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Flap Over L.A. Times Recognition of Armenian Genocide

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There is an interesting controversy going on at the L.A. Times in which a reporter is alleging that he was taken off a story about the Armenian genocide because he is Armenian. The reporter e-mailed some colleagues to say:

Colleagues, You should know that I had a Page One story killed this week by Doug Frantz. His stated rationale for killing the piece had nothing to do with any problems with the story itself. In an email to me, he cited no bias, no factual errors, no contextual mishaps, no glaring holes….

Because his logic is so illogical, questions must be raised about Frantz’ own objectivity, his past statements to colleagues that he personally opposes an Armenian genocide resolution and his friendship with Turkish government officials, including the consul general in Los Angeles who’s quoted in my story. Frantz is heavily involved and invested in defending the policies of Turkey.

Read more about it at L.A. Observed (here and here) and at the L.A. Weekly.

2 Responses to “Flap Over L.A. Times Recognition of Armenian Genocide”

  1. Patterico — I happen to know a lot about Mark Arax.

    Whether Frantz killed the story or not on the basis that Mark claims, I can’t say.

    But, Arax is a hack journalist who has written some ridiculous articles in the past, and his own roots are DEEP in the Armenian communities of Central California where he is from.

    Frankly, he suffers from exactly the same “conflict of interest” (for lack of a better description) as he attributes to Frantz. Arax is completely incapable of writing about the Armenian genocide any more objectively than he claims Frantz is with respect to the Turks.

    wls (859dc4)

  2. There was no Armenian Genocide.Lots of them escaped.And the Turkish government has repeatedly
    apologized for letting any escape.

    corwin (bb6dc6)

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