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If You’re Going to Write Crap . . .

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The L.A. Times‘s “Top of the Ticket” blog reports that Hillary’s campaign put some reporters up in a restroom:

In an obvious bid for the Ron Paul media conspiracy vote, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s Democratic presidential campaign dumped the traveling press corps exactly where many voters believe they belong today — in the men’s room of the Burger Activity Center.

Press corps covering Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign placed in the toilet during an event in Austin Texas March 3 2008 While the New York senator held a town-hall meeting elsewhere in Austin, Texas, pushing hard for every last vote in tomorrow’s crucial state primary/caucus, reporters could watch it on television. Then, the candidate came to the center for a rally nearby in the same building.

The reporters, including The Times’ Louise Roug, were set up in the toilet with tables right next to the urinals.

Make sure to follow the link for a picture.

Filing stories has never been so easy!

One reporter cried out, “Metaphor alert!”

Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing . . . only I don’t think my metaphor was the same as the reporter’s.

4 Responses to “If You’re Going to Write Crap . . .”

  1. And nobody thought to flush?

    Misha I (30ff30)

  2. Where else would people so full of “crap” end up anyway?

    Sue (ce8508)

  3. “Dumped” the press corps? How apt.

    Mike Myers (31af82)

  4. Sue, working for Hillary and Obama on one side, and for McCain saying that he’s a Conservative.

    PCD (c378fd)

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