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For the Undecided Republican, a Sign

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[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

If you’re among those Republican voters still agonizing over the choice between Mitt Romney and John McCain, the Los Angeles Times has just made your decision much, much easier. This afternoon the Times came out with its endorsement for McCain, making Romney the clear choice. (They endorsed Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.)

And if you’re among those stubbornly clinging to Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul fantasies, remember it was the Ross Perot voters who held the door open for Bill Clinton in 1992.

32 Responses to “For the Undecided Republican, a Sign”

  1. Who’s agonizing? They’re both perfectly fine with me compared to Obamabillary. As a matter of a fact, I’ll be asking for a Democratic ballot this coming Tuesday because I want to support one of the Democratic candidates for Cook County State’s Attorney and a Public Defender who’s running for a judgeship, and vote against every Democratic incumbent in the Illinois legislature. In November, I’ll vote for the Republican candidate for President, whoever he may be.

    Why should I allow some dipsticks writing for some fishwrap on either coast to influence my views? Like any of them will vote for any Republican in November.

    nk (398aa2)

  2. At this point, neither Huck nor Paul is in any position to win the nomination. Any vote for them is a tacit vote for McCain.

    Question for McCain supporters… any of you remember that four years ago that McCain’s people solicited John Kerry’s camp for McCain to be Kerry’s running mate? And that McCain, when asked, stated “John Kerry is a good friend of mine. Of course I’d consider it.”

    Darleen (187edc)

  3. I’d pay to watch you debate Rachel Lucas about McCain.

    DRJ (517d26)

  4. DRJ – I’d pay to see her go up against Mark Levin. From reading some of her posts that would be a show!

    chas (fb7ad4)

  5. better a democrat than a RINO.

    especially a psychotic RINO……

    redc1c4 (48a20b)

  6. Right after I vote for John Murtha – another highly decorated veteran – I will fote for John McCain! The difference is so small as to be immaterial. The letter after their names the last 7 years means nothing. Wallace (who at the time I thought was crazy) was right in 64 when he said “Their aint a nickle’s worth of difference between the 2 parties!” Barry and LBJ were very different (IMNO) but the two Johns?!@#?

    Rod Stanton (b7febc)

  7. How come War Hawks (like Lucas) aren’t questioning why McCain is getting so many Democrat voters?

    After the last six years of Democrats trying to undermine America’s war effort they’re all now all of the sudden coming out of the closet to vote for a War Hawk?

    If the vote is all about the war then where were all the moderate/independents when things got really bad and it appeared as if we were losing, why did they not come to the defense of Bush?

    Why are they all of the sudden coming out for McCain?

    syn (95c574)

  8. The Dems are going to win by default on this one.

    jon berzerk (a5b44d)

  9. On what planet do we live where newspapers or anyone else endorse from both parties??

    What happened to “pick your man and run him”??? Now the libs are picking in both parties (and using open primary states to do it) so that the general will be win win for them anyway.

    THE GOP needs to take back the primary system from the MSM.

    martin (f61c6a)

  10. remember it was the Ross Perot voters who held the door open for Bill Clinton in 1992.

    No, it was Bush who opened the door for Perot. He didn’t finish the war and he went back on “no new taxes”. He ran as Reagan’s third term and that’s not what he delivered.
    When Republicans act like conservatives, they get elected. When they don’t act like conservatives, they don’t get elected (unless they’re running against J Effin Kerry.)

    I’m not voting for the Republican just because he’s a Republican, I’m voting against the Democrat because of what he stands for.
    If they all have views I find execrable, why should I vote for any of them?
    I almost always vote against, and I put Romney, McCain, Obama and Hillary all in the “Vote against” box.

    Veeshir (5f9b87)

  11. “I’d pay to watch you debate Rachel Lucas about McCain.

    Comment by DRJ — 2/1/2008 @ 10:08 pm”

    Lucas presents the results of her study of McCain, which show that McCain is something very similar to a shifty Democratic. Then she tries to make the case that voting for him would be better than voting for a shifty Democratic. This is not something to debate. It is something to laugh at.

    Fred Beloit (d31ddd)

  12. The idea that simply because a MSM newspaper has endorsed McCain he is therefore not to be supported is ridiculous. In doing this, you are still permitting them to influence your decision. I could just as easily not support Romney because the DailyKos and other liberals are rooting for him, either openly or in secret, because they believe his nomination will secre a Democrat victory in November. Phil Gramm, Tom Coburn, Jack Kemp, Sam Brownback… thes are not liberals or RINOs: they are conservative Republicans who believe, as I do, that John McCain is the most consistent, reliable conservative running, and is ready to be Commander-in-Chief on day 1.

    Corey Cronrath (112db6)

  13. Heh.

    I misread the title of the post as “For the Undead Republican”.

    CliveStaples (a9eda6)

  14. Thrity years ago Rockefeller fell short in his bid for the Republican nomination. Reporters and liberal Republicans rallied behind the anyone that wasn’t Barry Goldwater – not that such support would surprise very few on the right today.

    One of the candidates they supported in the anyone but Goldwater category was George Romney. It’s funny, or a bit tragic, that now George Romney’s son, Mitt Romney, stands in the position of Goldwater as the MSM fawn over first Huckabee and now McCain.

    David White (a42a76)

  15. I just got a call from the LA Slimes subscription department. They have a new promotion – 50% discount to all Republicans who vote for McCain and 82.3% discount (the alleged, but misleading ACU rating for McKennedy) too all “reformed” conservatives!

    Hmmm…its a much tougher choice than choosing between Governor Mitt Romney or Mr. Shamnesty!!!!

    John_Smith (a4614a)

  16. An interesting Question is if all the venom for Bush was truly about Iraq, where’s all the leftist venom for McCain?

    What kind of leftist boner must he be in order for them to gloss that over?

    jpm100 (b48b29)

  17. by jack dunphy’s logic, if romney doesn’t get the nomination, we should all support hillary because the times endorsed obama. there’s some clear thinking.

    assistant devil's advocate (1cd36a)

  18. No ada, I think Jack Dunphy (and you) knows damn well that in the general election newspapers like the LAT are gonna endorse the donkey candidate no matter who the elephants nominate. Ergo, one would still be able to vote in good conscience for the elephant. (Of course, the LAT won’t “endorse” a Presidential candidate in the general election per their tradition, but they will surely run an editorial in the lead-up to the election making clear where they stand, a la the infamous “The Failed Presidency of George Bush” editorial the weekend before the 2004 election.)

    JVW (b03dfa)

  19. I’d pay to watch you debate Rachel Lucas about McCain.

    I’d pay even more to watch anyone debate Sunny Lucas about anything.

    tired (6ae407)

  20. In retrospect, the ’92 tantrum seems contrary. This president did what his father was unwilling to do, stick up for tax cuts and pursue the war
    into Iraq; yet he gets all sorts of grief for it.
    No he didn’t go into Pakistan or Saudi Arabia; but
    how likely was that to happen. The S&L crisis
    back then, like the subprime crisis now and EnWorldGlobal a few years ago were back room flimlams that were exacerbated by what seemed a really stupid change in tax law; reducing the deductability of interest on real estate transactions; thus pulling the slats under their real estate portfolios. This in turn affected banks, consumers et al; which led to the populist wave headed by candidate Wellstone, that prefigured the Perot paroxysm and the Clinton campaign.

    narciso (c36902)

  21. “I just got a call from the LA Slimes subscription department. They have a new promotion – 50% discount to all Republicans who vote for McCain and 82.3% discount (the alleged, but misleading ACU rating for McKennedy) too all “reformed” conservatives!”

    Okay, wouldn’t this have to be declared as a campaign contribution to McCain? And wouldn’t that undercut any semblance of impartiality that they may still try to claim as a “news organization”? Not that they would care about appearances.

    Jay Curtis (8f6541)

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