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Simple Thoughts about Mike Huckabee

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[Guest post by DRJ]

This week has seen former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee leading GOP polls; avoiding media scrutiny despite questionable payments he received while Governor; and wowing evangelicals at John Hagee’s Cornerstone mega-church in San Antonio.

I know Huckabee’s basic political positions but I don’t think he has much chance of winning the GOP nomination so I’m not overly concerned with educating myself about him. I could be wrong and he could win it all. But he gives me that queasy Little Rock feeling – and after the Bush presidencies, most people would think twice about a Texas candidate, too. I wonder if Huckabee would already be a footnote in the campaign if not for the media’s apparent fascination with seeing him as the GOP nominee.

Democrats are known for avoiding candidates who seem overly religious but I don’t think they have a monopoly on that feeling. I’m Christian and conservative but I’m not attracted to candidates who overtly mix government and religion. Still, I guess it’s a fine line and it will be interesting to see where the GOP base draws the line this year.


18 Responses to “Simple Thoughts about Mike Huckabee”

  1. The liberal media like Huckabee because to them he is a democrat in republican clothing, but also an easy kill if he gets the nomination. Simple. Conservatives are beginning to see through him as he gets more media exposure. We don’t need another Jimmy Carter populist.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  2. Elections are not just about issues, they’re about selecting leaders. There are a lot of voters out there who want to trust the person who is President, and for whom this is more important than specific issues as long as the guy is of the right party. This is one of the things that got George Bush elected twice in my opinion. Many people voted for him because they felt that he was sincere in his beliefs – they felt they knew where they were with him.

    On the Republican primary side, Huckabee is the most likable candidate and at this point a lot of people feel they know where he’s coming from (though they probably don’t). Contrast this to Romney and the “slick” adjective you often hear applied to him, not to mention “flip-flopper.” Rudy’s a write-off on likability, and as bad a moral example as Bill Clinton – he needs another attack on American soil to get nominated. McCain, of course, comes across as a straight shooter too, but less likable, too irascible.

    I don’t think Huckabee will get the nomination because many people will back off when they understand his positions and lack of experience, but this is what I think is behind Huckabee’s rise. And I think more will stay with him than many expect.

    JayHub (0a6237)

  3. Rudy’s a write-off on likability, and as bad a moral example as Bill Clinton – he needs another attack on American soil to get nominated.

    Rudy is probably the only republican that can put a blue state into play and win the general election. Name one state that Thompson (the other self professed “real” conservative)The base may find that moderates are more interested in multiple issues and a moderate leader than the hallowed base is. Each person that claims to be part of the base tends to have one issue they care about, but not all care about the same issue. This makes for a very weak and fractured party.

    If Obama wins against Hillary he may be unstoppable in the general.

    voice of reason (b85a22)

  4. Huckabee is a swine of the first order: that’s why the media likes him.

    Thompson/Keyes ’08

    redc1c4 (dcc4d4)

  5. Yes, Rudy would do better in the general election where independents would view him more favorably than do a lot of the Republican base. But I don’t think he’ll get past the primaries. His best shot, I think, would be a brokered convention.

    JayHub (0a6237)

  6. “Swine” seems a strong term to apply to Mike “Mr. Affability” Huckabee. Can you elaborate?

    JayHub (0a6237)

  7. Paul/Buchanan ’08 Let the Insanity Begin

    daleyrocks (906622)

  8. But I don’t think he’ll get past the primaries. His best shot, I think, would be a brokered convention.

    And if it comes to that the “base” will need to decide if they are really team players who respect the moderate republicans or bullies willing to throw the election to the Dems.

    voice of reason (b85a22)

  9. I think the base would be more realistic in a brokered convention – would be much closer to the election – Hillary would most probably be looming.

    JayHub (0a6237)

  10. Huckabee is the beneficiary of the WCS (Wooden Canditate Syndrome) as personified by the rest of the GOP candidate field AND Hillary. I think this syndrome is also behind the sudden resurgence of McCain. Shit, if only Bob Hope were still alive we might have had an interesting summer.

    Howard Veit (cc8b85)

  11. Huckabee has no idea of how to be president. He is a slick candidate until you find out his opinions on issues. Rudy is probably best qualified but has to get the nomination. A brokered convention is probably the best chance for McCain, who might well choose Thompson as a VP. Rudy has pi**ed off the religious segment of the base and McCain has done the same for the libertarian base. Romney is competent but has trouble with the “sincerity” factor. Huckabee was in the running for #2, in my opinion, until this blow-up with Limbaugh which will expose all his weaknesses to a lot of active party members. It sounds like Ed Rollins started this and it was a big mistake.

    MIke K (86bddb)

  12. Keyes/Tancredo, Wingnuts rule!

    saul (3e7bee)

  13. JayHub:

    There’s plenty of stuff on Huckabee out there that’s been verified – the dog-torture thing with his son; the rapist he let out on dubious grounds, then lied about it; the ethics investigations; and the overall inability to tell the truth. (Is there something in the water in Arkansas?)

    It’s important for Republicans to disavow the evil and the crazy in order to appeal to both the right and the center. Exposing and throwing down on people like Huckabee is a useful exercise.

    DRJ’s point on religion is a good one; I have no objection to candidates of almost any religious faith or background, but I dislike some of the exclusionary rhetoric that pervades some candidates’ statements.

    There are Democrats who try to copy that; Al Gore called for a more religious Democratic party (not just a more religion-friendly party.) Republicans tend to be louder about it, but they are hardly alone. (I have a major beef with Americans United for the Separation of Church State over exactly that issue; I’m vigorously for such separation, but they are loathe to call out Democrats and eager to call out the GOP.)


    JRM (de6363)

  14. Huckelberry is just winter snow.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  15. I’d support Rudy over Huckabee simply because Rudy’s negatives are known negatives while the Huckster’s are murky. However, my candidate is Fred Thompson. No negatives. No scandals. No flip-flops.

    Connie (bd1517)

  16. I am a Christian, Sunday school teacher, deacon, father of four, homeschool dad, engineer, husband and resident of the great state of Michigan. In the past couple of months I have been convicted of the need to investigate the candidates for the Republican primary. Initially I admit that my brief investigation of Governor Mike Huckabee led me to support his candidacy. I did not spend any significant time investigating any of the other candidates nor did I dig deep into Governor Huckabee’s past. Only after a question from someone at church about my selection of Huckabee over Romney, Thomson or McCain did I even consider another candidate. So I had to ask myself, why NOT another candidate. The answer, as many times is the case, came profoundly yet simply from the mouth of my wife.

    As a Christian man, I am to submit to the authority of the bible. The bible tells me that I am to submit to the authority of the Church (the bride of Christ) AND the government. Romans 13:1 reads, ”Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.” Thus in voting for a candidate, I am essentially being used as an instrument (means) of God to elect a person to whom I intend to submit. Since we have a true Christian candidate in Governor Huckabee, how can I vote any other way?

    Romney is a very moral man (although there are major issues in his past with abortion and homosexual rights), but he is Morman. When he prays, to whom is he praying? Not to the true God of Christians.

    McCain and Thomson do not let their faith affect their governing. How strong of a Christian can a man be if he is a Christian on Sunday but not Monday through Saturday?

    I am not saying that the issues don’t matter. I am saying that the fact that we have the choice of a strong Christian man (made evident by his life and campaign) compels me to eliminate all other candidates. I believe that Huckabee IS strong on conservative values (taxes, immigration, smaller government, etc) but I am voting for him because I desire to submit to a man who serves my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I encourage you to investigate Governor Huckabee’s past and his campaign. I am confident that you will find as I have that Mike Huckabee is an outstanding conservative Christian leader. Please join me in voting for Mike Huckabee as the Republican candidate for president.

    Schumaker (560d7e)

  17. I’m interested in why you desire to “submit to” Mike Huckabee. I think God wants us to submit to Him, not to politicians.

    DRJ (517d26)

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