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Deport the Criminals First: 12-Year-Old Zina Linnik Pays for Your Government’s Failure to Deport Criminals with Her Life

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A man who should have been deported in 1990 for a sex offense — but was not — may be responsible for the murder of a 12-year-old girl in Tacoma, Washington, police say.

Police said Friday that they “expect” a 42-year-old convicted sex offender from Thailand will be charged in the murder of 12-year-old Zina Linnik, who police believe was kidnapped July 4 while watching a fireworks display.

Terapon Adhahn, who was convicted of incest in 1990, provided information that led to the discovery of the girl’s body while being held for questioning, Tacoma Police Chief Don Ramsdell said.

It’s clear that Adhahn should have been deported:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said Adhahn’s 1990 conviction of first-degree incest is the basis for his detention, which should have led to the man’s deportation.

The fact that it did not is no aberration, as I have noted on this site many times.

So what were immigration officials doing that was so important that they couldn’t get around to ridding the country of this deportable sex offender?

Tell it to the parents of Zina Linnik.

Michelle Malkin thinks it’s about time we did something.

Damn right.

I want this story discussed on every Sunday talk show. I want to see it on Bill O’Reilly.

I want the anti-enforcement crowd in Congress to have this story shoved in their face until they agree to allocate more resources to deporting illegal criminals. I want ICE officials called to Congress to explain why they are not placing deportation of criminals at the top of their priority list. I want every mayor of a sanctuary city to tell us how many more 12-year-old girls are going to have to die before we end these insane policies tying the hands of local law enforcement.

Washington will listen only if you speak out. Will you?

UPDATE: ICE has now clarified that he became deportable only in 1992. 1992 was still before 2007, though — so if he had been deported, Zina Linnik still might be alive.

27 Responses to “Deport the Criminals First: 12-Year-Old Zina Linnik Pays for Your Government’s Failure to Deport Criminals with Her Life”

  1. Yeah, I thought about this too when it happened and new you’d post on it. I was hoping you would.

    It is a tragedy. I’m not an American so don’t have standing to “speak up” about it except for here.

    You gotta deport sick criminals who are violent/sexually violent. Why the hell wouldn’t you?

    Christoph (8741c8)

  2. I repeat myself:

    “Pathetic! And, so predictable. How many more innocents will have to die before we set this problem right?

    All advocates and supporters of “Special Order-40/Sanctuary City” policy should be banned from public service for life.

    Comment by Another Drew — 7/12/2007 @ 6:35 pm”

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  3. … afterthought… this hit home for me a bit more than usual because it happened in Tacoma where I know a girl about that age… ex girlfriend’s kid… still visit her family (including ex girlfriend’s husband) in Tacoma… this must have been talked about around the dinner table or at least by the parents in this family.

    What a horrible bastard! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why a liberal would WANT to keep someone like this in the U.S.A. They have kids too. Don’t they care about kids and their own safety?

    So advocate liberalization of immigration if that’s your viewpoint… surely that doesn’t extend to “first-degree incest”, does it?

    Christoph (8741c8)

  4. I called Patty Murray’s office today, and I gave the staffer a piece of my mind. I told him that we should have a Zina’s law based upon this case. I also said that we need to make the punishment for coming back here if the illegal immigrant has a criminal history here very very stiff. Say for instance, a criminal comes back here after a burglary, rape etc.–LWOP.

    I also called Dick Durbin’s office–as a result of the killing in Chicago and proposed the same thing. I was assured that the Senator took things like this seriously. I was incredulous–if they took it so seriously, why wasn’t anything done about it?

    I called two Representatives from Chicago.

    People here, please, they listen to phone calls and letters. Let’s make it a point to send our elected officials these letters.

    Also, we should take the time to write our local newspapers about these crimes and ask why they aren’t being publicized and why tough questions are not being asked of elected officials after these outrages.

    SPO (62ca0c)

  5. Ronald Reagan was a big fan of sending letters to congresspeople, even ones you support, to prod them to action.

    If it was good enough for Ronnie…

    Christoph (8741c8)

  6. Apparently our laws are worthless and more will not correct this situation as long as we have leadership in Congress and a President that willfully ignore whatever laws suit them.

    Watching China execute the former head of their food and drug agency the other day I had to wonder if we won’t some day be forced to hold our leaders responsible for the laws they refuse to uphold. Now some would say that execution is too extreme but I would bet that the possibility of a prison sentence would make Chertoff decide that deporting dangerous felon illegal aliens is a priority.

    Buzzy (9d4680)

  7. Of course I will do something, and I have written letters and make phone calls. But we have to think of something that non-freaky deaky liberals will do. I think a march with puppets is out.

    BTW I heard on the radio today that a border district in Texas has formulated a plan with the agreement of one Judge Ludlum and the bar for a zero tolerance illegal immigration plan: six months in the slammer and then deportation. Crime there has already plummeted, although the plan does not take effect until October. And legal Hispanic residents are ecstatic.

    Patricia (824fa1)

  8. Zina Linnik: Victim of ICE Cold Indifference…

    AP’s Police: Missing Wash. Girl’s Body Found sadly reports that Zina Linnak, the 12 year old who disappeared the night of July 4th after being snatched, has been found murdered – and the alleged victim of a Thai immigrant Terapon…

    PAXALLES (72c8fd)

  9. The poor guy probably suffers from badly treated brain disorder which causes him to act this way. He needs to get proper mental health care right away.

    According to a segment of the mental health profession, a lot of violent crimes are committed by people with poorly treated brain disorders, including anxiety and depression. With proper treatment they could be normal.

    I say bullshit to a large extent. Deport ’em or lock ’em up. Don’t conduct your social experiments with violent criminals in my backyard. I’m not buying that crap in the Sheriff Baca thread.

    daleyrocks (906622)

  10. Any chance that a wrongful death suit could be filed in these cases? Forcing personal responsibility somewhere down the line may get action, instead of bureaucratic “passing the buck”.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  11. For every story of this type, there are probably 50 more that we don’t know about. And one must wonder what it is going to take for the government to get serious and bone up on the boarders.

    Lynn (c2440f)

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  13. How was Terapon Adhahn permitted to “twice enlist in the U.S. Air Force” with a felony conviction at age 25?

    steve (4f0e1c)

  14. Oh, and this is just for Andrew J. “There’s no voter fraud thats a Rethuglican fantasy” Lazarus:

    This toad was registered to vote in Pierce County, WA.

    Andrew, your head is so far up your *ss you need a Plexiglass bellybutton to walk around.

    SDN (b41081)

  15. I’m not sure what bothers me more, the fact that this happened or the fact that FOX News initially described this guy as

    a man in custody on an immigration complaint

    I caught it on my site as the news broke, so that might be why, the full article is quoted… (before it was changed)

    chris (64da58)

  16. And how many more millions will be spent keeping this sick fuck locked up the rest of his life?

    Yes he suffers from a brain disorder, easily cured with 125gr. of lead.

    Gerald A (dfa549)

  17. This toad was registered to vote in Pierce County, WA.

    Come on, SDN, it’s not like there been any impact whatsoever of voter fraud on elections in Washington!

    Oh, wait…

    Pablo (99243e)

  18. IANAL – but the law apparently has some loopholes – like the first crime of moral turpitude doesn’t require deportation in someone who has been a legal resident for >5 yrs.

    A link outling the way this guy remained in the country and fell through the cracks.

    akm (ee680a)

  19. It appears AKM is correct, from AP’s latest

    Adhahn, a legal permanent resident of the U.S., could not have been deported for the incest conviction because it was not an aggravated felony and it was his first offense, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman Virginia Kice said Friday. But a 1992 conviction for intimidation with a dangerous weapon could have made him deportable, and Adhahn was being held this week on an immigration complaint. He also was charged with failing to register as a sex offender.

    It must be the second offense that is prompting his detention.

    Doesn’t really change much though, he should have been long gone fifteen years ago.

    ThomasD (9e8a29)

  20. No way the INS is going to deport a democrat.

    Mark (e7967d)

  21. A search by of the state’s voter registration records shows that Adhahn registered in 2002, and his registration was current.

    Good thing we don’t need to have better control of who votes.

    (Not a snark about Voter ID – the authorities would have looked at his ID, and approved him to vote at election time. He was allowed to register and apparently (according to some accounts) vote despite being a banned felon. But this should put paid to the claims that things are OK-how-they-are.)

    Unix-Jedi (b18156)

  22. From KING-5/Seattle blog:

    His nick name is Dang. He’s led a somewhat normal life here in Tacoma. I’ve known him for about 2 years. He had a girl friend, Asian, and her family lived with him and her in a house across from a school. He spoke of his 8 years in the army? He also was involved in a tow truck company. And went on to military reservations to pick up broken vehicles. He also helped some fella flip houses. I heard he had a past involving relatives who live in another state. Never would I think he was capable of doing such a terrible thing.

    – Posted by: leonard stempkowski | July 13, 2007 03:20 PM

    steve (7d8943)

  23. I say give hima fronteer necktie party from the back of a horse a rope and a tree and screw the ACLU and AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

    krazy kagu (f24007)

  24. I heard reference that Erwin Chemerinsky (sp?) is taking Caterpillar to court for wrongful death on behalf of the parents of an anti-war protestor who was run over by a bulldozer made by them in Gaza (I think Gaza)!?!?!

    If this was able to get before the court, surely the 9th Circuit should look at a claim on behalf of Miss Linnik’s parents.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  25. MD – I heard the same thing. They’re going to hold a rally to generate support – at IHOP.

    daleyrocks (906622)

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