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The Incrementalism of the Roberts Court

Filed under: Court Decisions,General,Judiciary — Patterico @ 5:30 pm

It’s Greenburg vs. Greenhouse.

3 Responses to “The Incrementalism of the Roberts Court”

  1. No it’s Roberts vs Scalia.
    And I have more respect for Scalia

    AF (4a3fa6)

  2. The clear implication was that the chief justice lacked the courage or honesty to overturn the precedent openly as Justice Scalia himself would have done.

    In other words, there’s a guy who thinks he ought to be Chief Justice.

    Pablo (99243e)

  3. It may be tangential to the theme of your post, but I also like this article by Mona Charen.

    DRJ (31d948)

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