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Appearance on “Which Way, L.A.?” at 7 p.m.

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I’ll be on “Which Way, L.A.?” with Warren Olney on L.A.’s KCRW, 89.9 FM, at 7 p.m. Pacific, discussing the Kozinski controversy. Other guests include Eugene Volokh and L.A. Times reporter Scott Glover.

You can listen live at, by going to this link and clicking “Live” at the top of the page. After the show has aired, I believe there will be a link added to the page to allow access to the archived version.

The show was taped earlier today (during my lunch hour). Our positions were pretty much what you’d expect: Glover defended the story, Volokh dismissed it as a non-story, and I took a middle position — saying that it was a legitimate story, just not quite the story that the paper claimed it was.

8 Responses to “Appearance on “Which Way, L.A.?” at 7 p.m.”

  1. So I guess you’re not afraid of, or don’t believe Cyrus about, the Ninth Circuit “Black Hand Robe” which vengefully and viciously retaliates against any lawyer which crosses them?

    nk (4bb2be)

  2. This just gets better and better.

    DRJ (8695bd)

  3. Nice job. Well said. I got the feeling Olney wasn’t completely buying Glover’s innocent argument. It’s also nice to see that you are now being seriously considered as a counter-balance to the universally acknowledged weak reporting of the LA Times.

    You need a Times Scandal meter akin to the accident meter on job sites. _____ days since a Times reporting scandal.

    Apogee (366e8b)

  4. I think Scott Glover did a very good job of defending his story. He was restrained. Stayed on the rationale that it was news because Kozinski was presiding over an obscenity trial.

    Volokh was terrible. Argued that if the judge did not intend for the world to know about his tastes and sense of humor it was not ok to let the world know?

    You pretty much maintained neutrality. You were given the opportunity to be partisan and did not take it. Was it intentional? To show that you could be fairer than LAT?

    nk (4bb2be)

  5. Nice job, Pat. Glover disclosed no facts or rationale that changed my opinion that he and the LA Times have an indefensible position. He did mention that he sandbagged, er, I mean met with Judge Kozinski to interview the judge before Glover ran his story. The real story here is the lust of the LA Times and Glover for a story which may have a real, if short term, effect. Here the effect was, as the LA Times admitted, the running of the story, and not the underlying facts, causing a judge’s recusal. Nice job on the whole story, Pat.

    Ira (5a8831)

  6. I just finally listened to you on the radio show via internet. And it is interesting there is so much uproar on Kozinski and LA Times contraversy. It is unacceptable conduct quoted by Senator Feinstein. Yet, the lawmakers and much of the media are not causing a tiff on a sitting judge in Colorado [Judge Edward Nottingham] who is connected to the Denver Players prostitution ring. Not only this judge’s phone number was found in the investigation, but this same judge received numerous complaints on misconduct that are being looked at such as his citation for poor taste by using a pig’s picture to criticize an attorney’s argument in a case and in 2007, FBI told Nottingham’s ex to no longer comment about Nottingham possible use of his federal computer to access a Web site with links to porn. This information is according to the Denver newspapers. I followed this case. This case was less looked at in the media because of Spitzer’s Emperor Club scandal.

    I just hope that the Kozinski matter is cleared up. I am lad that you are taking on LA Times. Good job in your interview on radio.

    SP Biloxi (8424c2)

  7. One more thing. i-Tunes is now the default audio player on my computer. Not only did it open the feed, it saved the broadcast automatically (in 15 segments although that part may be the station’s software. I had to delete them manually from the i-Tunes library. So I give more credence to the claim that the judge may not have known some things he would not have wanted to save were nonetheless saved.

    nk (4bb2be)

  8. Just to clarify your comment on WWLA regarding the donkey video being shown on TV, it was recently broadcast on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Kimmel discussed the Kozinski affair and expressed some amazement that the video was described the way the LA Times described it. He further added that it was broadcast on his previous show, “The Man Show,” several years ago. Frankly, I’d argue that a typical Man Show viewer has seen every single item the judge had on his web site, and 10 times more that’s actually funny.

    I believe Kimmel broadcast the clip on last Friday night, and his show appears on ABC. That Glover could in all seriousness defend his characterization of a video that was recent re-broadcast on a major commercial network boggles my mind.

    bode (2e8328)

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