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The Obligatory McCain’s Alleged Affair and Ethics Scandal Post

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Hell, if all I’m going to do in this post is quote Allahpundit, I might as well steal his headline conventions as well.

A sex scandal that may not be a scandal tucked inside an ethics scandal that may not be an ethics scandal tucked inside an ethics scandal that was a genuine scandal 20 years ago, and for which McCain has begged forgiveness ever since. The Paper of Record.

The media halo’s gone, Maverick. Nothing personal. Just business.

Like I said, the boy’s on a roll.

16 Responses to “The Obligatory McCain’s Alleged Affair and Ethics Scandal Post”

  1. gah.

    If the image I saw is really Vicki Iseman, and if he did do anything with her, I have WAY less respect for the man.

    just eww…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  2. one of the hot air commenters posted a link to this picture, don’t know if it’s ms. iseman, but if she wanted to lobby me, i’d certainly listen to what she had to say.

    assistant devil's advocate (8f8d53)

  3. whoops, apparently photobucket won’t let me link directly, you’ll just have to find it yourself.

    assistant devil's advocate (8f8d53)

  4. One of my cynical journalist friends said the story should make Americans feel better, because if McCain is still that vigorous a performer at his age, perhaps he won’t die in office. I’m paraphrasing, because he used slightly saltier language that would not pass muster at the LA Times or Chicago Tribune.

    I wonder if the NYT or other major media outlets will touch this sleaze rumor about the media’s new love, St. Barack.

    Should they? What’s the difference between the McCain scandal story and this scandal rumor? Discuss.

    Bradley J Fikes (1c6fc4)

  5. There isn’t, really, any difference…

    Unless you count the fact that they would never run that story, while they run an obvious hit-piece on McCain…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  6. Allah became revitalized after poking the Fredheads with a stick for months. He’s been on a roll ever since, lol.

    NOTE: I am not one of the ones who thinks Allah is even partially to blame for Fred doing poorly. IIRC, Fred was Allah’s first choice. He did enjoy stirring the pot though and some of the HA threads were HUGE! Allah: Nothin’ but love for ya!

    Scott’s right, McCain’s wife seem much nicer and is WAY more attractive. I don’t like him, but I don’t think I’m going to believe this without a lot more evidence. Looks like a smear to me.

    Stashiu3 (460dc1)

  7. At the rate the Obama/Larry Sinclair sex and drugs story is picking up steam, the NY Times may be forced to write about it. That clip is on YouTube. I wonder why Obama hasn’t tried to get it pulled? Or has he? Or did he decide not to draw attention to it?

    The Smoking Gun called Sinclair a “slanderous kook”, but didn’t give any evidence to back up its disparagement. Perhaps Sinclair is indeed a slanderous kook, but just saying it doesn’t make it so. Of course, the same caution goes for Sinclair, who as far as I can tell has presented no independent evidence that corroborates his tale.

    Bradley J Fikes (1c6fc4)

  8. This is just the first wave of attacks. Just wait till you see what they’ve got waiting on the shelf until late October.

    Steverino (3cbef4)

  9. No matter where you go you always find comments from the Obama TROLLS. I thought the RON PAUL Trolls were bad. They are so messed up and don’t even know it. Important famous people are caught in this Obama CULT. Its sad. You can’t talk sense to them. THey have to wake up on their own.

    Larry Sinclair is real and he is honest.

    dog (ed661a)

  10. knowed it was comming, just didnt think it would be this soon.

    james conrad (7cd809)

  11. What’s the difference between the McCain scandal story and this scandal rumor? Discuss.

    The Obama story has a named person who says he actually participated in the sex act, while the McCain story has unnamed people who were concerned about appearances and all allegedly involved parties denying the allegations. While other named staffers say there’s no truth to the rumor being floated…which is the best you can call this. Oh, and the Obama story has him smoking crack. And, it has an accuser about to take a polygraph on camera, with the resulting film posted on the ‘net. And it has a federal lawsuit accusing the Obama campaign of slandering Sinclair.

    And lastly, the McCain story is all over every network news broadcast and in pretty much every newspaper while no one in the media appears to be at all familiar with Sinclair.

    Pablo (99243e)

  12. And it has a federal lawsuit accusing the Obama campaign of slandering Sinclair.

    Now that’s chutzpah. Sinclair has accused Obama of a felony which is punisahable by up to twenty-five years in prison (delivery of cocaine), infidelity and homosexuality. All three slander per se. But he claims that he is being slandered?

    And Pablo, you should know that polygraphs are nothing more than an interrogation technique with the polygraph machine only as prop. The results are entirely dependent on the skill of the examiner and the susceptibility of the suspect to that kind of interrogation.

    And yes, I have a reflexive skepticism of “accomplice testimony”.

    nk (798403)

  13. Isn’t use of a polygraph a form of “coercive interrogation”?

    Another Drew (f9dd2c)

  14. Gee, let’s ask Tucker Carlson and John Fund – hardly standard-bearers for the liberal media – since they were both falsely acccused of sexual improriety by two DIFFERENT crazy people. Look it up.

    Type in either one of their names and the word “rape” into Google and you’ll see it for yourself.

    Any loon can make a charge against someone.

    As Carlson said, it used to be that when a sex scandal broke, if the actual charge wasn’t true, at least something was – the candidate or person accused did something sexual.

    Then he was accused of rape in Louisville by some woman. He spent thousands of dollars not only proving he wasn’t there at the time of the alleged rape – but also that he had never been to Louisville in this entire life!!!!

    Perhaps the standard of accuracy in a major media-story should be a little higher than a self-recorded You Tube video, a self-respresented case filed in Federal Court (which would accept my lawsuit against the moon for shining too bright – if I had the filing fee) and interviews by people who’s blogs make Oliver Stone movies look like recorded bits of actual history.

    Come on!

    Russell Tupper (bb9951)

  15. But Pablo really really wants Obama to be a gay drug addict. Stop raining on his parade! I mean, the guy filed a Federal lawsuit!! Everyone knows that no crazy person seeking attention ever files a lawsuit in Federal court. Part of being a crazy sleazebag is that you are only capable of filing in state court.

    Vergil (444e9b)

  16. Vergil, genius, the point of the matter is the MSM treatment of the scandals.

    If you’d like to argue the point, what you’re goingt to want to do is explain why the McCain story is news and the Obama story is not.

    I’ve laid out a number of items that make the Obama story more newsworthy. It’s your turn to do the same with the McCain story. Go.

    Pablo (99243e)

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