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On the Campaign Trail with Hillary Clinton

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[Guest post by DRJ]

A few samples from Hillary Clinton’s recent campaign stops:

In New Haven, Connecticut, Hillary cries at how happy she is to be … Hillary:

“Sen. Hillary Clinton teared up this morning at an event at the Yale Child Study Center, where she worked while in law school in the early 1970s.

Penn Rhodeen, who was introducing Clinton, began to choke up, leading Clinton’s eyes to fill with tears, which she wiped out of her left eye. At the time, Rhodeen was saying how proud he was that the sheepskin-coat, bell-bottom-wearing young woman he met in 1972 was now running for president.

“Well, I said I would not tear up; already we’re not exactly on the path,” Clinton said with emotion after the introduction.”

Outside St. Louis, Missouri, an elderly female fan has an advanced case of Bush Derangement Syndrome:

“An elderly lady in the audience at Hillary Clinton’s town hall outside of St. Louis prefaced a question about a rumored U.S.-Mexico-Canada economic union this morning by saying “Bush the bastard…”

Hillary smiled, head bobbing slightly, and didn’t say a word in dissent. The crowd roared in approval.

The woman, speaking during a question-and-answer session focused on trade competition and pocketbook issues, asked about a widely-circulated conspiracy theory that President Bush was pushing for the creation of a North American “Amero” currency that would replace the greenback dollar.

“He has this all planned for 2010,” the questioner said of Bush.

“Let me say that I’ve heard that story and there’s not a lot of truth to it,” Clinton responded, adding that if it was real she would kill it in a “bird-dog minute.”

And from the same link, fans are swooning at every event:

“Clinton, her voice raspy and ragged from a cold and ceaseless campaigning, seemed exhausted — answering a question about gays in the military with a long dissertation on No Child Left Behind and education policy.

For the third consecutive event, an audience member swooned in a hot, stuffy, jammed hall, and needed to be roused by paramedics.”

Just another day on the campaign trail.


15 Responses to “On the Campaign Trail with Hillary Clinton”

  1. A bird-dog minute? My, how folksy of her!

    I read all kinds of stuff on the internet every single day, and this is the first I’ve heard of Bush creating an “Amero” to replace the US dollar.

    I’m pretty sure that would require a Constitutional amendment, since the power to coin money doesn’t rest with the Executive branch.

    Steverino (e00589)

  2. I love the way it’s “not a lot” of truthiness. Such a mistress of the implication she is!

    Gotta love the conspiracy types… as long as you don’t directly refute them, you’re on their side but have deniability.

    Dave (76cb15)

  3. Remember the absolute self-lefteous outrage the left generated when someone dared call Sen. Clinton a name when addressing a question to Sen. McCain? Apparently, they have short memories.

    JD (fc7319)

  4. What the hell is a “bird-dog minute”? Sounds like Ratherism. He was known for making up inane little expressions that sounded like folksy vernacular.

    Just Passing Through (d3bdce)

  5. JD, it will not be mentioned, with the possible exception of “in passing.” And, yet, the media will not see that they are one-sided….

    reff (99666d)

  6. reff – To me, this is a perfect example of exactly how incredibly, blatantly, and nakedly partisan they are.

    JD (fc7319)

  7. Perhaps DRJ might try to do a better job that the second MSM reporter did. Instead of going for the “cheap laugh”, DRJ might consider looking into her claims, since that’s much more important.

    It doesn’t take a “conspiracy theorist” to recognize that very powerful people are pushing for some form of US/CA/MX union. One group connected to Zbig et al even testified before Congress recently and promoted such a plan. See the real reporting from Jerome Corsi at on this, and there’s even a map on a Canadian government website showing a planned highway that we’re told doesn’t exist.

    Many “conspiracy theories” aren’t true, but some have a large grain of truth. And, I suggest not trusting anyone who simply dismisses out of hand such concerns as a “conspiracy theory”.

    TLB (698f21)

  8. Lack of proof is proof of a conspiracy …

    JD (fc7319)

  9. More plants than a garden shop and more canned questions/remarks that Shrillary can answer. Anyone who supports her has to be too stupid to get to work and back home without an excort. Well my first mistake was connecting a democrat and work.

    Scrapiron (c36902)

  10. TLB/Lone Wacko,

    I’m aware of the allegations that the Bush family is part of the New World Order, that they want to create a North American hegemony, and that they support a Euro-style money system based on the Amero. Furthermore, I actually know people who believe the New World Order is a good idea, and others who believe it is the biggest threat to America that exists today.

    Which brings us back to your point: Why didn’t I inquire further into the lady’s claim? Since I’m already familiar with her claim, I had no choice but to assume she is in fact a BDS sufferer and not a real conspiracist — because if you really understand the New World Order, you know it makes no sense to complain about it to Hillary Clinton. After all, Hillary is part of the New World Order conspiracy.

    DRJ (517d26)

  11. Brilliant, DRJ. Simply brilliant.

    JD (fc7319)

  12. And since you can’t disprove it, that must mean it’s true! Behold, the 9/11 TROOF Methodology.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  13. NOT safe for work, probably not even home.

    But such is an example of what Hillary is, past, present and for sure future. Sans the murder of her long time lover in the park.

    NOT safe for work!

    TC (1cf350)

  14. DRJ: I repurposed a comment I left at the CT, so perhaps it wasn’t clear what I was referring to in the specific case of this site. If you’re going to retransmit his story, at least acknowledge that he’s attempting to portray something that has a large grain of truth as a loony conspiracy theory.

    TLB (62c4c5)

  15. When do you think the Feds will implement the Amero currency?
    Do you think the Amero will be just as worthless as the current dollar? Do you think things will be far worse if they do bring in the Amero?

    What things can we expect to see (economy, society, housing, food, energy, foreign relations ect..) when they do bring in the Amero?

    If I were you I would start buying gold and silver coins which I am.
    Because those coins will be worth more than the dollar and the Amero.

    Jake (8df5a0)

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