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A Constitutional Method of Execution

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I have uncovered the one method of killing Death Row inmates that the liberals can’t possibly object to.


Just one downside: it takes 25 years.

20 Responses to “A Constitutional Method of Execution”

  1. With all the time the mandatory appeals process entails, plus whatever might be filed from the convicted killer, this still might be quicker!

    Subvet (2d8adb)

  2. I favor Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

    “Mmmm, burgers….”

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  3. Alcoholism. All the booze they can drink on death row.

    nk (da3e6b)

  4. How about utilizing their services on a chain gang? Not the clean-up the side of the road kind of chain gang, but instead, let them do construction on the road and lift the restrictions of double fines for speeding in construction zones. Get my drift?

    Get it? Drift?

    Sin City Harley (b74365)

  5. Wonder what it cost for his cancer treatments.

    Hazy (c36902)

  6. Executions in California have been halted since February 2006 because of legal challenges to the use of lethal injection.

    They use carbon monoxide on dogs, I wonder why they can’t use it on humans?

    Hazy (c36902)

  7. If it’s just the liberals to satisfy, can’t we just call the execution a “tax”?

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  8. It Takes 20 or 30 years in Oregon to get Death Sentence Executed. I think that they should take all murderers out the same way they did their crimes.

    DD877 (4d67d1)

  9. Theres nothing wrong with lethal injection its just we have too many wussietard whinners and their sniveling noose nuts cracked urn crack-pots

    krazy kagu (e778bf)

  10. Couldn’t you just kill these people with a $20 camping stove in an air-tight room with the convict? Carbon monoxide makes you groggy, then you go to sleep, then you die. $20.

    There is a huge industry in making the execution procedure cost millions and involve the most complicated maze of decades long procedures and protocols.

    Abolish execution in California. The dingbats win.

    Wesson (fd354d)

  11. Abolish execution in California. The dingbats win.

    Except the next target is LWOP and life sentences. I’m not willing to become Canada or Europe where the most vile murderers serve approx. 15 years or less.

    dave (e548e6)

  12. a lot of appellate judges rank their consciences higher than the law and rationalize serving them at every opportunity. such a judge can always find something wrong with the death penalty sequence and rule against it (after sitting on it for a few months) if they believe that killing someone is immoral, no matter how many people the proposed subject killed in turn, and in what heinous fashion. i don’t know if we can eliminate the judges, but we can eliminate the delays…

    congress has the power to set time limits for adjudication. how about making judges rule right on the spot in death penalty appeals, right at the conclusion of oral arguments? they’ve read the briefs, they’ve heard the arguments, what’s to go home and dither for six months about? if “fast track” is so good for litigants, why can’t we apply it back to the bench? an nba referee makes approximately the same amount of money as a federal judge, yet is called on to make instantaneous decisions with millions of fans watching, frequently under circumstances (charging versus blocking) which are a lot murkier than billy ray hamilton in the link, who accepted $25,000 to kill eight (!) people; that isn’t just a hit man, that’s a hit franchise.

    assistant devil's advocate (85160b)

  13. Carbon Monoxide (CO) will, before you pass out, give you one stomping migraine. That would be enough for the Richard Craniums on the 9th Circus to declare it C&U.
    Too bad we pulled all the smoking privileges. Free, unlimited smokes should speed up the process some.
    How about putting them back into that gas-chamber, and hooking up the “Mother of all Vacumn Pumps” to suck all the air out of the room?
    Better yet, let’s just out-source the whole thing to the Chinese!

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  14. Better yet, let’s just out-source the whole thing to the Chinese!

    Elect Hillary and 67 Democratic Senators and we will.

    nk (da3e6b)

  15. nk…

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  16. Can’t. I might have been purged before that for counter-revolutionary bourgeois reactionary revisionism. But I’m pretty sure some other heroes of the proletariat revolution will carry on.

    nk (da3e6b)

  17. To paraphrase more than one person:
    Endless discussion just takes up time;
    Real change requires bullets.
    Heroes of the Revolution…
    You can’t be talking about alphie?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  18. alphie will have been purged as a parasite.

    nk (da3e6b)

  19. OK!

    Another Drew (8018ee)

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