable, once I’ve got that cable modem I’ll need for self install (ask me at my blog (link in name) about donation opportunities). There are Macs out there still running strong after four or five years. Apple builds for a world quite different than this Midas Plague one we’re living in now.

    As to page views and blogs. Patrick, congrats on 10 megaviews in five years. I’m hoping for my 10 millionth visitor about a century after my death.

    Alan Kellogg (bb08f3)

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