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L.A. Times: Opponents of Illegal Immigration Make Little Girls Cry

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This image, currently on the main L.A. Times web page, is far from subtle:


It’s not an easy issue. I feel terrible for this poor little girl in the photo. And if her dad isn’t otherwise a criminal, I think the government is misplacing its resources by tossing him out, while claiming a lack of resources to deport every illegal immigrant who has committed a crime.

But a rank appeal to sympathy like this is misplaced, when it is not counterbalanced by providing the whole picture.

I have documented countless examples of people killed by illegal immigrants who should have been deported, but were not. Here is a collection of the first ten in one post.

It would be child’s play to write an article about these victims’ families.

You might even be able to snap a picture of one of them crying.

You’ll never see that in the L.A. Times.

18 Responses to “L.A. Times: Opponents of Illegal Immigration Make Little Girls Cry”

  1. &&*(@#$%^&
    not only do I not subscribe I won’t even read a free copy of that commie rag

    dcrane (a6ca1b)

  2. What? The L.A. Times prints only the emotion-driven part of the story that supports its Leftist agenda?


    Cicero (64dec4)

  3. If you don’t support jailing or deporting illegals, aka criminals, then you should support opening the doors of all jails and prisons. Why are we locking up American citizens and letting foreign criminals walk the street?

    Scrapiron (d671ab)

  4. That poor thing. She probably wouldn’t have to cry if her parents took her back to her own country.

    Kevin (834f0d)

  5. Liberals, bleeding hearts, anarchists and illegal aliens huggers twist themselves into knots spewing false propaganda that illegal aliens are a benefit to our country and economy. Study after study after study proves just the opposite. Let’s call a spade a spade…illegal aliens are a huge NET COST LOSS to America, an economic drain and burden on our country.

    The sooner we build the fence, secure the border, restore lawful order and rationality to our immigration system and deport those who are here illegally, the better off America will be.

    I could care less if little girls cry over immigration enforcement. Suck it up and take the issue up with your law breaking criminal parents who caused the situation by illegally entering and illegally operating here.

    zeezil (9ec26d)

  6. “Illegal immigrants deported: women, children, minorities and the poor hardest hit.” Isn’t that how it is supposed to go?

    JVW (78155f)

  7. Then there’s always the “she was born in America, she’s an American citizen, therefore she has a right to stay, and this is her home, so she deserves to have her entire family stay with her instead of being RIPPED from her home and TORN APART from her family” excuse.
    If my parents steal a car and give it to me, I have no right to keep it just because I’m innocent of the crime!!
    And if your family is that important, the solution is kind of obvious: pack up your crap and go back to your legal place of residence.
    And if she’s under 18, she’s a minor. If the parents wish to abandon her in the US rather than take her back to Old Mehico, then she should be taken into CPS. If the parents don’t like that, then take her back. “Oh, but she’s used to her current standard of living!” Well, I’m sure the kids of some major coke dealer are used to their mansion and fancy cars and vacations in Ibiza, but I fail to see why we owe them “legal alimony” after daddy gets whacked into the pen for a decade.
    We’ve seriously got to do something about chain immigration and anchor babies. The system is beyond broken, and the oft-used excuse that it is a “constitutional right” is provably not the case.
    And the LA Times sure knows who to suck up to, these days, don’t they? They know very well who their primary readers will be in 10 years–Mexican illegals.

    Manji (72100f)

  8. “…And the LA Times sure knows who to suck up to…”

    BTW, what are the +/- numbers on circulation for the LAT & La Opinion?
    When will we see the LAT become a Spanish-only publication?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  9. I wish someone from the LAT would have shed tear the 4th time someone in my family was hit by an illegal alien driver. My wife had to cut out of her car by the jaws of life, and cringed every time after that when she heard brakes squealing. I wish they would have shed a tear for the poor folks whose neighborhood saw the largest heroin bust in the state of California history, just miles from my house. Many Mexican nationals were arrested with the drugs. I wish they cared about my 2 year old grandson, who had to wait 3 hours at the emergency to see a doctor. I guess some of innocent are more innocent than the others

    tyree (e24364)

  10. When will we see the LAT become a Spanish-only publication?

    Never. The purpose of these articles is to destroy the will and self-confidence of Americans, leading to the Glorious People’s One World Paradise to be implemented soon after.

    Patricia (f56a97)

  11. L.A. Slimes employees are running scared. There were 182 U.S. Military deaths in Iraq (in a known war) through June 3rd 2008. There were 315 murders (reported) in Los Angeles County through May 18th 2008. Can anyone say screw em, lets pull out and let them all die?
    Think the communist, aka democrats, aren’t spreading communism fast. D.C. is setting up military style check points to seperate the victims from the criminals. Problem is the future victims are the ones penalize by having to stop and show ID to get to their homes. The criminals aren’t going to use a known check point. Democrat mayor in D.C.? Yep, and an out of her element dumb female at that.

    Scrapiron (c36902)

  12. Here we go again..just another “sob story” about a
    “a poor little innocent girl.” Those contrived
    fairy tales are meant to evoke sympathy for the
    guilty and to implant “false guilt” in the innocent. The first is designed to soften you up and the last to get you to blame yourself for
    someone else’s criminal behavior. Americans are
    compassionate people, but it takes a real bunch of
    low-lifes to trade on that compassion so they can
    continue their criminal behavior. It reminds me of
    a drug addict who keeps taking advantage of a weak
    but concerned parent until he steals all her financial resources to support his devilish habit.
    It takes strength of character to stand up and say, “no more, get out.” Even though this girl is
    not our own, we need to be strong and say the same
    to her and to her criminal parent who brought her
    here. Oh, where is the “compassion” for U.S. citizens who are being “fleeced” and even killed
    by the illegal invaders? They deserve it..the illegals do not.

    Jerry Frady (f8c344)

  13. Yes, crying little girls are bad.

    So her folks shouldn’t have set her up for hardship.

    Foxfier (15ac79)

  14. In Iowa, we are inundated with this kind of propaganda after the raid in “Posthole”,…er…Postville.

    All the fault and blame for this situation lies with the parents who broke the laws, knew it, and had kids here in an attempt to avoid the consequences of their illegal act.

    Two wrongs do not make a right, … as in they get to stay.

    PCD (5c49b0)

  15. One of the latest raids was here in Iowa. The town of Postville was like many small towns, dying slowly. When the meat processing plant opened, many people looked at it to increase the town’s viability and employment.

    Instead of paying good wages, they wanted to start workers at nearly minimum wage. I had worked in a similar industry 25 years ago and the starting salary was the same for both. Few local workers wanted to do the job so they imported immigrants (Eastern European and Central American) to do it. In my opinion, the company drastically underpaid residents in order to get the immigrants. If they paid workers the true value, the locals would work there.

    Crime, including robberies, drunk driving and family issues, began to soar as a result. The newspapers have reported the current workers were as young as 13 years old and some receiving less that $5.00 per hour under the table, $2 less than the current Iowa minimum wage.

    The company and officers should be prosecuted and those that are illegal should be deported. More than 150 admitted to SS fraud, false identities and more. What about those who will “owe” taxes on wages or bills for items and services they didn’t receive? Where is the sympathy for them and the other crime victims?

    eeyore (0b7526)

  16. And if her dad isn’t otherwise a criminal, I think the government is misplacing its resources by tossing him out, while claiming a lack of resources to deport every illegal immigrant who has committed a crime.

    What about the small-time weed dealer who isn’t otherwise a criminal? The check kiter? The guy driving on the suspended license? The government’s going to claim a lack of resources to deport anyone anyway… they only do as much as they do to keep us quiet and pliant on the subject.

    Are enforcement officials better off deporting multiple-count criminals, instead of criminals like the girl’s father? You bet. But for me, this is an easy issue; we take parents away from their children every day because the parents are criminals. Just because the LA Times et al decide some criminals are heroes doesn’t mean the issue becomes “cloudy.”

    jdub (ca6e17)

  17. eeyore,

    Are you just mad that the plant is NON-UNION?

    PCD (5c49b0)

  18. Why does not the girl go with her dad if she wants to be with him?

    She is a U.S. citizen, so she can come back at any time if she wants to live here.

    Michael Ejercito (c5d682)

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