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BREAKING: Spitzer Will Resign (UPDATE: Has Resigned)

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The AP:

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) A top state official says New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer will resign effective Monday after being linked to a prostitution ring.

UPDATE: I’m unable to keep updating on this story throughout the morning, as I’m off to work, so I suggest you follow the updating machine: Allah. He is currently saying that CNBC has the same story. CNBC says the resignation will happen today at 11 a.m. Eastern. It’s to become effective Monday.

UPDATE x2: The AP has more detail here. They say the resignation will occur at 11:30.

UPDATE x3: He resigned. Allah has video.

18 Responses to “BREAKING: Spitzer Will Resign (UPDATE: Has Resigned)”

  1. All together now:

    Hey hey hey

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  2. Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Book of Verse–and Thou
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness–
    And Wilderness is Paradise enow.

    “How sweet is mortal Sovranty!”–think some:
    Others–“How blest the Paradise to come!”
    Ah, take the Cash and let the credit go;
    And heed not the rumble of a distant Drum!

    nk (5ce644)

  3. NK! You sexy, learned one! The Rubaiyat?

    Spitzer’s entourage coverage made me flash back to OJ’s bronco… Maybe the two will be golf buddies soon.

    EHeavenlyGads (f29174)

  4. But its goodbye again,
    I’m sorry to be leavin you
    Goodbye again, as if you didn’t know
    Its goodbye again, and I wish you could tell me
    Why do we always fight when I have to go…

    Oh, and he just resigned….effective Monday…

    reff (bff229)

  5. Thank you, EHeavenlyGads.

    Drink wine from your own vineyard; water from your own well. May Spitzer again take joy from the wife of his youth.

    nk (5ce644)

  6. May Spitzer again take joy from the wife of his youth.

    I think the attempt to refind that joy is what got him into this trouble… 🙂

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  7. *in the wife of his youth*?

    nk (5ce644)

  8. And don’t you dare make it dirty, Scott.

    nk (5ce644)

  9. He has now resigned, and I’m pretty sure there is no deal with the feds.

    I’m sure the events of yesterday were filled with efforts by his attorneys to get a deal, but what motivation is there for the feds to bargain with him about something that 1) they have no interest in and 2) he can’t hold onto anyway.

    My response would have been “Your future as the governor of NY is between you and the voters of NY. Act as you think you must.”

    As for his future as a defendant, I’d have told him the offer is “Three level reduction and recommendation for bottom of the guidelines — just like everyone else — or I’ll see you in court.”

    He likely went behind closed doors and his former AUSA defense attorney told him “You’re screwed.”

    wls (e9f058)

  10. As an aside…

    Who wants a t-shirt?

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  11. And don’t you dare make it dirty, Scott.

    I’m hurt that you feel as if you must single me out, nk.

    I’m even more hurt by the fact that you are quite right to do so. 🙂

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  12. Spitzer should be dealt with as harshly as he did with others, which means the bum ought to serve real jail time.

    PCD (5ebd0e)

  13. Good Riddance!

    And the people of NY have no excuse for electing him (at a record level no less) in the first place.

    seaPea (1a7ca9)

  14. Here’s a good one, nk:

    “Here the hangman stops his cart:
    Now the best of friends must part.
    Fare you well, for ill fare I:
    Live, lads, and I will die.

    “Oh, at home had I but stayed
    ‘Prenticed to my father’s trade,
    Had I stuck to plane and adze,
    I had not been lost, my lads.

    “Then I might have built perhaps
    Gallows-trees for other chaps,
    Never dangled on my own,
    Had I left but ill alone.

    “Now, you see, they hang me high,
    And the people passing by
    Stop to shake their fists and curse;
    So ’tis come from ill to worse.

    “Here hang I, and right and left
    Two poor fellows hang for theft:
    All the same’s the luck we prove,
    Though the midmost hangs for love.

    “Comrades all, that stand and gaze,
    Walk henceforth in other ways;
    See my neck and save your own:
    Comrades all, leave ill alone.

    “Make some day a decent end,
    Shrewder fellows than your friend.
    Fare you well, for ill fare I:
    Live lads, and I will die.”

    — A. E. Housman

    The whole part about “had I stuck to plane and adze” seems particularly appropriate, considering that Spitzer’s father was a developer. Plus, it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “hangs for love”.

    Leviticus (43095b)

  15. “… the late-night comedians wasted little time linking the Spitzer case to the Clintons. Jay Leno joked Monday night that Spitzer’s scandal “means Hillary Clinton is now only the second angriest woman in the state of New York.” David Letterman offered a Top 10 List of excuses Spitzer might cite, including the No. 1 excuse: “I thought Bill Clinton legalized this years ago.”

    jim2 (6482d8)

  16. THAT is a top ten list I’m sorry I missed…

    Scott Jacobs (fa5e57)

  17. snipped from CBS’s Letterman site where you can also watch.

    10 Hey, what’s new?
    9 It’s Barack Obama. Remember our conversation about being my running mate? Nevermind.
    8 Ralph Nader here, glad to hear I’m not the only politician who has to pay for it
    7 I’m calling from the ‘New York Post.’ Would you rather be known as ‘Disgraced Gov Perv’ or ‘Humiliated Whore Fiend’?
    6 This is John McCain, if it makes you feel better, I once got caught having sex with Lincoln’s wife
    5 It’s Dr. Phil, call me if you need any horse**** advice
    4 This is Senator Larry Craig. Do you ever go through the Minneapolis airport?
    3 It’s Wolf Blitzer. Call me if you ever want a hot Spitzer-Blitzer three-way
    2 Paris Hilton here. I would have done it for free
    1 It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks, I’m no longer America’s creepiest governor.

    This is so sad. Cue Bessy (google the cover by the Moody Blues) Bessy Banks, 1964:

    We’ve already said good-bye
    Since you’ve got to go, oh you’d better go now
    Go now go now
    Before you see me cry
    I want you to tell me just
    What you intend to do now
    ‘Cause how many times do I have to tell you
    Darlin’ – darlin’ I’m still in love with you now

    We’ve already said so long
    I don’t want to see you go
    Oh you had better go now
    Go now go now
    Don’t you even try
    Tellin’ me that you really don’t
    Want it to end this way
    ‘Cause darlin’ – darlin’ can’t you see
    I want you to stay, yeah

    Since you gotta go
    Oh, you’d better go now
    Go now, go now, go now
    Before you see me cry
    I don’t want you to tell me just what you intend to do now
    ‘Cause how many times do I have to tell you, darlin’ darlin’
    I’m still in love, still in love with you now

    I don’t want to see you go
    But darlin’ you’d better go now

    htom (412a17)

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