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Yagman to Surrender to Prison Officials on March 31

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When we last checked in on the endless saga of Stephen Yagman’s efforts to avoid prison, he was supposed to be appearing in Judge Wilson’s court on March 17. Patrick Range McDonald of the L.A. Weekly reports that the hearing actually occurred today, and that Yagman was ordered to surrender in one week, on March 31.

At the U.S. Federal Courthouse in downtown today, civil rights attorney Steve Yagman has finally been ordered to surrender to prison authorities on Monday, March 31, at a federal prison and medical facility in Butner, North Carolina. The renegade lawyer, who’s made a career of battling the LAPD and the feds, will soon no longer be a free man.

Read Patrick’s post to see how Yagman tried to weasel out of it yet again.

10 Responses to “Yagman to Surrender to Prison Officials on March 31”

  1. $5.00 says he doesn’t show.

    Stashiu3 (460dc1)

  2. From the article…

    In court, Yagman said he’ll fly down to North Carolina and meet Chemerinsky before heading into prison for what could be the next three years of his life.

    Lord I hope that violates some sort part of his bond agreement, and he gets arrested in NC and brought back in shackles…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  3. Calling Yagman a “civil rights” attorney is like calling Al Capone a Chicago businessman.

    barsinister (3b1790)

  4. While technically correct, it hardly holds to the spirit of the phrase…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  5. Only because we’re conditioned to think that a “civil rights attorney” is a good thing. It’s not. Yagman is (was?) an attorney. His area of speciality happens (happened?) to be civil rights law. The end.

    Xrlq (b71926)

  6. An attorney doesn’t lose his license upon conviction?

    Paul from Fl (47918a)

  7. Losing a bar license is not automatic, if that’s what you mean, and as a general rule it doesn’t occur unless the offense involved moral turpitude. In most states, the bar organization revokes, suspends, or takes other action regarding an attorney’s license after a complaint or referral is filed.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  8. drj-Thanks for info on both posts.

    Paul from Fl (47918a)

  9. Fortunately for me, Paul, we must have similar schedules so I get to “see” you every now and then.

    DRJ (a431ca)

  10. I hope he comes out a wide reciever!

    Ed O'Shea (56a0a8)

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