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Benadryl Inventor dies at 91

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[Guest post by DRJ]

RIP George Rieveschl:

“George Rieveschl, a chemical engineer (not a medical doctor) whom millions of sufferers of allergies, colds, rashes, hives and hay fever can thank for the relief they receive by swallowing a capsule of beta-dimethylaminoethylbenzhydryl ether hydrochloride — the antihistamine he invented and renamed Benadryl — died Thursday in Cincinnati. He was 91 and lived in Covington, Ky.”

Rieveschl wanted to be a commercial artist but he couldn’t land a job – despite 200 applications that yielded 6 responses, all rejections. So he returned to college for multiple chemistry degrees and went on to invent Benadryl, among other accomplishments.

Lucky for us.


2 Responses to “Benadryl Inventor dies at 91”

  1. And my art career has been a series of false starts. . . yeah, I need to finish that economics degree.

    Ray G (50194a)

  2. DRJ, Thanks for taking the time to cover this. It’s important that great inventors be recognized. I had never known that Rieveschl actually had wanted to be a commercial artist – I’m glad he changed his mind ;)!

    Idea Buyer (be0e2d)

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