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Tech wizard Evariste is writing me a script that will give me a rotating batch of quotations about me and the site. I wanted to do this as early as August of 2005, and had collected about eight quotes or so as of that date. I have collected quite a few more, and there’s something amusing about seeing them all in the same place. Click on “more” to read them. (Yes, they are all real quotes.)

“[K]eep up the great work. Love the blog.” — Tony Snow

“. . . the Poster Child for the very hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty which I was highlighting.” — Glenn “Ellison/Ellers/Ellensburg” Greenwald

“I have great respect for his abilities as a blogger . . .” — Instapundit

“Congratulations, Patterico, for a new high-water mark in dopey criticism.” — Michael “Mikekoshi” Hiltzik

“The ever vigilant and always thorough Patterico . . .” — Michelle Malkin

“. . . SpongeBob-Dobson-smackdown enthusiast[]” — Josh Marshall

“Kudos to Patterico; this is one of the more impressive critiques of modern journalism that you will ever read.” — John Hinderaker of Power Line

“Nitpicker.” — Bill from INDC Journal

“. . . petulant and shrieking . . .” — Glenn “Ellison/Ellers/Ellensburg” Greenwald

“. . . excellent work exposing the bias of the Los Angeles Times.” — Charles Johnson

“Glenn Greenwald stalker . . .” — TBogg

“. . . a useful thorn in the side of the Los Angeles Times . . .” — Dan Gillmor

“. . . keeps a close watch on the Los Angeles Times . . .” — Dan Weintraub

“There’s nothing honorable about what you’re doing.” — The Commissar

“. . . one of the best in the blogosphere.” — Mary Katharine Ham

“Patterico? Fuck Patterico” — John Cole commenter cd6

” . . . generic warblogger[] . . .” — Ted Rall

“Mr. Frey is a poster child for why I am a conservative, a Republican and a great supporter of Mr. Bush and America’s war on terror. I am proud to have such a fine spokesman for my beliefs. No lying, no bending of the facts, just the truth, written in a respectful and intelligent way.” — greggojo

“. . . rock solid ego . . .” — Paul Deignan

“Someone should explain why the editors at the Los Angeles Times are so inept that one man – Patterico – can make fools out of them again and again.” — Roger L. Simon

“Read the whole thing, and someone get [David] Geffen an emergency lunch with Patterico.” — Captain Ed

“. . . well worth reading.” — Instapundit

“. . . just another run-of-the-mill right-wing blogger . . .” — Frank Ferrone of El Cajon

“”stupid . . . idiotic . . . [d]umb, dumb, dumb . . . mentally incontinent whining . . . mindless crap . . . incomprehensible gibbering . . . dolt . . . numbnuts . . . Pattynumbnuts . . . idiot wingnut . . . unbridled prevaricator . . . damned liar” — Our friend Alex

“While Patterico sometimes makes gratuitous sneers, at least he has substantive accomplishments in correcting press errors . . .” — Bradley J. Fikes

“Patterico has the story” — Instapundit

“Faster than a speeding fiat! More powerful than a moribund newspaper… It’s Patterico, who once more makes mince meat of my hometown snooze The Los Angeles Times . . .” — Roger L. Simon

“. . . excellent blog . . .” — Pundit Review

“. . . vigilant MSM watchdog Patterico . . .” — Michelle Malkin

“. . . the obviously girlfriend-less Patterico . . .” — TBogg

“. . . if you haven’t already done so, add Patterico to your blogroll.” — Captain Ed

“. . . has been doing a yeoman’s job of criticizing the Los Angeles Times on his blog Patterico’s Pontifications” — Roger L. Simon

“. . . my friend Patterico . . .” — Beldar

“Patterico’s whining is just another example of Conservatives playing the Victim Card.” — David Ehrenstein

“Patterico’s Pontifications has a great point . . .” — Eugene Volokh

“Feel free to stop reading TalkLeft any time now.” — Jeralyn Merritt

“Patterico always has something interesting to say . . .” — Captain Ed

“. . . a thorough and impressive piece of work.” — Scott Johnson of Power Line

“. . . has done remarkable work over a long period of time documenting the bias and carelessness that has become routine for the Los Angeles Times.” — Captain Ed

“. . . noted blogosphere critic of the Los Angeles Times . . .” — Captain Ed

“It’s difficult to think of any blogger who has done more to benefit the public, through his thorough and diligent review of the [L.A.] Times, than Patterico.” — Antimedia

“Patterico has jumped the shark, if he ever was on the near side of it.” — Blackavar

“. . . a worthy adversary and someone whose views, especially where it concerns the law, should be taken seriously.” — Ed Brayton

“. . . LA Times critic extraordinaire . . .” — Commonwealth Conservative

“The sharp-eyed Patterico . . .” — Rathergate

“. . . intrepid and dogged work on exposing bias at the Los Angeles Times . . .” — Captain Ed

“The great Patterico . . .” — Michelle Malkin

“. . . if I were a less-than-ethical journalist, Patterico is the one person I wouldn’t want on my trail.” — Rathergate

“The Los Angeles Times has, to its credit, once again published its greatest Blogospheric critic . . .” — Double Toothpicks

“. . . brilliant at holding the LA Times accountable for its egregious bias . . .” — Captain Ed

“As usual, superb work by Patterico.” — Commonwealth Conservative

“. . . the mighty Patterico . . .” — Michelle Malkin

“. . .the worst nightmare of The Los Angeles Times . . .” — Rathergate

“[W]hile Patrick Frey’s blog Patterico’s Pontifications is relentlessly partisan and its tone frequently descends to the emotionally puerile, the criticisms of the Los Angeles Times enunciated there have sometimes hit the mark and produced results.” — Tim McGarry

“. . . a very grumpy Patterico . . .” — Matthew Stinson

“. . . the well-respected Patterico . . .” — B. Austin Higgins

“. . . Patterico’s Pontifications absolutely owns the Los Angeles Times . . .” — Dafydd ab Hugh

” . . . has been at the forefront of the effort to hold the Los Angeles Times accountable for its dreadful editorial bias . . .” — Captain Ed

“. . . mixes a conservative take on local media (particularly The Times, which has recently begun beefing up its blog presence) and politics at all levels.” — The Los Angeles Times

“Your blog is a good read.” — Michelle Malkin

“I tend to find Patterico’s rants too politically motivated to get anything from them, but maybe I should check him out more often.” — Kevin Roderick

” . . . excellent blog . . .” — Captain EdThe Commissar

“It’s fascinating stuff; read it all.” — John Hinderaker of Power Line

“My old pal Patterico . . .” — Radley Balko (speaking ironically)

“He has done an excellent job of cataloguing the various gaffes and outrages of the Los Angeles Times, so much so that his annual reviews of the paper become a must-read.” — Captain Ed

” . . . a blogging robot who is under the command of various gnomes and/or leprechauns who are constantly fighting to be in control of pulling his levers and dictating what he gets to say.” — Brad Reed

“God, I hope I never do anything that results in his prosecuting me…” — Marc Danziger

29 Responses to “It’s All About Me”

  1. Feh. I’ve been called an impressive piece of work, too.

    Dan Collins (1e2e08)

  2. screw the rest…

    That first one should become your new site banner…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  3. “I wish I was cool enough to be quoted by Patterico.”

    –Rick Wilcox. 😉

    Rick Wilcox (bb4b76)

  4. I like them all except “Patterico? Fuck Patterico” — John Cole commenter cd6. You don’t need an anonymous quote.

    aunursa (707e25)

  5. Yeah, I know . . . I just find it funny for some reason.

    Patterico (5b0b7f)

  6. The tree of Liberty must be watered from time to time with the remarks of Patterico. — Thomas Jefferson

    dchamil (5a1f81)

  7. I vould like to haff Patterico qvote me chust vunce.— Albert Einstein

    dchamil (5a1f81)

  8. “You taste… of America.” – Jean Girard

    Kevin (e89cee)

  9. Well, you still have a ways to go; one of the testimonials on my site is where the Mahablog called me “dumb as a bag of hammers.”

    Dana (3e4784)

  10. But surely The Liberal Avenger will have hurt feelings for not getting one of his pithy remarks included! 🙂

    Dana (3e4784)

  11. Ha ha… Patterico, you’re obviously “girlfriend-less”
    … seeing as how you’re always mentioning your wife and daughter.


    Leviticus (68eff1)

  12. The most derisive and insulting quotations become the best compliments, considering their sources. Fee free to proudly post them. (pardon the split infinitive).

    Curtiss (c03bd7)

  13. Pat better be girlfriendless, or I suspect his wife would hurt him in ways too horrible to imagine…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  14. In the words of Raoul Duke in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

    “Castration! Double Castration!”

    Leviticus (68eff1)

  15. Greenwald stalks himself.

    Dan Collins (07fdff)

  16. Just in case anybody else wants to use random quotes, here is a bit of code I use on my website, same function:
    // ==============================================
    // Copyright 2004 by
    // Free for all; but please leave in this header.
    // ==============================================

    var Quotation=new Array() // do not change this!

    // Set up the quotations to be shown, below.
    // To add more quotations, continue with the
    // pattern, adding to the array. Remember
    // to increment the Quotation[x] index!

    Quotation[0] = “[K]eep up the great work. Love the blog.”;
    Quotation[1] = ““Congratulations, Patterico, for a new high-water mark in dopey criticism.””;
    Quotation[2] = ““Patterico’s Pontifications has a great point . . .” “;
    Quotation[3] = ““The great Patterico . . .””;

    // ======================================
    // Do not change anything below this line
    // ======================================
    var Q = Quotation.length;
    var whichQuotation=Math.round(Math.random()*(Q-1));
    function showQuotation(){document.write(Quotation[whichQuotation]);}

    kb (89ac2b)

  17. oh, you’ll have to include
    (script language=”JavaScript”)
    except use

    kb (89ac2b)

  18. What? No quotes from MarioGeorgeNitrini111?

    LYT (3419ec)

  19. In keeping with the tongue-in-cheek quality of some of your entries, you might also consider this one from Powerline:

    Patterico – “Worthier (by far) than Arafat”

    DRJ (3e5f88)

  20. Patterico is driving the LA Times nuts. — Sigmund Freud

    dchamil (d00d2e)

  21. Patterico, annoying the right people since 2003.

    Veeshir (dfa2bf)

  22. I’ve worn dresses with higher IQ’s.

    Wanda Gershwitz (8096f2)

  23. He asked me to junior prom.

    thor (0945f8)

  24. What, no comments from the rest of the Greenwalds?

    Slartibartfast (dce15e)

  25. “More famous in the blogosphere than I am.” – Robin Roberts.

    Robin Roberts (6c18fd)

  26. One of many things Patterico has in common with Xrlq is that he too is not a Mexican radio station. However, Patterico has the advantage of not spelling his name like one.

    McGehee (25adee)

  27. ” . . . blogs, but apparently is also married and has a real job.”–Dan Collins

    Dan Collins (1e2e08)

  28. Patterico grabs your attention quicker than a bad case of syphilis.

    Al Maviva (042d19)

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