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Douchebag of the Day: Chuck Adkins

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[Warning: rough language ahead. Sensitive souls should skip this post. — Patterico]

The Internet truly has no shortage of scum. First it was Deb Frisch, making obscene and threatening comments directed at Jeff Goldstein’s son. Then it was Eliot Stein, mocking Cathy Seipp as she lay on her deathbed.

And now this.

Mike Hendrix of the Cold Fury blog lost his wife Christiana in July of this year, to a tragic motorcycle accident. The news broke in this post, which also features a lovely picture of Mike and Christiana:


Fast forward to today, when a fellow named Chuck Adkins, peeved by a mildly critical post written by one of Mike’s co-bloggers, said this:

This might explain why this Christina Hendrix bitch is dead, If I had to hang around idiots like that, I’d fucking die too.

Yeah, I said that, I meant ever fucking word of it.



Above: Chuck Adkins

(not the diet inventor, silly! That’s “Atkins”!)

Mike wrote a post about this here, in which he quoted Adkins’s stunning slur. Adkins has removed the offending quote from his original post, but if you were thinking that he has wised up and thought better of his remarks, you’d be wrong. Unless you consider this to be “contrition”:

Yeah, I took it off, I wouldn’t want little cry baby azzhat Mikey to cry himself silly, the bitch. Mother fucker lets his Co-Bloggers talk shit about other Blogs, But then WHINES when someone writes a little snark back. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Cry baby assed bitch.

Adkins has followed up his original posting with a defiant follow-up in the same vein, titled The CryBaby fest Begins.

As you might imagine, Mike is more than mildly upset about this. His wife — who has been deceased for less than six months — had nothing whatsoever to do with any quarrel between Adkins and Hendrix. Bringing her into the mix in this way is not just a standard Internet dick move. It’s one of the most jaw-droppingly assholish moves I’ve seen on the Internet, in five years of reading blogs.

Our pal Mr. Adkins needs a public shaming. I’m happy to contribute to it here.

P.S. I often rein in my commenter Christoph, who has a tendency towards angry, self-righteous pronouncements. But somehow, I think that’s exactly what is called for here. Christoph, consider yourself unleashed. Sick ’em, boy!

270 Responses to “Douchebag of the Day: Chuck Adkins”

  1. Chuck is a loser in every sense of the word. This asshat lives to stir up shit, probably motivated by…well…just look at him.

    Unless you’re mocking him, pay him no mind.

    Pablo (99243e)

  2. Unless you’re mocking him, pay him no mind.

    Oh, I agree.

    But right now, we’re mocking him.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  3. Well, most importantly, no one should harm him for his foolishness.

    What Chuck Adkins was disgraceful and, yes Patterico, malicious and evil.

    Off topic alert…

    I wasn’t angry at the mother or sister of Ryan Colle, the person who committed felony murder on an 18-year old girl. In calmness I stated my opinion on an aspects in the mother’s philosophy, which her daughter seemed to share and, I would suspect, Ryan did too. Whether Ryan learned these attitudes and philosophies in the realm of personal responsibility and facing reality from his mom is something no one but God will ever be able to answer. (Regardless of where he learned them, as an an adult man he was responsible for his decisions and, indeed, should have been making efforts to better himself including his mind as should we.) As I said further down in the comments under that thread, I genuinely believe, for Ryan’s sake, it would be better if both mother and sister took an introspective open minded look at their attitudes in these areas because Ryan may never see the light of day again. That’s harsh and it’s sad, but it’s true. What Ryan can accomplish is to improve himself as a man and to improve his soul, both of which require changes similar to the ones I recommend and am working on personally in my life. He can also contribute to prison society and perhaps have a greater positive impact on the world at large by doing so if he chooses. Choose being the operative word and requiring embracing personal responsibility and facing reality.

    If this is “angry, self-righteous” pronouncement on my part, then it is.

    For what it’s worth, early this morning was the lowest period of my life — the single lowest. The reasons for this were my responsibility. To improve things from here I have to face up to certain realities and change my actions.

    I’d suggest Chuck Adkins do the same.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  4. Why is it that people believe the internet is not society? That you can scream PIHB or DIAF about serious and sympathetic people?

    The kind of person who thinks this is funny is a horrible person. No need to threaten violence in reply, though it’s easy to get upset, but think how low and empty and sick such a mind is that says that stuff in anger. If anger takes you that far from controlled discourse, you are psychotic. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be that guy’s waitress or girlfriend. I’m sure he abuses everyone he can, and when admonished, calls those who have decency “bitches”. He hates women, and he hates civility.

    He dismisses what is good, what most people enjoy about discourse, so quickly and with such an obnoxious tone. Because this is the internet, and it’s somehow apart from reality or something.

    What a monstrous person. Worth ignoring, but so hard to do. Society has cancer. This guy.

    Dustin (9e390b)

  5. Well, most importantly, no one should harm him for his foolishness.

    Agreed. But shame him? You betcha!

    Patterico (faeccf)

  6. Read the “About Me” section, this guy is a tool and not worth the bandwidth.

    chas (d7c0b2)

  7. Another glorious instance of the MAD policy that I advocate for Internet civility in lieu of most tort claims – Mutually Assured Destruction. Break the code of civility and the dogs of war shall be unleashed back unto you.

    Another example? The family that is now pouted and shunned across cyberspace because they started the MySpace hoax that led a girl to kill herself –,2933,315823,00.html

    Justin Levine (cb1126)

  8. Yeah, he lives at home and has been jobless since 2003. But don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of bandwidth. And right now, I feel like making it available to make fun of/shame this guy.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  9. Now he’s ripping on me for being 35 and living at home. Give that ol’ boy a star for Originality! 🙄 Please, If I had a dollar for everyone someone made an offhand comment about me living here. I could retire early…

    If you had a f*$king job, Chuckles, you could squirrel something away for retirement. But you need to remember, you need to have a job to retire from in order to retire. Loser.

    But right now, we’re mocking him.

    Indeed. carry on. 🙂

    Pablo (99243e)

  10. “Why is it that people believe the internet is not society?”

    A truer thought was never expressed.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  11. I don’t know how they got Chuck out of the basement to pose for that picture. It must have been dinnertime and his mom refused ro take it down to the basement again.

    Chuck’s got a lot of guts. They’re spilling over his belt for everyone to see. Too many cheeto’s and cokes and too much time on his hands. Hr’s a classic asshat basement dweller. I’ve run into him before. He wilts under pressure, but he’s obnoxious.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  12. First this guy tries to blame being unemployed on George Bush, but then later he mentions that he’s a high school drop out, managed to get training to drive a truck, but then had an accident. I’m betting (based on other comments in his profile) that mind altering substances were involved.

    He’s 35, and according to him unemployed for seven years…but no mention of any job training or an attempt to get a GED.

    Yeah…his unemployment is all Bush’s fault.

    gahrie (56a0a8)

  13. make that unemployed for four years….

    gahrie (56a0a8)

  14. This douchenozzle has proven, at every turn, that he is a contemptible fucking asshat of the highest order. Usually I am a fan of ignoring sick twisted pieces of shit like Chuckles, with the only caveat being, if you must engage, you must mock and scorn.

    What he said to Mike is one of, if not the, most reprehensible things I can recall seeing. I am sure there are worse out there, but I do not recall them. Chuckles is a fat, foul mouthed son of a bitch that cannot bring himself to leave Mommy’s basement, as the real world is just a bit too taxing for his peanut sized brain.

    I think the most astonishing thing about this is that upon having the chance to reflect on it, he still thought it was appropriate. It is like internet Tourrette’s Syndrome, but worse.

    Chuck Adkins – You are a pathetic, small, and flawed person, on your best day. Today, you have relegated yourself to one of the lowest humans I have ever encountered, which is no small task.

    Get help. Or, get bent.

    JD (2c9284)

  15. Looking at his picture, I think Down’s Syndrome explains a lot of his stunted cognitive abilities and poor social skills.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  16. well, most importantly, nobody should harm him for his foolishness…

    while i agree with the objective, i disagree with the priority. well, most importantly, i should have an uninterrupted supply of beer, coffee, gas for my truck, etc. me and my loved ones should remain healthy, happy, prosperous. the lakers and the ucla basketball team should both win titles this year. etc., etc., etc. why should i give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut if [Redacted by Patterico. It’s not a threat but I don’t even want references to violence. Period. Capisce? — P] did you see what happened to the stock market today, even after the rate cut? babies get born and [Nope, this gets redacted too. — P], it has been ever thus, i could go on but my kitty is clamoring for a fancy feast.

    assistant devil's advocate (7adc55)

  17. Agree, but… [sic].

    Alan (f1706f)

  18. Sometimes shame is the only penalty that fits… and the less which comes from within, in Chuck Adkins’ case, the more which must come from without.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  19. But what happens when someone douchenozzle like Chuckles does not feel shame or remorse?

    JD (2c9284)

  20. w.b. yeats predicted the time when the best lack all conviction, while the worst are filled with passionate intensity. somehow, he failed to predict the time when a blogger would redact statements of indifference to the fate of a subject by one lacking such conviction, while simultaneously exhorting a passionately intense commenter to “sick him.”

    the only other thing i have to say about this story is that christina hendrix was a strikingly beautiful woman, and it’s always a tragedy when a strikingly beautiful woman dies prematurely, even to those who did not know her.

    assistant devil's advocate (7adc55)

  21. What a tool……

    EricPWJohnson (92aae0)

  22. …somehow, he failed to predict the time when a blogger would redact statements of indifference to the fate of a subject by one lacking such conviction…

    I blame Bush. And useless, dumpy twatwaffles.

    Pablo (99243e)

  23. Adkins not Atkins!

    That’s wonderful!

    I wonder if he is capable of any honest or even simply realistic understanding of himself. Those statements of his – let alone that prideful picture of a paunch that could shade most of the named Great Lake! – sure suggest otherwise.

    jim2 (a9ab88)

  24. I’d say the real outrage is that website of his whose scripts and activeX and whatnot manage to crash my browsers.

    whitd (10527e)

  25. And yet, somehow, he’s got the “compassionate” head tilt down perfect.

    Four years unemployed? Not even willing to take a fast-food job? Fer crissake, that’s pathetic.

    Rob Crawford (04f50f)

  26. Guys like this exist solely to make the rest of us feel good about not being them.

    Thank God I’m not him!

    What a waste of perfectly good human protoplasm…

    Jim Armstrong (1a8310)

  27. Not even willing to take a fast-food job?

    Judging by his photo, it’s certain that he knows the location of every dumpster associated with a fast-food restaurant.

    Old Coot (2f9910)

  28. Patterico,

    I know everyone enjoys a good speen venting, but all the good shot at Chump Adkins are wasted if he doesn’t see/hear them.

    PCD (09d6a8)

  29. Alas, the exposure of such a (insert slang term for sphincter here) only gives him more publicity — which is, doubtlessly, what he wants.

    He’s obviously not a believer in karma.

    Dana (3e4784)

  30. Can I use him as a future example to my children as to why finishing school is a good idea?

    Techie (ed20d9)

  31. Mr Crawford wrote:

    Four years unemployed? Not even willing to take a fast-food job? Fer crissake, that’s pathetic.

    Uhhh, did you see his picture? If he walked into a McDonald’s looking for work, the manager would probably calculate product loss and turn him down.

    Dana (3e4784)

  32. That photo is his “promo” photo? The one he chose himself?


    “I know everyone enjoys a good speen venting, but all the good shot at Chump Adkins are wasted if he doesn’t see/hear them.”

    Well you can always call his mom and ask if he’s home: It’s been done before…

    I actually had the privledge [sic] of speaking to Mr. Adkins on the phone tonight. His mom was kind enough to go get him for me…

    Low and behold we’ve just recieved [sic] the sad, sad news that within 45 minutes of my call to his mom’s house, Charlie has decided to “Take a break” from political blogging for a while!

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  33. “Looking at his picture, I think Down’s Syndrome explains
    a lot of his stunted cognitive abilities and poor social skills.”

    I have a wonderful nephew. With Down’s Syndrome.
    With the help of his parents, he has become
    a productive member of society.
    He has a job. In a supermarket.
    Stocking shelves. Doing whatever “they” ask of him at work.

    Living in his own apartment.
    The cleanest, best kept “bachelor pad” in the USA.
    Of course, his parents are needed to mentor him.
    And, protect him from “the wolves”.

    He is a far more productive member of society than
    “our friend”, the scum under discussion here.
    So, remember, you are what you do.
    Again, my nephew is a productive member of society.
    We should all contribute so much.

    Dan_P (a4bddb)

  34. I think with this story I’m bidding adieu to the blogosphere forever. I just don’t think I can take anymore of this ugliness.

    How could he? How could he do this? How could any human being do this to another person?

    Maybe more to the point … no matter how bitter or sad or lonely you are – and let’s face it, when you’re 35, fat and unmarried and probably a virgin and (unbelievably) still living with your mommy, you’re probably pretty sad and lonely – even so, how could you do this publicly?

    Politics isn’t the point. And whatever might have been done by either party beforehand is irrelevant.

    If Osama bin Laden had a wife who died tragically … I wouldn’t do this to freakin’ Osama bin Laden.

    This is inhuman. Un-human.

    Sigh. When I read your post, I actually laughed at first. I didn’t think it was even possible that somebody could have been more evil than Eliot Stein. I was wrong.

    This hurts ME. I don’t know Mike. I didn’t know Christiana. I’m nobody in this, but reading it I actually feel pain. Personal pain. I cannot begin to fathom what Mike feels.

    And I cannot even imagine what scum this Adkins person must be. And he must know it. He must. He must be contemplating suicide right now. I have never – ever – encountered a person with no reason to live. But Adkins has none. His life has no purpose whatsoever.

    That he lives at home at 35, that he’s probably never touched a woman, that he’s fat and hideous and actually CHOSE that picture, wearing THAT too tight t-shirt … well, that’s just icing on the cake. It’s like he entered the 2007 Stereotype Olympics and took the Gold in a landslide. Does he live in the basement, too? It’s all just too perfect. He literally defines the word loser.

    What’s the point? The point of all that isn’t to denigrate him. He’s beyond that. Nothing can touch someone who has sunk so far.

    The point is to emphasize how worthless his – and thus there’s no reason to take him seriously. I weep for Mike’s pain, but he ought to shrug it off. This creature just lives in hurt so he lives to hurt others. He deserves to be ignored, if he doesn’t have the sense to end his own life.

    At first, I was hoping someone like those hilarious “Teh Squeaky Wheel” folks would devote a website to this Adkins creature – to make 100% certain that any future employee (or (shudder) relationship partner) who Googled him would find his evil.

    But you know what? There’s no point. He has no life. He lives with Mommy at 35. He has no reputation to destroy. He has no employability, no future, no career. So what’s the point?

    He will die, sooner rather than later, alone, useless, penniless, friendless, fat and desperate, living with him mother.

    God has already wrought His punishment on this waste of oxygen.

    Although I do have to ask in closing: how would the late great Evel Kneivel have handled this? Check his Wiki bio for those who don’t know. I think EK had the right idea.

    No jury on Earth would convict.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  35. “Looking at his picture, I think Down’s Syndrome explains a lot of his stunted cognitive abilities and poor social skills.”

    I had the same reaction as Dan_P. A friend has a great niece with Down’s. I understand the desire to mock Adkins, but that particular insult will only insult others.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  36. Who?

    htom (412a17)

  37. True that. People with Downs are generally the kindest, happiest, most enthusiastic people you’ll ever meet. Chuckles, OTOH, is a bitter twisted douchenozzle whose next justifiably proud, satisfied day will be his first since mastering the toilet.

    Pablo (99243e)

  38. If people got worked up every time some fat-assed slob who masturbates to internet porn all day in his mother’s basement posted a vile blog entry, we’d never get anything done. This shithead is a complete waste of skin.

    Go_Fish (6d0473)

  39. I think this is a mistake to give this guy this much attention. He wasn’t important before, and he isn’t now.

    This isn’t someone with a pre-existing following, like Kos. This isn’t someone who has done *something*, like Radley Balko. This is no one, with nothing, who has no meaning and no life. Why give him the sense that he has one?


    JRM (355c21)

  40. Yo! he’s so fresh! It should be a felony for fat, pasty guys to talk like rappers.

    Dave (56a0a8)

  41. One look at the photo of him was enough. Paragraphs of explanation there. Kind of reminds me of someone else. This guy is the image that a lot of people who don’t read blogs have of bloggers. Ugh.

    Mike K (86bddb)

  42. I can’t believe a kind, compassionate paragon of class like that is a penniless bachelor. What is Boosh doing to us!!??

    McGehee (25adee)

  43. There’s no need to wish him any ill. He looks like he’s about 3 Doritos away from a massive heart attack anyway.

    Jim Treacher (5e5b1e)

  44. It never pays to underestimate the power of human stupidity.

    mojo (8096f2)

  45. Shaming? That would lead to anarchy, or something, If you do it on the internets.

    For example, I might say Adkins is a contemptible prick who needs to die in a fire, and somebody might actually take him to a night club with an unfortunate pyrotechnic display and hope his slow moving carcass is last out, and he gets stuck in the door. To the marshmellowment of himself and the amusement of all others.

    SarahW (285441)

  46. Or maybe, someone might bring up the Dorito/heart thing.

    SarahW (285441)

  47. Shouldn’t he be over at the Daily Kos hyperventilating about his carbon butt-print?

    509th Bob (96a8a6)

  48. I’m saddened more by Christiana’s untimely passing than the inchoate rantings of a schlub who misspells the name of the person whose memory he’s trying to cheapen.

    Chuck, here’s some well intentioned advice

    Take a $100, go to Walmart,

    buy a wristwatch .. $25
    A Timex with a leather band works just fine.

    some shaving gear .. $6
    Barbasol and some Schick disposables will get you started

    presumably – mouthwash .. $3

    A pair of George slacks … $18
    tan colored gives you the most options

    2 George oxford / longsleeve shirts … $29

    some clean underwear … $12
    I’m guessing here

    dark socks… $4

    shoe polish … $3

    Have your mom wash the clothes so you don’t fuck things up right out of the chute.

    Make yourself all presentable looking and then post about something related to real life – hell, maybe even do something in real life, like win the love a good woman rather than relying on genetics to provide it.


    BumperStickerist (350875)

  49. This guy is a real PT Barnum. He’s doing it for hits and traffic. Haven’t clicked on the site, but if he has ads and banners… well, anything for a buck. Doubt that’s his real pic or bio. Maybe, though.

    Really, I think he’s just trying to get hits and collect ad dollars. Sick puppy.

    Vermont Neighbor (b3bbb4)

  50. A lot of sick people want attention. A few of them shoot up churches, others can only insult dead women that others loved.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  51. Christoph #3,

    What happened? I’m hoping that you just had a tiff with the Australian girl because that’s remediable. I’m also hoping that you did not lose someone you loved to something irrevocable.

    And going back on topic, who would even deign to spit on an ugly creature like Adkins?

    nk (26f031)

  52. What a fucking toe-rag. That shit right there is just apalling. His mother should be shunned too.

    Eleven (60011c)

  53. Jeff Goldstein linked to a Chuckles post where he published Michelle Malkin’s personal information as well as a picture of her house, supposedly to protest her questioning of the Democrat’s poster family in the wake of the whole SCHIP crap.

    I went to his site and made some reasonable comments, nothing offensive, mind you, but definately not following his party line. For my troubles he deleted all my comments but of course left up all his responses to them.

    He comments on other blogs that I visit, and I have followed the policy of ignoring his rants, because it’s really not worth my time. For the last couple months he’s been pretty laid-back (at least on Rachel Lucas’ blog), and I was even thinking of adding him to my favorites, and giving him another shot.

    But this is beyond the pale. Insulting someone’s wife is one thing. Insulting someone’s recently deceased wife is a whole other matter. Doing either 50 years ago would result in a beating, shooting, or death, which would be ruled justifiable homicide.

    The most hilarious thing about this guy is how he constantly is talking about how others can’t take the heat (on the Malkin issue, he said something along those lines as well), but he deletes any posts that may cast him in a negative light, and leaves comments on other blogs that are quite benign (in order to avoid being banned) while simultaneously dropping f-bombs and f-yous all over his own blog. He’s like the guy who comes to your party and behaves reasonably well, but his house is full of empty tall boys and chicken buckets.

    Actually, I’m pretty sure he’s the closest real-life equivalent of Milton from “Office Space” that we are likely to see in our lifetime.

    otcconan (3ee191)

  54. I’d love to get in the ring with Chuck Adkins. I’d make him cry like the girly man he is & teach him some respect in the process.


    Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle

    Rainier Luftwaffe Wolfcastle (7cfd24)

  55. You talk about shaming him, but did you guys look at that picture?

    Does he look like he’s capable of it?

    Also, who’s going to take care of him when his parents are gone? I hope there’s something in the will that provides for somebody to come around and toss a bag of Cheetos and a 6 pack of Shasta for him two or three times a week.

    Swede (9f7cd6)

  56. Wow. I just read his “about” page and “why I left this church” page and I’m disturbed. Not only is he not very bright, but he’s a monumental hypocrite. He spends a ton of time talking about being a Christian and, yet, he can’t see why he should be sending out a huge apology for his idiotic words. Yeah, Jesus digs on making fun of a grieving man’s dead wife.

    Stumbling through his writing is a chore but it’s trying to wade through his screwed up brain that’s most scary.

    Something is very seriously wrong with that guy.

    zombyboy (da0b92)

  57. Concerning the “no one should hurt him” thing.

    Okay, I know we have to say it, but in reality isn’t that the reason that people like him feel free to be so unfathomably vile?

    Had he been in the same room he would have got *hurt*.


    And perhaps a lesson would have been learned.

    We take immediate violent retribution out of the social picture and look what happens.

    No, no, I don’t suggest going after the guy after the fact but there is something to be said about the social benefits of immediate and non-ambiguous physical… lessons.

    Synova (ebe17a)

  58. Let’s see:

    Fat? Check.
    Dumb? Check.
    Ugly? Check.
    No ambition? Check.
    Living in Mom’s basement? Check.
    Using drugs? Probably.
    Smells as bad as he looks? Undoubtedly.
    Virgin? Is there any doubt?

    The real wonder is how he manages to pull himself away from the PrOn sites long enough to have a blog.

    Swen Swenson (c00d71)

  59. Give the guy a break, his hormones are obviously out of whack due to being 8 months pregnant with twins.

    Capitalist Infidel (c1d390)

  60. Good for you, Patrick. I don’t like you worth a shit, but anybody hitting this with a post gets big Stand-Up points.

    For my own part: I will only say that I deeply mourn the disappearance of dueling. As I said over at Mike’s place, this episode is an object lesson.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  61. Have your mom wash the clothes so you don’t fuck things up right out of the chute

    You owe me a new keyboard, BS.

    I’m not sure how it’s possible to shame someone who undoubtedly flogs his six centimeter minimember to mental images of Oliver Willis fellating a Raspberry Zinger.

    I mean, honestly. The guy is a long-term societal leech; thinks the four food groups are Cheetos, suet, eggnog, and mother’s milk; has poorer life skills than Britney Spears; and will undoubtedly die a virgin (unless hey can find a streetwalker with impaired vision and no sense of smell, who is offering an end-of-the-world discount).

    I mean, really. What could we do to him that life hasn’t already done?

    kyle (3e16a4)

  62. I hope there’s something in the will that provides for somebody to come around and toss a bag of Cheetos and a 6 pack of Shasta for him two or three times a week.

    Take a look at his pants, looks like he’s been wiping cheetoes on his lap all day!!!!!

    Had he been in the same room he would have got *hurt*.

    If he’d been in the same room he wouldn’t have said it!!!!

    Old Tanker (07e196)

  63. Strange how he seems to believe he’s some sort of tough guy with his multiple “You started it, I finished it” and “wild, wild west” crap.

    As if he could move those Brobdignagian arms quickly enough to hit anything other than a sessile Twinkie.

    Chuck, if your reading, ditch the sweatpants and get a mirror. Put it on the floor and stand over it. That little thing you see, that’s your dick. Hurrah! You have one. No need to play tough guy anymore.

    Uncle Pinky (3c2c13)

  64. I have a 28 pound Maine Coon cat who would dispose of this dirtbag in a matter of moments. Sam has teeth and both the ability and the will to use them! I only say this because Adkins will want to come after me when I say that it’s clear that Adkins’ family tree has no branches, and it’s stunted as well. As to his intelligence, it’s virtually nonexistent and his humanity is nil.

    There are far too many people like this out in the world.

    Gayle Miller (187b6e)

  65. Whatever it is, Christoph, hang in there and I wish you well.

    DRJ (09f144)

  66. Good lord, I thought the slug was back under a rock again. He slipped off the radar for a few weeks, there.

    The guy clearly has mental issues. That he’s a staunch leftist…(Regardless of, or perhaps in spite of what he calls himself) speaks volumes to me.

    Bithead (0c6bf0)

  67. Given the chance to reconsider, his actions, he has yet to do so. Vile. I am ususally no far of escalation of these things, but I am going to email a link to the Detroit area papers, and see is the scorning is more localized, if he will actually step back and realize what an impossibly ginormous piece of smegma he is.

    JD (d660a2)

  68. Mentally ill. Has to be.

    Lost My Cookies (fa8d17)

  69. Yeah, Jesus digs on making fun of a grieving man’s dead wife.

    That’s the Lord Jesus to you, Mister.

    After reading this post, I wonder if he isn’t just a little bit mentally ill. Not to defend his action, but if so, he has the excuse for his behavior of diminished capacity.

    Fritz (d62210)

  70. I take that back. It looks like he kind of apologized, though when I was reading it, all I could think was LIAR!

    JD (d660a2)

  71. Didn’t Adkins and Greenwald have a thing going a few years back? Adkins dumped Glenn, which caused the move to Brazil due to the heartache, while Chuckles took up with someone more his own shape.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  72. Words of wisdom from Chuck Adkins:

    Another part of this story was I had befriended a lady from the Kalamazoo area, named Tina. Tina seemed to be a great friend, we were close in age. She confided some personal stuff in me, and I confided some personal stuff in her. Needless to say, I learned that to be a very large mistake, Because Russell Kidman, in his quest to find out what was going on, I guess, began corresponding with Tina via e-mail and I guess Tina spilled the beans on me. I admit it, I am a Human, and I’ve made some serious mistakes in my young life. One of them was a struggle with Pornography, which I sometime still struggle with to this day. I confided this to Tina. Needless to say, I learned my lesson.

    What would you say the line was that Chuck was ever in the same zip code as “Tina”? I’m giving it a -1000.

    Fritz (d62210)

  73. One of them was a struggle with Pornography, which I sometime still struggle with to this day.

    I am shocked. SHOCKED!

    kyle (3e16a4)

  74. As it’s not difficult to discover where Chuckie lives, I’m considering…

    telling his mommy on him!

    Who knows? Maybe she would take away his bandwidth.

    Karl (b3d6a0)

  75. Adkins wrote,

    I’d hate to have to file a complaint with the local detectives around here.

    He’s making a list of who’s been naughty or nice.

    Lawyer types: where is the line between, say, wishing someone ill (i.e., being an asshole) and the legally sanctionable act of threatening them with harm (i.e., being a criminal)?

    Fritz (d62210)

  76. I went back, and re-read that alleged apology, and now I officially call BS. If you are sorry, you do not follow up the apology with multiple paragraphs outlining how it was the other person’s fault that you acted like a total twatwaffle.

    Chuckles – If you are following the comments, as you claim to be. Get help.

    JD (d660a2)

  77. One of them was a struggle with Pornography, which I sometime still struggle with to this day. I confided this to Tina. Needless to say, I learned my lesson


    Lives with Mommy? Check!

    35 years old? Check!

    No education? Check!

    Fat as Hell? Check!

    His “girlfriends” all live in the shiny glowing box on the card table in the basement? Check!

    Unemployed? Check!

    And last but not least – and least surprising of all! – overly fond of his pornographic friends? Double-check!

    Yes, it’s true. Stereotypes are real. And this guy is a walking talking stereotype. Or, more accurately, a sitting, typing, porn-wanking, cheetoh-eating stereotype.

    It’s almost hard to believe. This guy is such a perfect stereotype, if it was close to April 1st I’d be calling shenanigans. He’s just too perfect to be real.

    Speaking our Internet tough guy … you KNOW he’s reading this, right?

    So where is he? Whatsamatta, you porn-freak basement-dwelling unemployed douche who attacks recently deceased spouses … aren’t you going to speak up? Aren’t you a tough guy? C’mon, pudge. can wait. Defend yourself, tough guy. Mommy got your tongue?

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  78. Mr. Adkins published an update [emphasis mine]:

    Update: You know, I’ve been monitoring the responses in said Blog and also in one, which took occasion to slam me. and also in one who posted what basically amounted to a veiled threat. I’d hate to have to file a complaint with the local detectives around here. I offered an apology for what was said. What else do these people want? Slander, I can deal with, it happens to me all the time. But threats against me and my family, whether direct or implied, will be dealt with. So, I’d advise said people, if you don’t want Detectives knocking on your doors, quit with the threats. I take such matters quite seriously. I admitted that I crossed a line in a flame war. and I removed the offending text and offered an apology, if this isn’t good enough for you guys, than I don’t know what to tell you. But I’d strongly advise those who are angry to watch what you say in Public. Because making threats on a Public forum, is a Felony. and can land you in Prison. While I’m not a cowardly person, who hides behind the cops. I will not idly stand by and let people threaten my family. The point is folks, you can be angry with me, I’d expect this, I said something offensive. But leave my family out of it. Threaten me. Leave this house and my family out of it. I just live here, because I have nowhere else to go. I’m 35, I’m an adult. Honestly? If I had the cash and a good, steady, income, I’d be out of this house, yesterday. Some people, in their haste to judge me, forget to look at the whole picture.

    I think he learned his lesson.

    DRJ (09f144)

  79. After reading this post, I wonder if he isn’t just a little bit mentally ill. Not to defend his action, but if so, he has the excuse for his behavior of diminished capacity.

    It doesn’t let him off the hook, but, yeah, I think that the guy has some problems that could best be handled with therapy and drugs.

    zombyboy (da0b92)

  80. You ever read Graysmith’s Zodiac and the description of his favorite suspect’s home life?

    Just saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if someday the “local Detectives” were setting up the ground penetrating radar for use in his yard.

    Fritz (d62210)

  81. I haven’t noticed anyone attacking his family. I’ve commented here and other places that I wonder what his mom would say if she saw the things he wrote about Mike’s wife. Perhaps that’s what has him all bunched up. That sort of question does not constitute a threat but rather a plea for perspective.

    I’ve never read anyone so willing to overplay the victim card while at the same time aggresively and profanely victimizing others.

    And JD’s correct: A sincere apology followed by 5 paragraphs of justification is not a sincere apology.

    Nuance: It’s what’s for dinner.

    BJTexs (a48204)

  82. Oh – Chuckie Boy:

    Please … and I’m begging you … please, immediately, if your Mom will let you use the phone, call the Detroit Police.

    Please. Play a little show and tell, show them what you wrote and what you said and did, and show them the “threats” you think you see.

    Please. I’m begging. I double-dog dare you. Do it.

    In fact, I’ll do it for you. Shall I?

    Oh – by the way. I just took several screen shots of YOUR blog in which you explicitly state lovely sentiments like: “Yes, I did say that they should be shot and Yes, I did say that they were a disgrace to America … I meant every last word of it too.”

    Awfully Christian of you and amusingly ironic. What do you say, Chuckles? Call the feds? Let them sort it out?

    I dare you, coward. How about it? Let’s see what Detroit’s finest think. Want me to call for you?

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  83. Can you believe this buttwipe….

    The point is folks, you can be angry with me, I’d expect this, I said something offensive. But leave my family out of it.Threaten me. Leave this house and my family out of it. I just live here, because I have nowhere else to go.”

    He puts this on his blog….after attacking Mike’s late wife???

    Don’t stop now….

    reff (bff229)

  84. I’m 35, I’m an adult.

    Just one of many statements devoid of any supporting evidence.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  85. I think he learned his lesson.

    I highly doubt it, while I have read some borderline stuff on wishing for something to errr happen to this idiot, I haven’t seen anything close to threatening his family (or even meantioning his family outside of that fact that he lives with his mother).

    Sounds like classic projection to me, he makes threats online, he brought up unrelated family… He is sorry he got caught.

    Ryan Frank (df7089)

  86. DRJ – He has sung the same tune many times in the past when he has crossed the line. He claims to have learned a lesson, but really hasn’t. It’s really only a matter of time before another vile post oozes out of him.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  87. A couple last comments, one funny, one not. Mr. Cheesy Thighs here has made quite the (large) splash in the blogosphere, but THIS is the single funniest comment I’ve heard about him – from ProteinWisdom:


    Comment by LiveFromFortLivingRoom on 12/12 @ 2:44 pm #

    I bet this guys World of Warcraft character could kill us all.


    Now the sad part. I just followed a link and read this:

    If you read it, it becomes quickly obvious the thing is actually mentally ill. And frankly may be a real danger to others or to himself and likely his family (and obviously his church and the clergy).

    All jest (and disgust) aside, it would be wise for someone to contact his local authorities. This is precisely the sort of red flag that always pops up after school and church and mall shootings. And then people ask why nobody did anything.

    He should at least be on the local radar so they can monitor him.

    And frankly somebody might consider calling his mother. Seriously. After reading that, I’d guess there are real issues of paranoid delusions – and she may be unaware of his online activities. I suspect he’s being cared for as a true child rather than an adult, and just as a child’s parents should be informed, this thing’s parents probably ought to be aware of his activities.

    He may simply be off his meds.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  88. Wow, reff. I didn’t see that one in a “forset for the trees” moment.

    He seems to lack any on going introspection and equivalency when it comes to personal slights. He pleads for his family utterly blind to the implications of what he said about Mike’s wife.

    That’s some major narcissistic force field he’s got operating. Powered by cheese doodles, no doubt.

    BJTexs (a48204)

  89. DRJ, this is ignorance or lack of good judgment on your part, admittedly about something completely unimportant:

    I think he learned his lesson.

    Since when?

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  90. “I have read some borderline stuff on wishing for something to errr happen to this idiot,…”

    Oh, it’ll happen. This is simply in the nature of things. Look: he has had more than enough laps around this sort of mulberry-bush to have “learned his lesson” long before this, and he didn’t. He never will. Sooner or later, he’s going to open his yap with exactly the wrong tone and exactly the wrong words in front of someone who will simply not have it, right on the spot, with prejudice.

    When it happens, I only hope that I get to read about it. Like I said at my place: that’ll be “a righteous day”.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  91. The thing’s blog appears to have vanished.

    Maybe he ate it.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  92. This will be on the “Worst Person in the World” segment, right?

    Oh wait. It’s not O’Reilly or Malkin.


    aunursa (1b5bad)

  93. his blog is gone.

    joe (33ce8e)

  94. The internet, like the rest of human life, can be a very unpleasaant place. It’s the depersonalization. Your dealing with pixels instead of people: the need to treat them as people sort of slips your mind. I know I’ve written a couple of things that I wish I’d re-read a few minutes later before hitting “send” or submit.”
    Nothing as bad as that though. Not even close. If that’s not a new low, it’s a tie. I mean that’s scary bad. This guy really could be a danger to himself or others.

    Jim O'Sullivan (28063d)

  95. For the record, a Google search brings up all sorts of similar lunacy. This one is frankly just as bad or worse:

    It’s his response to that Wisconsin cop who murdered six teenagers at a pizza party. And it’s scary:

    As far as I’m concerned, these kids had it coming. I’m just sorry that the young man that did this, had to die after a shootout with the Police. … Of course, the disrespectful punk kids, will be painted as the “poor victims of a senseless crime.”

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  96. Synova:

    Concerning the “no one should hurt him” thing.

    Okay, I know we have to say it, but in reality isn’t that the reason that people like him feel free to be so unfathomably vile?

    Had he been in the same room he would have got *hurt*.


    And perhaps a lesson would have been learned.

    We take immediate violent retribution out of the social picture and look what happens.

    From Robert E Howard’s Tower of the Elephant:

    Civilized men are less polite than savages because they know they can be impolite without getting their skulls split, as a general thing.

    Dana (3e4784)

  97. “The thing’s blog appears to have vanished.

    “Maybe he ate it.”

    More likely his mom told him she’s tired of this shit and to take it down. Then, she probably fed him some pie.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  98. I’m a recent fan and don’t partake in the comments much, but, we should be feeling sorry for this guy, not putting him down.

    I can only imagine the dark depths of despair he must feel to lash out at Mike in such a juvenile, aggressive, ignorant and ineffective manner. I can only imagine how embarrassed he must be for living in his parent’s basement and leeching off of them. I can only imagine the shame he feels for never graduating high school and possessing such limited skills in his chosen profession of truck-driving that he crashed on his very first run and can’t work in that field anymore. I can only imagine the self-loathing it takes to identify himself as a Christian while satisfying himself in a dark corner and spewing this sort of hatred towards a better man…and woman (bless her soul). I can only imagine how horrible his self-image is because he can’t use a bar of soap or figure out how to work a washing machine. I can only imagine being short, fat, bald, uneducated, unmarried, unemployed and totally without a future at the young age of 35. I can only imagine being so far out of touch with God that I spent that many years, wandering in a soulless and faithless wilderness, searching for the salvation of a church, only to be thwarted by the Fundamentalist Baptist Mafia.

    If I made that many loser choices in life and had only the next porn movie or comic book and that little to look forward to, I’d be angry at the world too and take offence to the slightest of slights and the most innocuous comments. I’d want to speak truth to power and take on the world too.

    Of course, I wouldn’t be such a complete ass-hat as to insult a man’s deceased wife though, so maybe you should continue to put him down. Actually, you should just feel sorry for him as pity is what he deserves, like Quasimodo or The Phantom of the Opera, except in real life and without the redeaming qualities.

    Chris Farley (6a96d1)

  99. There is something deeply, deeply ironic about quoting Robert E. Howard in this context.

    Fritz (d62210)

  100. Chris Farley, with all due respect yes, the man’s pathetic and ——— your misplaced kindness nonetheless. He went out of his way to emotionally harm a grieving widower. Negative reaction to that — of which he’s hardly unfamiliar — was hardly unpredictable.

    I guess, in your mind, the worst action someone commits, the more we should feel sorry for them because, man, they must have been such a pathetic wretch to have done such a thing.

    “… so maybe you should continue to put him down.

    Thanks for that. I will.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  101. For the record, he’s back. I warn you – don’t read this if you’re drinking a beverage. You’ll lose a monitor laughing.

    Here’s what Cheesy Thighs Chuckles is pretending:

    Guys… here’s the deal…

    I totally made a massive mistake today. I attempted to get a Plug in to work on my Blog. I was messing with the Permissions in cPanel and for some weird reason, the only thing I could get was a flipping blank screen on my blog.

    So, I decided to nuke the Blog. I saved all my Plug-ins for wordpress and the theme. But all the old messages for WordPress are gone. WordPress can only import like 5 megs at a time. So, I’m basically screwed. 🙁

    Sure, Chuckles. You might just be imbalanced enough to think somebody out there will actually believe that your vanishing blog has nothing at all to do with you now being a worldwide embarrassment after attacking a man’s dead wife.

    Not to mention, you know, the whole living-at-home-with-mom pornography-addiction unemployed-at-35 fat-bald-and-alone thing.

    But don’t sweat it, Tub o’ Fun. I’ve got your whole site backed up, especially the best lunacy about your church and the various death threats, cheering over those murdered kids in Wisconsin, and your other bits of charitable Christianity.

    Let me know if you want help reconstructing your glorious asylum. I’ll be glad to help.

    I’ll mention it to your mother tonight after we discuss your latest Christian comments.

    Hey, Chuckles, by the way … what’d the Detroit Boys in Blue have to say? Bet they were almost as amused (and disgusted) as the rest of the planet.

    Thank, man. I have to admit – you’re evil, but so stupid that you’re actually entertaining.

    It’s actually comforting to know that whatever challenges I face in the future … I’ll never, ever be as bad off as you. No one could be.

    You’re a cautionary tale, man. It’s your purpose. Embrace it.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  102. I just saw this over at Ace’s the man knocker jokes are too funny to excerpt…..

    Old Tanker (2b5226)

  103. For Mr. “I’m too retarded to know when I should shut-the-fuck-up” Adkins.

    Hey Chuck, you fat fuck, how about you fall in a well and die, huh?

    Seriously, you grubby wonder-tard, you would make a rude comment about a guy’s wife? Really?

    When was the last time a woman touched you without it being A) an accident B) part of her job (nurse/whatever) or C) have there be money involved?

    Nice picture of your mom’s house, douch. How about you go to the basement and show us what your room looks like?

    Asshatted fucktard. Seriously, catch on fire, and while you burn, think about how glad all those strippers and whores will be, now that they don’t have to touch you anymore…

    Die, and raise the average global IQ. Take one for the team, instead of eatting our food, you lardass.

    I’ve shat things that look less pathetic than you. I’ve seen roadkill on the highway that disgusts me less. I’ve seen corpses with more brain activity…

    It is actually now my mission in life to live longer than you, simply so I can piss on your headstone, and shit in your coffin. Judging by your girth, I shouldn’t have to wait very long.

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  104. I just saw this over at Ace’s the man knocker jokes are too funny to excerpt…..

    you misspelled “disgusting”. Ugh. I really didnt need to see that post of ace’s.

    h0mi (1ac006)

  105. Sometimes shame is the only penalty that fits… and the less which comes from within, in Chuck Adkins’ case, the more which must come from without.

    But truly, how can we mock him when life itself has done so much mocking of him?

    And I actually didn’t know he lived with mom… I was just being an ass.

    He’s even more sad now…

    If I was him, I’d have shot myself out of disgust the first time I looked in the mirror upon stepping out of the shower…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  106. I’ve shat things that look less pathetic than you. I’ve seen roadkill on the highway that disgusts me less. I’ve seen corpses with more brain activity…

    It is actually now my mission in life to live longer than you, simply so I can piss on your headstone, and shit in your coffin. Judging by your girth, I shouldn’t have to wait very long.

    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 12/12/2007 @ 2:45 pm

    You know, Scott, sometimes one can be too tactful. Patterico said it was OK to tell this guy how we really feel. So–go for it!

    no one you know (1ebbb1)

  107. Professor Blather (#34)

    Thanks for remembering us at teh wheel.

    This guy is small potatoes. He’s creepy, scary etc. but has excuses and nothing to lose. As others have said, hes not really long term on the earth unless someone (mom) stages an intervention. With some help he could turn it around.

    Dr. Frisch on the other hand is infinitely creepier and scarier. (She’s now stalking DAs in Eugene, for God’s sake). She is a danger to herself and everyone she comes into contact with. The sad thing is that the people she is most likely to be in contact with are college students. That is unacceptable.

    Sinner (7aea8b)

  108. Actually, Christop, I’m just trying to be high-brow. How about this, instead: I feel sorry for the toilet seat…and his blow up dolls.

    Is that better? I could throw in a reference to his filth and being juvenile if it would help, like this: I’ll bet he looks dirty because his mother got tired of changing his diapers. Can you imagine how much Desitine and baby powder that must take?

    I could even go totally low brow with this: This guy is so pathetic that even a prison “bubba” would reject him.

    Or: Wow, I’ve never seen that many chins on an ass before!!

    Or: He looks like the kind of guy that has sex with dogs…and then eats them.

    Or: Didn’t I see this guy on “To Catch a Predator?”

    Or: Douchebag??? Patterico, most douchebags I know are much nicer people.

    Or: I saw this guy on youtube once. He can blow himself…and he swallows!! I guess the girls just won’t touch him…and he’s hungry.

    Hopefully, Christop, I’ve redeemed myself.

    Chris Farley (6a96d1)

  109. Ooooooo, that’s gotta sting.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  110. I don’t have time to go redact all the comments that wish for or refer to something violent happening to this guy. But please, please stop it. I thought it would have been obvious I didn’t want to see that.

    As for the bitter mockery, carry on!

    Patterico (faeccf)

  111. Too bad they stopped using lobotomies for mental disorders.

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  112. I don’t know, A.D., we could have evidence here that your assumption is wrong.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  113. If Chuck needs help recovering the offending posts, I can help him out. I have a screenshot or two.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  114. Is it wrong to wish he would suddenly burst into flames while standing in an open field?


    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  115. Yes, Scott, its wrong.

    But living in your parents’ basement is a large risk factor for spontaneous combustion in every study I’ve read …

    SPQR (26be8b)

  116. I don’t have time to go redact all the comments that wish for or refer to something violent happening to this guy.

    I agree that nothing violent should happen to him…for two reasons: 1)it’s over the line and uncivilized and 2)that would be too merciful.

    Gahrie nails it in #12:

    First this guy tries to blame being unemployed on George Bush, but then later he mentions that he’s a high school drop out, managed to get training to drive a truck, but then had an accident. I’m betting (based on other comments in his profile) that mind altering substances were involved.

    He’s 35, and according to him unemployed for [four] years…but no mention of any job training or an attempt to get a GED.

    Yeah…his unemployment is all Bush’s fault.

    Gahrie’s quote, more that anything, illustrates how Mr. Douchebag is a product of each of his own decisions made during his lifetime.

    His life, such as it is, is its own punishment.

    Paul (2ca51d)

  117. #

    Is it wrong to wish he would suddenly burst into flames while standing in an open field?


    Comment by Scott Jacobs — 12/12/2007 @ 6:32 pm

    I think it would be wrong to piss on him to put him out…..a waste of piss….

    Old Tanker (2b5226)

  118. I guess I have two points to make in regards to our dear friend orca the asshole.

    First, who wants to bet me that he’s one of those guys that has been living at home with a corpse on the couch for the last five years and just continues cashing mom’s social security checks without a care in the world.

    Second, I really think this guy should give Republicans pause as to whether abortion is really that bad of an idea.

    Jack Burton (7df607)

  119. OK, so he says in his posting on the church thing, that a Godly man, a real man, confronts him in person, instead of over the phone.

    I think Mike Hendrix should take him up on that offer.

    otcconan (643362)

  120. I just tried to look at The Crybaby Fest Begins and it has been removed. So not only is the fount of cholesterol a blimp and a laughable psychotic, he is a coward. Surprised, anybody? Anybody at all?

    Bleepless (730ae6)

  121. Lord, what a waste of flesh (rather a lot of it, too.)

    He does seem like someone who desperately needs therapy. Too bad he can’t afford it.

    I don’t say this to imply a threat of any sort, merely as an observation – if he doesn’t develop at least marginal social skills, sooner or later he’s going to run in to someone at some point with a matching lack of judgement and impulse control who will seriously hurt him. They call that probability.

    In the mean time, Mike can at least take solace that this chump is likely just as miserable as he seems, and the more he posts, the longer a record of what a douche he is he generates, thus basically guaranteeing that he remains completely unemployable and unable to gain the attention of anything more attractive than his hairy palm.

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

  122. He’s taken down the contact form.

    Makes me kinda want to contact him.

    Cached version of the contact form here. I bet Hendrix has his e-mail address, too.

    One question: is this guy for real?

    That’s a serious question. He’s such a caricature it makes you wonder.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  123. the more he posts, the longer a record of what a douche he is he generates

    Like I said, Google “Chuck Adkins.”

    OK, fine, you goddamn lazy punks. I’ll do it for you

    Click here.

    See the fourth entry?

    Think a potential employer (OK, even that’s a stretch, but play along) would be interested in reading that entry?

    And when they do, they’ll see his picture in all its glory.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  124. Yeah, Patterico, based on the principle that Anyone Can Post On The Internet ( aka ACPOTI ), the web has no shortage of minds just as bile-filled and brave behind a modem.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  125. Jack Burton: No, even aborting this single-celled amoeba would be wrong…

    What would possibly replace the laughter I’ve had all day reading the responses about him?

    We need buttwipes like him in the world to remind us that God made us all imperfect, and we can work to improve ourselves….

    He just proves that failure is an option….

    reff (99666d)

  126. Considering that more than likely his internet existence is his only one, we might be killing him.

    nk (26f031)

  127. Think a potential employer (OK, even that’s a stretch, but play along) would be interested in reading that entry?

    Yeah, basically my point. As someone who is both dating and looking for new employment at the moment, I don’t think I’d be interested in either a girlfriend or an employer who didn’t googlestalk me – it would demonstrate one or more of: cluelessness, lack of interest, or poor judgement.

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

  128. Uh, did you guys listen to this?

    Y’all muthafuckas better listen to it. ‘Cause I don’t play that game.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  129. Chuckles is like the real-life version of the Jerry Springer show. You could not help but feel better about yourself after watching that show. No matter how shitty things might ever be going for you, the folks on Springer and Chuckie Adkins have it far worse than you could possibly imagine.

    JD (d660a2)

  130. When you listen to this, you realize he is reading every word of these comments.

    Every. One.

    Hi Chuck!

    Patterico (faeccf)

  131. I couldn’t get through the audio file, the cluelessness was just too much for me.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  132. Oh, come on.

    It’s comedy gold!

    My favorite part:

    I’ve seen the veiled threats in the comments section over at Cold Fury, and I noticed the guy that runs Profonico — that, PATiko, PATikero’s Pontif, Pontifications — bleh, say that three times — I seen what was said over there, I noticed that he edited out the threats of violence . . .


    Patterico (faeccf)

  133. I’m changing my name to Profonico.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  134. If 35-year old Mr. Chuck’s unemployment etc. troubles began when he dropped out of high school, that would put it almost 20 years ago!

    Even if he dropped out at 18, that would make it 17 years ago, or in 1990. Bush was not even the governor of Texas yet. Who knew he had such power!

    jim2 (dd5413)

  135. His site is back up. But his backup only goes to Dec. 5th. So he’s tried to disappear the offending post. Yeah, that means exactly what you think. He’s dumber than he looks.

    chas (d7c0b2)

  136. I’m changing my name to Profonico.

    Please don’t. It could be corrupt Greek for pro-murder. He might not be as uneducated as we think. And is that a Texas accent? I don’t have much of an ear for accents but he does sound like a Texan neighbor of mine.

    nk (26f031)

  137. I bet people would buy an “I’m dumber than I look” T-shirt … and maybe even a “Profonico” T-shirt.

    DRJ (09f144)

  138. Not only is he an asshat of the highest order, he is an outrageous liar to boot. He apparently would have us believe that he pulled Mike’s deceased wife’s name out of the blue, and had no idea she was related to Mike in any way. BS.

    Homey don’t play that, right Chuckie?

    JD (d660a2)

  139. And remember, he’s got disabilities. Well, all I can say to that is …. DUH !

    JD (d660a2)

  140. I cannot figure out if that was 15 minutes of my life that I will never get back, or 15 minutes of comedy gold. Either way, you just have to listen to it.

    JD (d660a2)

  141. He clearly saw Rob Crawford’s comment about his unwillingness to take a fast food job. He references it in the podcast:

    And I ain’t gonna get into all the debates about me workin’ in fast food and all that bullshit. Fuck all that. I don’t play that game. . . . I got some disabilities. For one, heh, I got attention deficit hyperactivity. And I’ll take a goddamn picture of the fuckin’ bottle and let you look at it. So, y’all wanna say I’m lyin’ about that? Go right ahead. But when I snap the picture of the bottle, and put it on my blog, y’all gonna feel real stupid. And I got other disabilities, too. Some of ’em ain’t been diagnosed . . .

    And more from his podcast:

    The PO-lice around here don’t put up with no bullshit. So y’all wanna come ’round here and start some stuff? Go ahead. When you’re lookin at the inside of a jail cell, don’t say nothin’ to me. Cause I will prosecute you. And so will my dad.

    I swear I am not making these quotes up. I know you think I am. But I am not.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  142. be careful what you say, he will prosecute you and so will his dad!

    chas (d7c0b2)

  143. He’s got a face and figure for radio Patterico.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  144. Patterico – I particularly liked the one where he brags about 2 other guys on his street being in the same circumstance as he is. His neighbor the bodybuilder who will snap your neck was quite entertaining as well. And, being a victim of the area, rather than of his lifetime of bad decisions. And what’s with the teenager 90’s rapper venacular?

    JD (d660a2)

  145. It’s comedy gold!

    My highlights:

    “…This is the suburbs. I’ll prosecute you, and so will my dad!”

    “I got some disabilities… and I got other disabilities, too. Some of them ain’t been diagnosed.”

    Well, he got that last part right.

    Profonico. I like it. Given this thread, perhaps we should spell that ‘Profanico’.

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

  146. “…this is the suburbs…”

    oh yes, the mean streets of lincoln park!!

    chas (d7c0b2)

  147. Well, Profonico, I think that his list of disabilities is short a couple.

    And I was going to come around his neighborhood and start something. Until he mentioned his dad, ’cause I’m sure his dad could beat me up.

    He is dumber than rocks.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  148. “there are people who come here and like to read it, like to hear my opinions…”

    Ya think anyone would ever come forward and admit to that?

    chas (d7c0b2)

  149. It sounds like other people found the same parts amusing that I did.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  150. SPQR – Not only will his Dad prosecute you, but his stay-at-home mooch neighbor, the bodybuilder, will snap your neck like a twig. 😉

    JD (d660a2)

  151. Darn, I took too long typing that up.

    Ditto nk – I can’t place the accent. He has some of the same verbal tics as some undereducated people I knew when I lived in Tennessee, but that’s not a TN accent. Any guesses? Part of the drawl makes me think West Virginia, but he’s missing some of the more obvious tells for a WV accent.

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

  152. That was an absolute laugh-riot. ha HA !

    Thank you, Chuckles. You made my not being able to sleep more tolerable.

    JD (d660a2)

  153. JD, nah, I can take the body builder. I’m just always afraid of someone’s dad.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  154. Someone has to keep David E’s penis-envy projection away from me. Now I have to worry about Chuckie prosecuting me, and some muscle bound leech snapping my neck like a twig.

    JD (d660a2)

  155. It warms my heart to now know for a fact that Cheese-Thighs Chuckles read every word I wrote to him earlier.

    G’night, Chuckles.

    While you’re tossing and turning tonight, trying to ignore your mother’s snoring and desperately trying to convince yourself that you didn’t really attack a man’s wife who just died – after all, you’re a Christian!- I’ll be sleeping in MY home next to my beautiful wife.

    When the sun rises, she’ll be there beside me.

    And you’ll still be in your mother’s basement. Friendless, homeless, helpless, hopeless. A sad fuck who mocks grief.

    You are every loser that ever lived, Chuckles. You are their king.

    And your sole purpose in life is now to amuse me.

    G’night, coward. You are the single biggest pussy I’ve ever encountered, the weakest creature I’ve ever imagined existed.

    Sweet dreams, coward.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  156. Uh, those phrasings do not sound like those of an adult. I do recall some bullies and blowhards in middle school who sometimes said stuff like that, but those same kids did better than that even by junior high. His mommy’s basement might just be the best place for him.

    jim2 (dd5413)

  157. He’s not a Texan or a Tennessean. From his “About me” section:

    My name is Chuck Adkins, I am 35 years old. I was born and raised in southwest Detroit. I moved to Lincoln Park, Michigan in 1989.

    DRJ (09f144)

  158. He talks about being 35 and big as something we should be scared of. He is what, 5’6″ and 275 lbs., with a kangaroo pouch hanging over his belt? Chuckles, fat, dumb, and addicted to porn is no way to go through life.

    JD (d660a2)

  159. I can’t wait for this loser to print out all the different blog postings on the internet about what a loser he is, and take them to his local PD.

    They would probably post them on the lockerroom bulletin board for giggles.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  160. Straight outta the streets of Lincoln Park, Chuckles “Teh Mac Daddy” Adkins.

    From Chuckie’s site –


    Chuckles : No clue, don’t follow football.

    Turn in your man card, immediately. Especially since you are pregnant.


    Chuckie : I’m getting there, but so is bald twat! and your Point???

    How did you discover this phenomena, Chuckles? Did you stand on a mirror, because Lord knows you cannot see your pubes with that boiler in the way.


    Chuckie : I ain’t a big fan of kids, I think I’d change my mind,if I happened to have one, but that’s never happening….

    Oh, thank you Allah! At least he is not planning on reproducing, though he appears to be a surrogate holding triplets for someone. Actually, it also shows that Chuckles knows basic biology, as it would require him popping his cork into a female as opposed to his magic sock for him to ever have to worry about that.

    Chuckles – Singing. and both. and “mad skillz”? that’s so wigger’ish, it isn’t even funny. Be yourself, please, whitey… thank you.

    The profound asshattery of this statement is jaw dropping, Chuckles. Wiggerish? You said wiggerish? You say Be yourself, please, whitey, and yet speak like a bad stereotype of a 1996 rapper, whilst being lilly white from never leaving the basement of Mommy’s house. Maybe it is just me, but this short little statement of yours heaps irony, on top of irony, on top os profound sadness.

    JD (d660a2)

  161. You think his mom knows he uses her credit card to pay for his porn?

    daleyrocks (906622)

  162. He’s not a Texan or a Tennessean. From his “About me” section

    Weird. Admittedly, I’ve only been to Michigan a couple of times, and then only Ann Arbor, but I’ve never associated that sort of drawl with the state.

    He’s a cipher wrapped in ignorance rolled in sweet, sweet jelly donuts and the desperate sweat of the fuckup who belatedly realized they fucked up.

    fishbane (fbe4d4)

  163. I would be willing to bet that he was an only child. If me and the better half had one like Chuckie first, it would have been snip snip time.

    JD (d660a2)

  164. Dude looks like he lost a duel to the pain.

    Prince Humperdinck: First things first, to the death.
    Westley: No. To the pain.
    Prince Humperdinck: I don’t think I’m quite familiar with that phrase.
    Westley: I’ll explain and I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.
    Prince Humperdinck: That may be the first time in my life a man has dared insult me.
    Westley: It won’t be the last. To the pain means the first thing you will lose will be your feet below the ankles. Then your hands at the wrists. Next your nose.
    Prince Humperdinck: And then my tongue I suppose, I killed you too quickly the last time. A mistake I don’t mean to duplicate tonight.
    Westley: I wasn’t finished. The next thing you will lose will be your left eye followed by your right.
    Prince Humperdinck: And then my ears, I understand let’s get on with it.
    Westley: WRONG. Your ears you keep and I’ll tell you why. So that every shriek of every child at seeing your hideousness will be yours to cherish. Every babe that weeps at your approach, every woman who cries out, “Dear God! What is that thing,” will echo in your perfect ears. That is what to the pain means. It means I leave you in anguish, wallowing in freakish misery forever.

    Cybrludite (acb56d)

  165. And so will my dad.

    That’s just funny. It’s like Michael Jackson talking about his girlfriend.

    McGehee (25adee)

  166. Or Rev. Jim from “Taxi” talking about his bank account.

    McGehee (25adee)

  167. Chuck got a very strange sound in his voice when he talked about his body-builder neighbor coming to his rescue. He is also very critical of the “homosexual lifestyle” on his blog. Both of these are signs that he is gay. It isn’t uncommon for a man that is past his prime in life and still has no wife or lover to begin to embrace homosexuality as his last option. Chuck also threw a fit of jealous rage when he made his comments about Mike’s wife. All signs point to Chuck being a latent, closet homosexual that can’t deal with that fact.

    I think that the pornography addiction he speaks about is actually gay pornography and that he fantasizes about the body builder neighbor coming to his rescue, beating someone up, then making love to him and cooking him breakfast.

    He must really hate himself. If you are gay, Chuck, just embrace it. You will be much less angry about life, you’ll make new friends and you might even catch the eye of the body-builder across the street. I think you’d have much more to look forward to in life if you came out of the closet.

    I’m sure that is what he is referring to when he says he has other disabilities that aren’t diagnosed.

    Chris Farley (6a96d1)

  168. Well, since we know the piece of human waste is reading this and making a log for the local 5-0, I have a message for them.

    Dear Police,

    When this fat piece of shit comes to you complaining that people are angry at him for insulting someone’s recently deceased wife, [redacted by DRJ – see Patterico’s comment 177]. You would be doing all of us a favor. Especially his parents who have been supporting him and his gay porn addiction since he was born.


    The Rest of Us

    Jack Burton (7df607)

  169. Correct me if I’m wrong, but his “if you wanna come here and start” BS…

    Isn’t that, like, an invitation? Doesn’t that free us from prosecution if we do go up there and pound on his fat fucking face?

    Not that I would. I wouldn’t go to Michigan if you paid me, and frankly I would be afraid that whatever form of “Fucking Stupid” he had was catchy, and I’d get some on me…

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  170. Am I the only person to notice that the photo has him accurately labelled as “Lake Erie”? Now you know where he is — just north of New York state.

    Mark A (836d3e)

  171. I feel the need to chime in. Words have meaning and this pathetic man’s words hurt someone who is still in pain from a terrible loss.

    That being said, and having read through the witty and well deserved comments made about this man, I found a curious absence.

    What about this man’s parents? If he is living in his mom’s basement, unemployed, without prospects, who is enabling him to enjoy the lifestyle of inflicting cruelty on others?

    His mother, that’s who. Shame on her. Shame, shame on her. If she had an ounce of goodness in her she’d kick her grown son out on the street and make him earn his way in the world. He might not have as much time to play on the Internet if he had to make a living. Who is an accomplice in the train wreck of this wretch’s life?

    His mother.
    ** oh, unless she’s a stuffed corpse in the attic and he’s collecting her social security checks. In which case, my bad, so sorry.**

    Frazetta_girl (dc38b2)

  172. He reminds me of the Dark Side comic when a guy is sitting watching TV, and the news caster stops mid sentence and says “Boy are you ugly”.

    And Franzetta_girl, apparently his dad is an accomplished lawyer… I mean, he’s prosecute you!!

    Oh noez!!!

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  173. His mother, that’s who. Shame on her. Shame, shame on her. If she had an ounce of goodness in her she’d kick her grown son out on the street and make him earn his way in the world. He might not have as much time to play on the Internet if he had to make a living. Who is an accomplice in the train wreck of this wretch’s life?

    His mother.
    ** oh, unless she’s a stuffed corpse in the attic and he’s collecting her social security checks. In which case, my bad, so sorry.**

    Comment by Frazetta_girl — 12/13/2007 @ 7:35 am

    Careful, Frazetta. Remember Cheese-Thigh’s rule # 1 – you can’t go after family. He don’t play that game, muthafucka. Word. Also he don’t act like no wigga.

    Oh, one addendum to Chuckle’s “I’m a Christian who don’t bring no family into dat shizzat”: you can’t bring up enabling, senile mothers who permit their unemployed, gay-porn-addict 35-and-live-in-the-basement sons to masturbate all day to bodybuilder schlong.

    However – pay close attention – you CAN attack the recently deceased spouse. See, that doesn’t count. Because, you know, that’s Christian and all.

    So if Chuckles ever loses 100 pounds, gets him mother’s corpse out of his bed and gets a job, and someday finds a woman stoned enough to marry him … and she dies tragically … then SURE, you can feel free to go after HER.

    According to Cheese-Thighs Logic 101.

    But leave his Mommy out of this. Besides, that poor woman has suffered more than we can imagine.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  174. As I hinted above (#156), the Chuckster’s mommy is apparently performing society a great service.

    Let me put it this way. It is likely that all of us sometimes frequent fast food drive throughs. If you don’t, doubtless someone you care about does.

    With that caveat above, aren’t you happier knowing Mr. Lake Erie is NOT one of the ones in there handling the food?

    Heck, if his mom really is keeping him on her Social Security, Chuckie’s the perfect SSA poster child!

    jim2 (a9ab88)

  175. Jim makes a good point. The less time this man spends in public, the less the chances he’ll meet some woman stupid enough to breed with him.

    And I can’t help but note that the comments that WERE on his lil blog are gone now…

    Poor, poor chucky can’t take it, it seems…

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  176. Profonico, you asked

    One question: is this guy for real?

    That’s a serious question. He’s such a caricature it makes you wonder.

    Without the backstory of the Malkin thing, and the legendary call to his mother (which prompted the declaration to back off of political blogging), I don’t think I’d consider Adkins “real” for ten seconds.

    Jason Fortuny/ Michael Crook style trolls are common enough. It’s sooper-ironic fun to rope dopes into outrage, in some circles. But I think it can be safely said, that even if the picture were a sham and the history a sham, there is one messed-up tragic, epic failure of a person behind Adkins. And if not, then eaten by him.

    SarahW (285441)

  177. I’m still seeing references to violent things happening to this guy. Nothing that would constitute a threat, but still, references to violence.

    Stop it. Now. I’m quite serious.

    I can’t monitor these comments throughout the day. I’ll just start issuing warnings to ban.

    DRJ, you’re authorized to redact or delete (with notations explaining what you’re doing and why) comments making references to violence. I can’t do it from a Treo. (Don’t feel obligated.)

    I can’t have that sort of thing on this site. Mocking is fine. Comments referencing shootings/beatings aren’t. Even if (as here) they aren’t threats. I can’t and won’t allow it.

    Got it?

    Patterico (d569d5)

  178. Why don’t you update the post to that effect so it’s prominent? I’m assuming some people might miss comment 177 despite the fact they should, on their own know better.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  179. All I have to say about Chuckles is that I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire. Check that, I would piss on him, even if he weren’t on fire. Especially then.

    physics geek (6669a4)

  180. Please don’t pick on his mother as she made one mistake: she didn’t kick him out so that he could grow up.

    Make that two mistakes: she didn’t kick him out and allows him unlimited internet.

    No, make that three mistakes: she didn’t kick him out, allows him internet and doesn’t have a lock on the outside of the basement door.

    Okay, four mistakes: no kick out, internet access, no outside lock and not locking it.

    roy in nipomo (96009d)

  181. Profonico,
    Why don’t you just make us stop? Or can you??? Chuckie has already called out your blog, and accused you of CENSORSHIP! You must stand up to us to make yourself a real man in Chuckie’s eyes. (Of course, the gay problem may come to your door if you do that, so, be careful!!!).

    P.S. This is really a satirical post. Please don’t delete me. I’m having more fun here than I’ve had in years reading about politics/sports on the net!!!

    reff (bff229)

  182. This, Chuck Adkins, is a tragedy that could’ve been prevented by the proper use by his parents of birth control devices.

    Cactus Jack (08d4ce)

  183. Shame on the mother?

    I don’t think she’s deserving of shame for not knowing exactly how to deal with a grown but mentally disabled son. I hate to even try to imagine the difficulty of such a situation. Some families wear out ant throw their ill children to the wolves. Some offer shelter and protection, and get through everyday coping with the miserable realization that their child can’t live normally among others. They try to facilitate what connections or hopes may exist.

    Loving families can’t stop the crazy; they feel responsible for it. Is it wrong for mom and dad not to throw out the defective to stand on his own, when they know he can’t possibly cope?

    God forbid I ever have to make that kind of choice.

    SarahW (285441)

  184. Sarah, when you make that choice, will you allow yours to continue to act as Chuckie has acted here, or will you work to change that behavior?

    The answer to that is the answer to your choice….

    reff (bff229)

  185. Metallica’s The Unforgiven rocks, but I think The Thing That Should Not Be is more apt for Chuck.

    Messenger of fear in sight
    Dark deception kills the light

    Hybrid children watch the sea
    Pray for father, roaming free

    Fearless wretch
    He watches
    Lurking beneath the sea
    Great old one
    Forbidden site
    He searches
    Hunter of the shadows is rising
    In madness you dwell

    Crawling chaos, underground
    Cult has summoned, twisted sound

    Out from ruins once possessed
    Fallen city, living death

    Fearless wretch
    He watches
    Lurking beneath the sea
    Timeless sleep
    Has been upset
    He awakens
    Hunter of the shadows is rising
    In madness you dwell

    Not dead which eternal lie
    Stranger eons death may die

    Drain you of your sanity
    Face the thing that should not be

    Fearless wretch
    He watches
    Lurking beneath the sea
    Great old one
    Forbidden site
    He searches
    Hunter of the shadows is rising
    In madness you dwell.

    Fritz (d62210)

  186. If a prominent neurosurgeon can not get an adquate handle on what is going on with his mentally ill kid to know how to act to protect others, I can’t say I would demand more of some poor Michigan housewife.

    I suspect she lives in no little fear of how her son would react if made desperate.

    I can speculate that his internet activities were encouraged to give him a way to “socialize” and participate in the wider world, when any other way seems impossible.

    Take that away from him, what would he be like? I can see myself being very conflicted about how to handle a child who just isn’t normal and never will be. I imagine some serious denial is required just to cope on a daily basis.

    Anything she does wouldn’t be enough to protect him from the world, or the world from him and his ineptness at understanding and emulating normal human feeling. Which isn’t to say he doesn’t have feelings, he just doesn’t and can’t be normal.

    SarahW (285441)

  187. I may have found his baby picture. May not be safe for work.

    nk (6061ba)

  188. Sarah, please stop making excuses for any mother who lets a situation like this one get to this level, without some type of reaction by that same mother to end this problem, either by kicking him out on his own, or at least not enabling him as she apparently has here. No, I don’t have any more information than you do, but your excuses are exactly why he acts as he does now.

    reff (bff229)

  189. Chuckie has already called out your blog, and accused you of CENSORSHIP!

    Considering the rapidity with which he deletes commens on HIS blog, I think Chuckie is the last guy that should be pointing fingers…

    Maybe he took down the plog over this issue, maybe he didn’t, I dunno…

    But deleting the comments? That is a “pussy” move…

    Best part of this retard ran down his mother’s leg…

    Scott Jacobs (425810)

  190. reff- I just don’t think you have a clue how difficult it is to deal with a family member who is mentally ill. I would not judge her, even if she has made serious mistakes, which she probably has. I think few come equipped to deal with neurological defects or disease in a loved one, and there is little ehough support for families placed in that predicament.

    I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but I am guessing you blame her for subsidizing his parasitic lifestyle, or paying the cable bill that allows him to rant crazy rantings or make rude remarks. If this keeps him in a position where his “meatspace” acts can be overseen and he can be cajoled into staying on his medicine, perhaps she’s doing the best she can. And really, helping larger society, not to mention her child, more than if she tossed him out to fend for himself.

    Internet ravings may shock but they are, after all, mere words. Shame and mock him, that’s fine. He should be exposed as a loser nutjob. His mother. speaking for myself alone, I can forgive for not knowing how the hell to deal with him. That’s a fallibility I find some compassion for.

    SarahW (285441)

  191. I just checked out MDOC-OTIS and MPSOR. No dice.

    Fritz (d62210)

  192. I think Sarah is joking, reff. She’s doing a fun parody of a caring liberal who condones any behavior because it isn’t the individual’s responsibility, it’s “society.” Or culture, or race, or poor nutrition or not being raised with all the proper toys.

    I used the word “shame” because it is a word that liberals simply do not accept. They cannot allow shame because shame would imply personal responsibility.

    My son is eighteen and in college, and when he got some attitude in his early teen years and got bad grades, I took him to the barber and got him a military haircut, took him to the department store and bought him khakis and polo shirts, and told him he was going to be successful.

    Then I told him if he didn’t get better grades I would put him in black polyester pants, a white nylon shirt, a pocket protector and a tie, and that’s the way he would go to school.

    He’s got a 3.5 GPA now and I couldn’t be prouder of him. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t cry myself to sleep when he was in tears over my being so “mean” to him. Parenting is hard work.

    Shame on this person’s mother for not doing the hard work of parenting him. Shame on her.

    Frazetta_girl (dc38b2)

  193. I started a screw with Chuckie blog on wordpress. If anyone would like to join me in making fun of him and ragging on each of his imbicilic posts, I’ll be happy to give you access.

    Chris Farley (6a96d1)

  194. Rather than stepping up and admitting that what he said probably wasn’t in his best interest (let alone in good taste), this guy continues to blunder headfirst into the scorn of the rest of the blogosphere. I can’t tell if he’s a sociopath, or just really, really stupid with some of the lowest self-esteem a human can have without being dead.

    Squeaky Wheel (427d63)

  195. First, I’ve had to care for two Altzheimer’s parents, so, please…

    But, that is not my point: My point is that she still should have done something by now, if nothing else than to stop enabling him to be a piece shit. HE MAY STILL BE A PIECE OF SHIT, but, it could be that we would not even be considering her part of the problem. If he had to fend for himself, maybe we would not even be talking about him, because maybe he would just be a regular person, and not the piece of shit he is now. Or, maybe we would be talking about him as a serial killer. Either way, she would not be enabling him. But, forgiving her for allowing/enabling is simply enabling, done by you as well. Congrats.

    reff (bff229)

  196. reff –

    You may be a bit too harsh on his mommy.

    Quoting one of Jack Nicholson’s characters:

    What if – for Chuckie – this is as good as it gets?

    IOW, his mommy may not be enabling him at all. No, instead, she has managed to lift him up to … this. Something which for him is a dizzying height of achievement, which, for him, is as good as he can get.

    As long as he just stays down in her basement wearing strange t-shirts and growing that wasteline and those extra chins, he’s physically not injuring anyone. No rifles or shotguns or explosives are involved, only electrons and photons.

    jim2 (a9ab88)

  197. Frazetta_girl, bully for you, but I would speculate Adkins was always beyond that sort of amendment.

    I’m all for shaming, I just don’t think the mother here made her son sick. Maybe I’m mistaken, maybe he has fetal alcohol syndrome and that’s her fault. Or not. He could be adopted for all I know. Dropped on his head, kicked around…who knows.

    What’s apparrent to me, is that he has organic brain defects or disease, and that he didn’t get that way because his mother fed him wrong or gave him the wrong toys or didn’t think of an effective psychout to control his paranoia.

    SarahW (285441)

  198. SarahW, you are just delicious. In earnestly defending this creep’s mom, you flay him better than the wittiest commenter here.

    Dropped on his head. Fetal alcohol. Organic brain defects. Oh, the humanity!

    Frazetta_girl (dc38b2)

  199. I thought the fact that he was dropped, allegedly, on his head immediately after birth was a given.

    JD (d660a2)

  200. Uh-oh. Mistakes were made:

    That podcast is gone now, too.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  201. Yeah, but it’s up at American Thinker. And I downloaded it myself last night.

    First rule of the Internet: if you do anything embarrassing, someone who doesn’t like you will preserve it.

    Patterico (016c63)

  202. Speaking of which, I just took down the post linked in my comment #187.

    nk (6061ba)

  203. He’s miraculously managed to recover the offending post, and posted an update containing an apology that on its face — I said, on its face — seems sincere.

    We’ll see if Mike accepts.

    Patterico (96a126)

  204. That’s ok nk… I saved the picture already… 🙂

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  205. *chuckles*

    yeah… THEY have to be the adults… THEY need to make the first move…

    Complete and total fucking douchbag.

    If I was mike, I’d demand two free swings before I’d consider it…

    But Mike probably has a little more class than I.

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  206. Scott Jacobs, didn’t Patterico make it clear even casual reference to violence were not welcome in this case?

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  207. I can’t believe no one has pointed this out here (they did at AoSHQ within the first three comments):

    The picture posted above shows Chuckie has a wide stance.

    Paul (2ca51d)

  208. Any apology would be better than the bald faced lie he podcasted yesterday. They made me do it! I didn’t know, I just pulled a name out of the air, how was I supposed to know that was his deceased spouse? My daddy will prosecute you, after my boyfriend, Lex the bodybuilder, snaps your neck. I don’t play that game, beeeeothch. Bring it on whitey. I am old and big, and I ain’t skeered of you.

    JD (d660a2)

  209. Does anyone know if this blog is the same guy?

    chas (d7c0b2)

  210. chas,

    It pretty clearly is him, no?

    Same name and neighborhood.

    Patterico (ce860f)

  211. Yeah, it would seem so. I was just surprised to see him posting a blog at Townhall. But I dont know what his politics are now that I think about it.

    chas (d7c0b2)

  212. Also from Townhall under Chuck Adkins’ byline in a 3/31/2007 blog post entitled “Plainly Speaking”:

    Another thing that I find very disturbing, is the people who harass bloggers, especially female bloggers. Now, I happen to think the recent story [about Kathy Sierra] was blown a little out of whack. However, using the Internet to stalk and harass people, is totally inexcusable. The same mentality the drives the people to do this sort of thing, is the same mentality that drove the hijackers to fly the planes into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. and that is? Fear. Disagree with me? tough crap.

    DRJ (09f144)

  213. Someone should let Townhall know what they let in with the cat…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  214. If this is the same person, and it seems pretty clear it is, he’s a conflicted Democrat:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Progressive; I grew up in a union family. My father retired from G.M. with 31 years under his belt. I have never voted Republican in my life. However, I have not forgotten my Christian roots and upbringing. This is why I feel so conflicted about the Democrats and their agenda.

    DRJ (09f144)

  215. “I apologize for the attitude I took too. I thought I’d stick up for myself. But I guess it just caused more problems.”

    You know, I could almost see sitting down for a beer with this dope, just to see if the light would actually come on in his eyes to let me know that he knows what a fuckin’ asshole he’s been.

    You know; {sip} {stare} “So, what the hell on earth made you do that? Tell me what you were thinking when you did that.”

    It’s something that I don’t know if he’s going to be able to put across with a keyboard or (Christ forbid) another one of those dopey .mp3’s of his. I’m not banging on the guy gratuitously: he’s not the smartest person I ever saw online. I don’t believe he was actually “thinking” at all, and I have an even dimmer general view of him than that.

    It’s one of the goddamndest things, ever.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  216. Hm…I think it’s the same Chuckles, but after reading his blog postings, and the screed he sent to his church, I’m not sure he doesn’t have someone writing his columns for him.

    I taught English composition for 14 years. It’s also possible that he’s plagiarizing…just a feeling…

    I was a Townhall semi-regular reader. I think I will let them know that I will not be gracing their site as long as they let him post.

    SkyeChild (f3a190)

  217. There’s this from Nov. 17

    I write this not as a far lefty liberal, I write this as Right Leaning Conservative Christian, who grew up in the era of Ronald Reagan Conservatism.

    I guess his political affliation changes depending on whether he took his medication or not.

    chas (d7c0b2)

  218. I don’t believe he was actually “thinking” at all, and I have an even dimmer general view of him than that.

    Well, he was thinking, in the sense that it’s what passes as thinking with him

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  219. If this is the same person, and it seems pretty clear it is, he’s a conflicted Democrat:

    Oh,, it’s the same person alright but what we have here is a tremendously unpopular individual who clearly hasn’t understood that being a populist doesn’t make one popular. He also seems to be having a certain degree of difficulty with the difference between being anti-socialist and antisocial.

    Lord knows, all of us who run our own websites are doing so at least in part to attract attention to ourselves. A certain level of ego is assumed.

    With him, however, his preening for attention takes on a level of intensity that is nothing short of desperation.

    A look at his picture tells you why.

    This would seem to me to explain the inconsistency in his approach.

    The sad part is, his is the kind of mentality that ends up with an AK47 in a shopping mall. The guy is a bomb waiting to go off.

    By the way, I’ve always considered that a conflicted Democrat is someone suffering from constipation. They really need to unload all the crap, but just can’t bring themselves to do it.

    Bithead (536869)

  220. Patterico, you’ve been called out. Prove Atkins exists or prepare to be Beauchamped.

    J. Ransom (b97fb6)

  221. Down’s Syndrome? Not likely. I suspect, judging by the picture, that alcohol consumed while he was still in the womb is the culprit. Geez, I’ve had hangovers that looked better. He truly is the poster child for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Poke that t-shirt with a needle and he’d pop out like a can of biscuits. Don’t try to give him the doughboy treatment, your finger might be devoured by his navel.

    Seriously, I’ve seen that mug somewhere before recently. Oh yeah! Wasn’t he the Warcraft reject who stuffed his stepchild in an igloo and set her adrift in Galveston Bay? No? Darn, they look so alike.

    Well, can’t fix stupid, and we sure can’t cure ugly. As Ron White said, “I’m third generation ‘Don’t give a F^&k’.” Going after someone’s deceased wife is just plain wrong.

    No need to post threats about this guy. I’m sure there are plenty of us who would carry them out given the chance.

    Shooter (c2236b)

  222. J. Ransom,

    Funny. I never saw that blog before but it’s amusing.

    Scrolling down the main page, I think I saw a post that suggested the author is deaf. Is that true?

    Because the thing that most convinced me Adkins is for real, is the podcast I listened to last night.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  223. Btw, Adkins is demanding that we all stop picking on him, or he is going to release info — mailed to him by a Liberal friend, that would ruin ALL persons involved.

    I kinda want to see it, even though I sort of agree that he seems to have been apologized and maybe should be left alone.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  224. J. Ransom – SEK is usually smarter than that post for a lefty. He must not have read much of Manboob’s past musings or flamewars with other bloggers.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  225. Link here.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  226. Is this SEK person for real? And is his post serious?

    Patterico (faeccf)

  227. Yes, he’s for real. He’s a semi regular, and even an occasional guest poster at protein wisdom.

    Pablo (99243e)

  228. I know about disabilities, got a few of my own. Chucktard’s sole disability is a lack of socialization, all else follows from that.

    I doubt he lives in his parent’s basement. Mobile homes, even the better triple wides, don’t come with that. Most certainly not the ones using chocks to block the wheels and pre-hooked to the family pickup. (Being photographed in front of a house doesn’t mean you actually live there.)

    I will now end this by wishing the Chucktard a long life. A long, healthy life with no physical troubles what so ever, the better to appreciate the utter uselessness of his existence well into the century. Adkins, may you live well into your 90s, aware every day of the waste that is your life.

    Alan Kellogg (cab208)

  229. Goddamn you, ‘Random’ — I don’t know when I’ll get to bed, now.

    I’ve been reading every word.

    “I am a decent writer!”

    It’s hilarious.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  230. SEK was a big Beauchamp supporter on threads at Protein Wisdom.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  231. This SEK guy is funny. I like him.

    Is that story about the library fines for real? It’s hilarious!

    Patterico (faeccf)

  232. I’m almost a Beauchamp supporter myself. Reading the Foer thing, I’m not sure he’s a liar. Just, maybe, not too careful about repeating war stories as fact.

    But that’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax. If I were a fulltime blogger, I’d have blogged about it already.

    But I’m not.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  233. Patterico, I find his apology to be rather thin and that his regret seems rather transient.

    The mockery should continue, IMO.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  234. Man, those Fudgers are relentless. They’ve been just whomping his ass.

    I’ve been in tears, reading that.

    My face hurts from laughing.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  235. Random:

    Thanks for that link. I read the whole thread … and I found myself simultaneously laughing out loud and horrified at the tragic despair of this thing’s madness.

    If anyone doubts his mental illness, read that thread. He’s – literally – insane.

    Endlessly entertaining, though.

    I can’t decide anymore – do I hate him, pity him, or pay him to come work the office Christmas party? He’s a walking laugh factory.

    I guess I’m leaning towards pity. How painfully sad. If anyone loved him, they’d make sure he had no access to a computer.

    He’s more like Deb Frisch than I thought at first. But with less wit and even less intellect.

    And bigger boobs.

    I don’t want him hurt. I want him institutionalized.

    I think if we’d known ahead of time how bad off he was, nobody would have responded to his viciousness. He’s a semi-retarded sociopath who simply doesn’t know any better.

    And I hate myself because I’m still laughing.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  236. From that Hot Fudge thread:

    Bring on the lawsuit Chickie boy. I think you are a worthless dipshit and your blog sucks. As best as I can tell, your only purpose on this planet is to waste carbon. Maybe that can be the next Hot Fudge project, let’s get enough trees planted to make Chuck carbon neutral.

    See why I can’t stop laughing? I know it’s tragic. But dear God its funny.

    Professor Blather (df860b)

  237. Blather: “It’s a contemptous pity. The kind you’d have for a child molester who gets brain cancer.”

    Honest to god… that thread’s been going on since April.

    I don’t know if I ever saw anything quite like that.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  238. Yeah, I’m about five pages into it. Good stuff.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  239. “I.just.hate.fucking.republicans.with.a.passion!”

    — Chuck

    Patterico (faeccf)

  240. OK, this is classic:

    If I thought Chuck would show up I’d be at HFDart Night. I’ll have GM pencil me in for a vacation day. I would love to talk shit to this inbred asshole. does anyone see the irony in Chumps quote? ” I’d rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6″ two problems here 1 you don’t have 6 friends and 2 it’s going to take more then 6 people to lug your fat ass anywhere. I think you might be further ahead being judged by 6 and carried by 12.

    I’m starting to get that Billy Beck “my face hurts from laughing” thing going.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  241. With a passion, but not with punctuation.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  242. This just has to be seen for the visuals.

    Sorry, this message board is addictive.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  243. Porfonico – You asked if SEK is serious. He’s a PhD candidate in English. He takes himself very seriously. Whether his post was serious is hard to tell. He lists all the normal stereotypes of libs, but he’s obviously giving Chucky Cheetos credit for more intelligence than he’s got when he’s bemoaning the absence of anti-Iraq war screeds. If he had read any of Chuckles’ material he would know he’s a door knob. The “he really does exist” victory cry was what the left shouted in response to the right’s challenges about Jamil Hussein and Beauchamp, completely missing the point. SEK may just be attempting to ratchet up a flame war. He’s a smart guy, just misguided.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  244. “I’m starting to get that Billy Beck ‘my face hurts from laughing’ thing going.”

    I’m tellin’ ya. It’s murder over there.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  245. Does Chuck Adkins read David Ehrenstein?

    Patterico (faeccf)

  246. SEK may take himself seriously, but he’s very clever and a good writer, from what I’ve seen tonight of his blog.

    He doesn’t seem to think much of me, based on his Adkins post. But that’s OK.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  247. Patterico, re: 246, seems like he was summarizing Ehrenstein to me. ( grin )

    SPQR (26be8b)

  248. Seriously. A Hot Fudge poster points to a link referring to Rush Limbaugh making the reference in April. But David’s piece came out in March.

    David, was the “Barack is the Magic Negro” thing original with you?

    Because if it is . . .

    Chuck Adkins reads David Ehrenstein!!

    Patterico (faeccf)

  249. Isn’t this all so boring? Christoph says so.

    250 comments in, I’m thinking it isn’t.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  250. The commenters at the link trace it back to David E.

    I think we have our connection.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  251. Oh, and a Hot Fudge Detroit poster makes the connection two posts down. I just had to keep reading.

    This may be worth a post.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  252. jeez….

    What’s a cracka got to do, to get some respect nowadays?

    Chuck Adkind (d9f480)

  253. Comment by Chuck Adkind

    I guess I could start by spelling my last night right.


    Chuck Adkins (d9f480)

  254. WTF… two damn typos in one night?!?! I’m outta here!

    Chuck Adkins (d9f480)

  255. Here is the post.

    It’s amazing. I’m only two degrees removed.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  256. Read this and the next post down.

    Oh, man. I’m laughing so hard it hurts.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  257. And then sometimes you just want to cry.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  258. “What’s a cracka got to do, to get some respect nowadays?”

    Got any tall buildings or bridges near where you live?

    Seriously; I was thinking about you earlier, Adkins. Let me tell you something: my best friend in life makes you look like Mark Spitz at his peak. And nobody ever rags him about his weight, or anything else. I wonder if you can imagine why.

    It has a lot to do with the fact that he was born with a very good mind and he’s never let it go slack, as well as the fact that he’s one of the hardest working people I ever knew. But the main thing, Chuck, is that he has (pay attention, now) an authentic sense of dignity.

    It’s a thing that I have to very seriously doubt that you’re ever going to learn at this point in your life.


    You have a hell of a lot of work to do, man.

    Billy Beck (0db0ae)

  259. What’s a cracka got to do, to get some respect nowadays?

    Earn it. You’ve got a long way to go.

    Pablo (99243e)

  260. Its times like this that you wish the code duello was legal and reinstated. Sometimes…….

    Cargosquid (ebe87f)

  261. Somehow Jack, I don’t think 143rd trimester abortions would be legal.

    ravenshrike (2af17e)

  262. There may be a way to raise the average IQ of the blogosphere. Has anyone thought of letting his parents know what he is saying, especially about them? Copying some of that crap and just mailing it to each of them might have a beneficial effect.

    Bleepless (730ae6)

  263. Oh, Patterico, you are right, this stuff may cause me to hurt myself:

    “Tortious interference with the peaceful enjoyment of dumping?”

    SPQR (26be8b)

  264. And the Chucktard did say, “I.just.hate.fucking.republicans.with.a.passion!”

    Then stop fucking republicans.

    Alan Kellogg (510db4)

  265. He can fuck all the Republicans he wants, just not passionately.

    Xrlq (b65a72)

  266. He’s using it as an adjective, I believe. And I have no doubt that he hates all Republicans who “get themselves some”. Democrats, too. Because he never will. “Boy coun’t git hisself a twenty dollar [service provided by prostitute] in a two-dollar whorehouse.”

    nk (6061ba)

  267. #267 nk,

    But it’s more fun taking him literally. 🙂

    Alan Kellogg (5817e7)

  268. I just want to finally add, because I don’t really think I made this clear, Chuck Adkins is less like a douchebag and more like a crack whore hooker’s diseased recently and multiply used cunt before the douche nozzle is applied.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  269. Then stop fucking republicans.

    My guess is you just identified the real problem. He hasn’t been doing any of that for at least 10 years.

    Bithead (536869)

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