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The Readers’ Representative Blog Is Online — So Go Leave a Comment!

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The blog of the L.A. Times‘s “Readers’ Representative” is now online.

One of the first posts addresses an area that the Readers’ Representative had said she was going to address: the paper’s decision to name an undercover officer despite the LAPD’s request that he not be named.

I was worried about interactivity, but I am pleased to see that the blog has comments. At least, it has the capacity for comments. As of right now, no comments have been left and approved. I find it hard to believe that nobody has commented, so I’m guessing they’re very slow to approve them.

I suggest you go to the introductory post and leave a comment, if you are so inclined, and have any unanswered questions about the paper’s recent performance.

You might find fertile ground for comments in my recent post on Tim Rutten — in particular my unanswered e-mail about the difference between making an error and “concocting” a story. Or maybe you’re curious about Rutten’s violation of the paper’s policy on using anonymous sources, and when this issue will be raised on the blog.

You might even have questions that have nothing to do with Tim Rutten!

Go forth and leave a comment!

UPDATE: Actually, they will only publish the comments they choose to publish. In other words, it’s what I thought to begin with: only such interactivity as they specifically permit.

9 Responses to “The Readers’ Representative Blog Is Online — So Go Leave a Comment!”

  1. So does the blog have a Comment Cloaking Device(tm)?

    Paul (36cd46)

  2. Mine:

    I thought a recent story about retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’connor’s husband, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, having a “romantic attachement” with a female patient in the facility he is in, was in very bad taste. Frankly, below the standards of supermarket tabloids.

    nk (09a321)

  3. They’re pretty slow at moderation. Very slow… I wonder if they plan to bury one conservative viewpoint between eight leftist viewpoints like they do in the Letters to the Editor…

    Clark Baker (68ef14)

  4. Clark – That will make it “balanced”

    JD (33beff)

  5. If the reporters quoted in the posting are being truthful, then it seems that they were not out of line. The mayor announced the PO’s name at a televised and radio broadcast press conference with police brass at his side. How can the LAPD then ask the press hours later to withhold his name? It was on TV. And the LAPD poobahs did not object. As much as I dislike the LAT, they get a pass on this one.

    Sam (a75ffa)

  6. Sam,

    As I stated in my linked post on the matter, I tend to agree.

    Patterico (faeccf)

  7. Patterico – Jamie Gold responded to my comments via email, and is requesting specific examples of what you call concocting, and what I called outright fabrications.

    JD (33beff)

  8. Patterico – Since I went to that site via your link, I promise to be on my best behavior.

    JD (33beff)

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