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Talking Points Ignored by Spouse

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In 2006, when City Attorney Rockard Delgadillo discovered that his wife was driving uninsured and unlicensed, he urged her to remedy the situation. Columnist Steve Lopez asked Delgadillo:

After discovering in 2006 that his wife had no insurance and no license, did Rocky prohibit her from driving, and if so, how did she and the kids get around?

Lopez reports the answer:

Delgadillo spokesman Nick Velasquez gave me this answer, if you can call it one: “When the city attorney learned of this, he strongly urged her to remedy the situation as soon as possible.”

And just yesterday, when City Attorney Rockard Delgadillo discovered that his wife had a nine-year-old outstanding bench warrant, what did he do? You guessed it — he urged her to remedy the situation:

Delgadillo also released a statement about the bench warrant still pending from his wife’s traffic violations, which occurred in Santa Monica.

“I was unaware that there was any outstanding warrant,” he said. “As soon as I learned about this today, I immediately urged my wife to remedy the situation, and she is working to resolve this.”


Mr. Delgadillo, it appears that your wife is not necessarily paying your urgings too much attention.

I urge you to remedy the situation.

21 Responses to “Talking Points Ignored by Spouse”

  1. I’m torn about Rockard D. Part of me says he should be removed for his lying and deceit, unacceptable for a city attorney.

    The other half says Rockard’s entertainment value is too great to lose. The Rocky the Clown show is giving Steve Lopez some of his greatest lines.

    Bradley J. Fikes (1c6fc4)

  2. So, when is Michelle Delgadillo going to surrender to do the time the court must surely sentence her to do? I’ll be waiting.

    sam (1089bc)

  3. Prohibit? Remedy? Is this how it works in your house with your wife? Why are you putting this on him? why not the wife directly? Are you trying to score some other points, or is it just plain old patriarchy?

    whitd (9815f9)

  4. i think he’s a stone liar who knew about the warrant for his wife all along. since it’s an arrest warrant and he’s a law enforcement official, wouldn’t the proper course for him be to have her arrested? why wasn’t she arrested during any of the subsequent traffic stops? in some respects this is worse than paris hilton.

    assistant devil's advocate (a19952)

  5. Why are you putting this on him?

    Why? Because he was the guy with the political aspirations and it was going to come back to bite him, not her, in the ass. That he and his wife didn’t think it was important had to be the result of their belief (mostly true) that they were personally above the law. And then he has the hypocrisy to go after Hilton? Bwaaahhh!

    sam (1089bc)

  6. Prohibit? Remedy? Is this how it works in your house with your wife? Why are you putting this on him? why not the wife directly? Are you trying to score some other points, or is it just plain old patriarchy?

    No, dude, I’m just laughing at him. “Prohibit” is Steve Lopez’s word, and “remedy” is Delgadillo’s. I’m just an amused bystander.

    Patterico (2a65a5)

  7. “I’m just an amused bystander”

    Oh i see. Its funny because its ridiculous to think of men remedying their wives. Good one.

    whitd (9815f9)

  8. It’s ridiculous to think of Rocky The Clown remedying anything.

    His lies about playing pro football should have been a warning.

    Bradley J. Fikes (1c6fc4)

  9. Listen people, this guy is just simply afraid of his little Misses!! Being a Latina myself, believe me when I tell you “keeping” your man in line is easy.

    Sue (baf73f)

  10. Seriously, Patterico, are there possible charges that might be brought against either of them? (and I’m not talking about charges of sheer stupidity).

    Dana (b4a26c)

  11. If a cop did this, he’d be suspended or, if he dissembles–like Rocky appears to do–he’d be fired. The LAT would throw a fit at a dishonest cop allowed to get away scott free.

    Guess the city attorney has a lower standard to meet.

    ManlyDad (d62cf6)

  12. Oh, it’s good to be King…or at least City Attorney.

    For once, I like Lopez’ column. (No, LAT, don’t call me, I don’t want to subscribe again!)

    Patricia (824fa1)

  13. Stone the infidels. They shall not flaunt the edicts bestowed upon us by the Sharia V&T law.

    Keep thy chariot shiny side up!

    Ayatollah Hollirollah (6a100c)

  14. If only Rocky had kept his big fat yap shut about Paris Hilton, no one would ever have found out about Mrs Toad’s wild ride.

    Cooley must be having a second cup of joe each morning as he reads the Dog Trainer.

    Tom (ad8087)

  15. I think Rocko should familiarize himself with the provisions of Sec. 14604 of the Calif. Veh. Code.

    It’s a Misdemeanor for Rocko to let his wife drive his car knowing that she doesn’t have a valid driver’s license.

    Maybe some gutsy copper from LASO or LAPD could stop by and give Rocko a citation…

    thebronze (5566e0)

  16. What a hypocrite Rocky Delgadillo has shown himself to be. Paris Hilton should be prosecuted for her crimes but so should Mrs. Delgadillo … and Mr. Delgadillo should, too, if we learn that he has protected his wife from arrest/prosecution.

    DRJ (2d5e62)

  17. Mrs. Delgadillo has an open warrant. How come no judge is sending law enforcement to her house to bring her immediately to court, ala Hilton? Hilton wasn’t allowed to surrender, why is Delgadillo? Especially, since she already demonstrated she fails to appear for court. Will her husband make sure she goes to court immediately? No, he can only strongly urge her to remedy the problem. Blah!

    sam (1089bc)

  18. Since it appears that Mrs. Rocky’s driving problem goes back to the 20th Century, where was the LAT in the interim on this red-flag? How many times has Rocky faced the voters and no opposition research rooted this out?

    Appearantly, to have the LAT really examine your life, you need to attack someone important in the entertainment industry.

    Well, at least we now know what the dog trainer thinks it has to defend.

    Another Drew (4d2fc0)

  19. She said that she was “embarrassed” to find herself in this situation…if it was any of us we’d be in court and fined, probably loss of our DL for a while and maybe locked up in the hoosegow for a while…damn Donkeycrats, living up to their motto, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

    Sounds like Baca needs to exercise the power of his office and get Paris ready for a roomie….but, I know, it would never happen.

    fmfnavydoc (affdec)

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    L.A. attorney ethics beat (38253e)

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