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Trivial Story Written

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I wonder if the L.A. Times‘s Andrew Blankenstein is embarrassed at having to write an entire piece about Paris Hilton’s jail accommodations.

Wouldn’t he have to be?

This country is completely insane on the whole celebrity thing.

9 Responses to “Trivial Story Written”

  1. What’s truly annoying about the piece is the “lightness” to the whole thing. “No long showers, please.” Ugh. It’s understandable that a piece on this topic should be written and printed. Paris is quite the celebrity after all, and the public is curious.
    The tone of the article suggests to me that, yes, the author IS embarrassed at having to write this article.

    Viktor (46c17e)

  2. Rewrite! Where’s Lileks when you need him?

    htom (412a17)

  3. She’s in jail? I hadn’t heard.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  4. No, no, no, this is good information! I can show it to my daughters, especially the “no long showers” part. I don’t have a separate water heater; our hot water comes from the same boiler that heats the house, and, as a result, they can stay in the shower for an hour and never run out of hot water — and they take full advantage of this. (And the heating oil company wonders why they have to make deliveries in July!)

    So, if I show them this article, they’ll be way too scared of jail to do anything to land themselves there!

    Dana (3e4784)

  5. Paris Hilton is more important than:
    The French election
    The latest Wall Street scam
    The latest ten murders in our neighborhoods
    Anything Bush Administration has to say about illegal immigration
    Anything any politician has to say about just about anything.
    etc. etc. etc.
    I can identify with poor Paris. She is one of the only things important to me.

    Howard Veit (4ba8d4)

  6. The South Park boys had it pegged when they parodied the Paris Hilton Stupid Spoiled Whore kit. She is an heiress to an immense fortune who has no talent or employable skills. She must rely on public focus to give her validity to her otherwise pathetic and soulless life. Her hideous singing, acting, perfume, clothing line, and amateur porn careers are just cries for attention from a girl who didn’t get enough attention from daddy.

    Her disconnect from reality wholly manifested itself in a pitiful cry for a pardon from the Governor. If I were him, I’d give her another 45 days in prison with a cellmate equivocable in stature to Bubba.

    Trickish Knave (017a94)

  7. How did they get a French hotel into a California jail?

    McGehee (25adee)

  8. Come on Pat. This is a HILTON staying in a prison cell. This is classic stuff — anyone with a nose for news / media would instantly recognize it as such. I don’t read Blankenstein or the Times so I have no idea if they know how to tell this story (past experience says they don’t). But I can imagine a Mencken or a Hearst or a Steyn or any other journalist that people wanted to read doing this story, and doing it in a compelling fashion.

    The problem isn’t with the story — it’s with the no talent folks at the Times.

    PrestoPundit (a2369b)

  9. This “whole celebrity thing” is over the top.

    Take political celebrity New Jerey Governor Corzine. He (his State Police driver) speeds down the Garden State Parkway at 91 mph, while the Governor sits new to him without a state-required seat belt.

    There may have been some justice in the car wreck, but when the Governor goes home from the hospital, his specially fitted van is clocked exceeding the speed limit.

    Maybe the driver can take up residence with Paris.

    Neo (cba5df)

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