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(Mis)Counting the Casualties

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A revealing correction in the L.A. Times:

May Day rally: An article in Friday’s Section A about the Los Angeles Police Department removing dozens of elite officers from immigration protest duty hours before a clash in MacArthur Park said the violence left 10 people injured. The known number at that point was 17, including seven officers.

Oh — they count too?

4 Responses to “(Mis)Counting the Casualties”

  1. The officers obviously injured each other in their frenzy to attack peaceful immigrants.

    Mike K (86bddb)

  2. Page 1 of California Section today says 30 people were “struck by police officers weilding batons and firing foam projectiles.” No mention at all of the officers that were injured. Do you think by tomorrow the injured will be up to 50?

    Jackie Warner (41f17a)

  3. Yeah, but like suicide bombers and school shooters, they have to be mentioned separately. “Ten people and seven officers” would be the proper formulation.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  4. Liberals a whole bunch of troublesome wackos

    krazy kagu (c49761)

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