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Amnesty Set to Pass

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It’s looking like the amnesty bill will pass. A vote for cloture is a vote for passage, and it’s looking like the votes are there for cloture.

Brace yourselves.

14 Responses to “Amnesty Set to Pass”

  1. It’s a done deal and has been since Bush decided to spend every last dime of his capital on immigration. My hope is that this is the last amnesty we have for a long, long time but I’m doubtful.

    On the other hand, I think there will be more legislation at the State level limiting jobs, services and benefits to illegal immigrants. Ultimately, more immigrants will move to areas where there are fewer restrictions. It will be interesting to see how those communities respond to the increased social services burden presented by illegal immigrants.

    DRJ (2d5e62)

  2. That was tried in California, of course, to no avail.

    Patterico (2a65a5)

  3. California is a special case, and I don’t mean that in a flip or sarcastic way. It’s so populous and diverse that it’s difficult to do more than preserve the status quo.

    DRJ (2d5e62)

  4. Also, from the outside looking in, California seems more politically polarized than many states.

    DRJ (2d5e62)

  5. This does not bode well at all for civil society. This is going to make people very angry, all 97% of legal citizens who opposed it.

    Big winner? Dems. They bought a new plantation full of voters and destroyed the Republican party to boot–with the help of its standard bearer.

    Incredible abuse of power.

    Patricia (824fa1)

  6. I’ve said this many times before here and elsewhere, but apathy seems to rule. Nevertheless, if you want to actually do something about this:

    1. Go to campaign appearances and ask candidates tough questions designed to make them look as bad as possible. Their immigration positions are extremely weak and no one ever calls them on it; change that.

    2. Upload the results to Youtube.

    3. Promote it.

    If you can have an effect on their careers, they’ll wake up.

    TLB (cc42f6)

  7. Oh, Patricia,

    The Republicans are in on it, too.

    Even the head of the Republican party of California is an illegal immigrant and a criminal:

    Maybe he can be the next “deport the criminals first” feature here?

    alphie (015011)

  8. Even if it gets through the Senate, the House could be a tougher slog since the representatives will feel the heat from the voters more directly given that they are all up for election each cycle. What are the latest poll results, only 22% support the bill, 50% oppose it and the rest are uncertain or some stats like that?

    daleyrocks (906622)

  9. I’ve never felt our government more distant from ‘we the people’ than right now. If this bill were put to a vote of the citizens it would be slaughtered – and rightfully so. Republicans have put themselves in a vise. On the one side, the rank-and-file are white-hot on this issue and on the other side the expected cornucopia of hispanic votes they expect to receive for this traitorous travesty will never show. As much as I hate Reid and Kennedy, I have to acknowledge how well they played the idiots in red and give them credit for effectively helping the Republicans bring about the end of the Republican party.

    Praxis7 (3d6c14)

  10. On the other hand, I think there will be more legislation at the State level limiting jobs, services and benefits to illegal immigrants.

    Which the ACLU, in combination with La Raza and MeCHA, will promptly get overturned on equal protection grounds.

    Insomniac (8899da)

  11. Alphie,
    It’s always helpful to read the entire post before you unload your snark. I said that the Rep party was destroyed “with the aid of their standard bearer.” That would be Bush. He’s a Republican. He’s cooperated with the Dems for a bill that would destroy his own party.

    And you’re a couple days behind on the sfgate story. Cal. Republicans are all over it and have already replaced him with a citizen. Christianson Hired

    Patricia (824fa1)

  12. Now that it’s back to square one in the Senate here’s the email I sent to all those Rep.s that betrayed their constituancy and the majority of the American people.

    As a CA Republican I am adamately opposed to the Amnesty bill that you just voted to bring back to the Senate for consideration. Because of your vote and those of the other Senate Republicans I will be making whatever donation I can to your opponents come re-eclection time. It doesn’t matter what their party affiliation, I will commit whatever resources I can to see that you and the other deaf ear Republicans are not re-elected. You’ve heard our voices loud and clear and have decided against doing the people’s bidding.

    John (89908e)

  13. Just Got Off The Phone With Stevens, Murkowski’s Office…

     Well for what it’s worth I just called Senator Stevens and Senator Murkowski’s office and it was a total waste of time.  As said here, I knew which way that they were going to vote.  Might as well start selling out the base so Tony Kno…

    Juneau Blog (811bb8)

  14. Insomniac #10:

    Here’s another example of restrictive state legislation, this time in Arizona where it was signed into law by a Democratic governor. Are you still certain the ACLU, La Raza, and MeCHA can stop it?

    DRJ (31d948)

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