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My Platform: Tasty Earwax for Everyone!

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Kevin Rudd is the new prime minister of Australia:


He was apparently elected on an obscure platform having something to do with eating earwax.

Not for weak stomachs.

UPDATE: Apparently the video of Rudd eating his own earwax has been taken down.

2 Responses to “My Platform: Tasty Earwax for Everyone!”

  1. I was on the phone with my girlfriend who lives in Australia when John Howard gave his concession speech. I heard it in the background. I’ll just say that at the beginning I said, “This will be a classy speech,” and he disappointed neither my girlfriend nor myself. It was of the best speeches I ever heard — insightful, proud of Australian, and personally humble at the same time — and shows why he was Prime Minister of Australia for four terms and 11½ years.

    I wish Kevin Rudd success in his new post. I hope to join them both as fellow countrymen before the end of the next term.

    Christoph (92b8f7)

  2. He was elected on the far from obscure platform of not being John Howard. Looks like Dubbya can’t look to Australia for poodles anymore.

    David Ehrenstein (4f5f08)

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