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FLDS Child Custody Hearings – DNA Update

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The San Angelo Standard Times reports that DNA samples from the FLDS children and their parents takes 30-50 days to process and some results may not be available under 4 days after the hearings are scheduled to conclude:

“Technicians began taking samples for DNA testing this morning from YFZ Ranch children being kept at the San Angelo Coliseum, the Texas Attorney General’s office said today.

The agency said results from the tests will take 30 to 50 days to process for children and parents from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ranch near Eldorado.

If it takes the full 50 days, the results will not be available until June 9, four days after the 60-day custody hearings must be completed.”

The technicians are taking DNA samples and photographs to help authorities match samples to the children.


16 Responses to “FLDS Child Custody Hearings – DNA Update”

  1. The Free the Children Movement is picking up steam.

    I saw the video exposing the drug-infested Texas Foster Care system at:

    Over 1,560 have signed the petition and commented at:

    There has been a call for the formation of at:

    If only the mainstream media would wake up.

    Christian Prophet (722a97)

  2. Someone tell Justin that Patterico already posted his opinion on Special Order 40 in the LA Times. (Comments are closed on the last thread.)

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  3. hmmmm

    Levi (76ef55)

  4. Have them slap the name Barry Bonds on each sample. They’ll be ready by the end of the week.

    allan (a82501)

  5. the more I read of this case, the more disturbed I’m getting that this is less about actual cases of child abuse and more about the local government squashing an “icky” religious sect they don’t like

    and not giving a good godd*mn about the innocents they are assaulting.

    Allegedly, it’s about underage girls being forced to have sex with older men.

    So why are adult women being separated from their breastfeeding infants or young sons?

    Oh…because “some say” the mere existence of the sect is “unhealthy” regardless of how loving the parents or emotionally well adjusted the young boys.

    Hmmmmmm. Is not one else concerned a bit about such reasoning?

    Darleen (187edc)

  6. Not really, but this story doesn’t help:

    “Texas child welfare authorities admitted Monday there are more children and mothers inside the San Angelo Coliseum than they originally believed.

    The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services said Monday there are 437 children being held at the makeshift shelter — not 416 children as they have reported since April 8 when they announced that number and said they had removed all the children from the YFZ Ranch of the Fundamentalist FLDS Church.

    “You can imagine with these many people and different locations, it was hard to get an exact count,” said Shari Pulliam, spokeswoman for the department. “We finally think we’ve got a count.”

    DRJ (a431ca)

  7. i agree with darleen in #5. drj’s disclosure in #6 that the state of texas miscounted the children by 21 (437-416) doesn’t inspire confidence. i wanna hear some more about rozita swinton the obama delegate. if she’s in jail, does obama lose a vote at the convention or can she be replaced? same question in regard to hillary delegate eliot spitzer. could a cliffhanger convention be decided by whose delegates stay out of jail longer?

    assistant devil's advocate (f09382)

  8. The can O worms opened will be able to keep all of fishing for the next 100 years and worms will be the only bait we will need!

    I hope that fish like worms! 🙂

    The Judge on Fox news, Napoliano, (sp), that SCOTUS has already ruled that you can’t use an annonomous phone call source to invade and seize control of persons or property. Or use such as a tool to gain a warrant!

    I care not for the style of parental control these groups exert over their own, and especially those that are too young to actually make sound life decisions by themselves. But are they any different from the Amish? The Baptists, Lutherans or any other group?

    We all raise children to our specifications as parents, are we really any different from the FLDS, or the Amish?

    Aren’t you as well suspectable to the same treatment by your own govt. just because you or child may look or act different?

    It’s only gets better when the real source was from a now, arrested, posted bond and disappeared woman in CO who has a record of abusing the “lust for power” that CPS workers think they are somehow ordained to have. Seems this is not her first parade.

    I’ll wager this country will not begin to wake up till fuel hits 10$ a gallon, but by then all will be maxed out on their credit limit and will no longer have the ability to stage any sort of real fight against our oppressors.

    This case may have a couple of valid victims, but to invade and kidnap the children sorta went out with the dark ages didn’t it?

    Seems it’s pretty close time to pay the piper or fire him/her.

    TC (d16524)

  9. They just bused 100 or so children from the San Angelo Coliseum – apparently to a location where they will be placed in foster homes.

    By all indications, there’s no shortage of families wanting to take them.

    What criteria were used and how they could be placed before DNA comes back is not clear.

    steve (14045a)

  10. I don’t think they are placing them with families. I think they are putting them in group homes so the children will be able to stay with their siblings and the underage mothers can stay with their children.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  11. Perhaps, as CNN reported, the process of placing them with foster families has begun and that they would be in group shelters in the interim.

    steve (14045a)

  12. I doubt they will make individual placements until after the final hearings.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  13. If the court did not order them kept apart from general stir at the shelters, assimilation presents obvious hurdles.

    steve (d78d45)

  14. Apparently some are being moved to shelters but group homes aren’t shelters. They are individual homes in a group setting and each home has parents. In my area, it’s similar to the arrangement at the FLDS compound and they are even located on ranches.

    EDIT: From the Houston Chronicle

    “Child welfare authorities have said the 437 children from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints likely will not go to traditional foster care families, but to larger residential settings so siblings can remain together.”

    They seem to be choosing primarily rural facilities, although with the number of placements they may not have had much choice.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  15. The last Houston Chronicle link also shows how this is becoming an education debate as much as a civil liberties issue. Some are placing the blame on Texas’ rules that permit home-schooling without oversight. It will really be a battle if the legislature tries to limit home-schooling.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  16. The homeschooling issue was something that Jeri Lynn mentioned on an earlier thread, and I concurred that it would be a convinient time for the state to step in and tighten the screws on homeschoolers. This is a most unfortunate turn as the vast majority of homeschoolers are not cultists. As this is currently happening in Cali, I hoep we don’t see a trend develop throughout the country.

    Dana (cbfc2b)

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