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It Gets Worse and Worse for Delgadillo

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Man, it just keeps getting worse and worse for L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo:

Los Angeles City Atty. Rocky Delgadillo has enlisted members of his office staff to run personal errands and baby-sit his two young children, including taking them to museums and other local attractions.

In response to inquiries from The Times, Delgadillo confirmed through a spokesman Wednesday that he relied on his staff to attend to some family and personal needs, but he declined to give many details.

“On occasion, city staff members — some of whom the city attorney has known for many years — have watched the Delgadillos’ children on their own personal time,” according to a statement released by Delgadillo’s office. “They were personally paid by the Delgadillos, but sometimes declined payment.

I’m sure they felt no pressure.

Sources with firsthand knowledge of the arrangement . . . said staffers often attended to the city attorney’s personal needs and children during normal business hours.

I suppose they could simply be doing him a favor, but that’s not really how it sounds:

One former employee said Delgadillo and his wife would call upon secretaries and other support staff to watch his children at City Hall.

“They would sit in an office and read to them or watch them watch TV,” the ex-employee said.

Two sources said a male employee, Robbie Britton, had been called upon to do handyman chores at the Delgadillos’ house such as put together a trampoline or move weights. Britton also has picked up Delgadillo’s dry-cleaning, the sources said. Britton could not be reached for comment.

In response to those allegations, Velasquez said the weights were a birthday gift from the city attorney’s staff and “Mr. Britton delivered this staff gift to his house. Any other errands performed by Mr. Britton were on his personal time.”

What will Steve Lopez say? I can’t wait.

13 Responses to “It Gets Worse and Worse for Delgadillo”

  1. Man, it just keeps getting worse and worse for L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo…

    And to think we owe it all to (shudder) Paris Hilton…

    qdpsteve (cd214a)

  2. The message: “Don’t mess with Sheriff Baca.”

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  3. Back in the ’70’s, Marshall Timothy Sperl was brought down for having his deputies perform personal errands for the Municipal Court judges such as taking laundry to the cleaners, picking up people at the airport and fixing parking tickets.

    It is interesting to note that the people who benefited from these acts never got hurt in this scandal. Sperl was fired and the Marshall’s office was merged into the Sheriff’s Dept.

    Alta Bob (4fd45e)

  4. Patterico: I’ll trade you one tax wasting city attorney for one tax wasting governor.

    IL Gov’s Commute Costing Illinois Taxpayers

    Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s practice of flying from his Chicago home to the Capitol in Springfield and back for daily budget negotiations is costing Illinois taxpayers more than $5,800 a day — roughly $76,000 since late May and climbing.

    Blagojevich refuses to live in Springfield, IL, our capitol city. Instead, he chooses to conduct affairs from Chicago. It is costing IL taxpayers a whole bundle of wasted money to accommodate his personal affairs.

    Gabriel Sutherland (90b3a1)

  5. Since I don’t watch local LA TV, I was wondering if they had set up the Rocky Death Watch yet?

    Another Drew (8018ee)

  6. To: “I’ll see yours and raise yours,”

    It isn’t the amount of money involved. It is about the cover up. And it is about a politician who acts like the law doesn’t apply to him. Where are the forms he filled out to get the city to pay for the accident damage? How did he account for the damage? Who was driving? On city business? Where is the paperwork?

    The great irony is that much of Delgadillo’s office prosecutions are against people like his wife.

    Alta Bob (4fd45e)

  7. The Daily News has a story today headlined, “Rocky’s Wife Cheated On Taxes”

    TimesDisliker (4f0c5a)

  8. Isn’t there a tax issue here. If the services didn’t constitute gifts, then it’s income (not a fringe benefit), and therefore taxable.

    Any tax lawyers??

    Law (62ca0c)

  9. Delgadillo is worse than that. He hadn’t been a practicing lawyer for 5 years before he he first took office, which is required. His entire tenure, to include his second election, is illegal.

    So, ask yourself: How tight he has to be with the LA times for this to not even get mentioned?

    Don Meaker (999e4b)

  10. And before long his kids wont reconzie him

    krazy kagu (484aa9)

  11. […] million settlement of the firefighter dog food case, Nov. 22) seems to have landed in an ethical spot of bother himself […]

    L.A. attorney ethics beat (38253e)

  12. I agree to a point with alta bob, but my dad did not use deputies for laundry, they were on their own time and working of the campaign for Assembyman Jim Hayes who was running for the Board of Supervisors. I find it funny that my dad was convicted, but Sheriff Pitchess who was doing the same thing continued in office. Dont worry, before Sheriff Pitchess’ death I called him at his Newport Beach, California home and gave him a piece of my mind. Rocky Delgadillo needs to be removed from office and put into the Los Angeles County Jail.

    tony sperl (fcaf37)

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