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Revelation at L.A. Times

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An L.A. Times correction:

Republican debate: An article in Thursday’s Section A on the Republican presidential debate said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee had suggested that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was heartless for opposing college scholarships for immigrants. The exchange was over scholarships for illegal immigrants.

So they do know the difference after all!

At least, somebody there does.

4 Responses to “Revelation at L.A. Times”

  1. It’s actually odd to see that correction since it is an article of Democrat strategy to conflate the two issues. Somebody must not have gotten the message that the Times is supposed to follow Democrat talking points. Maybe we have a mole in there.

    Two weeks ago, we had a group over for dinner at our home in Tucson. A young couple from Germany were there with other friends. They are immigrants. He is a skilled plumber and she is a midwife. They have saved about 120,000 Euros to come here and start a business. Both speak English although hers is better than his. These two skilled people had to enter a lottery to get visas and work permits. He told me that they were willing to do this because he would have no chance in Germany to start his own business. Thus, while skilled Europeans wait for their lottery numbers to come up, 12 million residents of Mexico come across the border illegally with second grade educations, no English and no resources and expect to be accepted as citizens. While they wait for amnesty, they flood emergency rooms and file workers compensation claims, two areas with which I am quite familiar.

    Mike K (86bddb)

  2. Kind of rare for the L.A SLIMES to do this correcting a lie but 96% of their news is lies

    krazy kagu (b3aac5)

  3. The LAT correction is incorrect. The exchange was not about scholarships for illegal immigrants. It was about scholarships for children of illegal immigrants.

    Calling people illegal immigrants suggests that they actively violated our immigration laws as adults, at an age where they are responsible for their own actions. This is not the case here, since the children are in the country as a consequence of their parents’ decisions, not their own.

    Huckabee clearly made this distinction himself, saying “you don’t punish a child because a parent committed a crime”.

    As a law-and-order conservative who puts an emphasis on personal responsibility, you want to be more careful about assigning responsibility where it specifically belongs.

    Foo Bar (83a09d)

  4. Foo Bar, Huckabee was not being honest when he implied that the scholarships would only go to the children of illegal immigrants. They would have gone to illegal immigrants as well. Furthermore, if the children were born in the US then they were here legally and so they don’t need any special scholarships. Otherwise, they have no right to be here and they should leave the country when they turn 18, or they then become adult illegals themselves.

    And in any case, this isn’t about punishment. Illegal immigrants have no right to the scholarships and so not giving them the scholarships is not a punishment. Rather, giving them the scholarships is a benefit –a reward for their illegal presence.

    And that is exactly how it is intended. Politicians like Huckabee want the illegals to come here illegally and so they try to offer various enticements under the excuse of being nice people. But there is nothing nice about it. They expect these immigrants to come here and live in the shadows, in constant fear of deportation, so that they will work cheaply and keep quiet about violations of minimum-wage laws and lower the wages of blue-collar workers. It’s a contemptible behavior.

    By the way: three weeks ago, I was a Huckabee supporter.

    Doc Rampage (ebfd7a)

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