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Alec Baldwin Phone Message

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Memo to Alec Baldwin: maybe your daughter would answer the phone if you cared enough about her to know how old she is.

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  1. But Patterico, check out the…

    5. Tina Fey (“30 Rock”) had just turned him down for a date for about the 95th time, with the excuse ‘what can I say Alec? I’m going out with Pauly Shore this weekend instead ‘cuz he’s just so much more man than you’

    4. Instructed by Lorne Michaels that Alec’s gonna have to start paying him $5000 a pop if he wants to keep hosting Saturday Night Live 17 times a season

    3. His latest gig as narrator for the prepubescent educational video Thomas the Tank Engine IX: Thomas gets Tanked at the Tulsa Hooters fell through

    2. Was verbally pwnd on the air a week earlier by Rick Dees when all Alec wanted to do was request song It’s Raining Men on 93.9 FM

    1. Alec’s a proud graduate of the Joan Crawford School of Parenting

    (If anyone would like to help convert this to a Top Ten list, please do.)

    qdpsteve (cd214a)

  2. Seriously, my old man talks to me like that (and worse) on a regular basis…

    I don’t blame the kid for not wanting to talk to him…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

  3. Daughters can be frustrating and kids that age (eleven or twelve — whatever)are starting to become more and more independent. But dang! That’s you daughter. What kind of language is that to use on a young child?

    Smooth move Alec. That really showed her! And then trying to weasel out by blaming mom for making it public. Dude, you’re the a$$h**e who gave her the ammunition. Be a man for once in your life.

    Bill M (c00fa3)

  4. I’ll try to help qdpsteve:

    10. Used to just knowing whether girls are under 14 or not.

    9. What? She was being a rotten little pig. If Daddy can’t call her on it, who can?

    8. Probably not his child; instead of having tiny testicles like his, child has none.

    7. Mel Gibson got him drunk.

    6. Thought he was still playing part in “The Departed.”


    JRM (355c21)

  5. Who should get custody of the kid? Alec of Hollywood is a prick. But the leaking of that tape from his daughter’s answering machine is a totally low blow, justified only if some kind of legal authority refused to intervene after hearing the tape. This from TMZ after learning what a judge said:

    We’ve learned that on Wednesday, Los Angeles County Superior Court commissioner Maren Nelson heard the tape and temporarily suspended Baldwin’s visitation rights. A hearing is set for May 4, where the judge could permanently deny Baldwin visitation or contact with Ireland

    A nasty divorce between two nasty rich pricks hurts the daughter. Pox on both of them, or is it HIV on both of them? The judge should award custody to Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan—for the good of the child.

    Howard Veit (4ba8d4)

  6. I am baffled that this has been a controversy at all. Just a typical example of today’s modern Left teaching their child personal interaction skills. Now, she’ll be able to engage in the Left’s idea of Civil Discourse.

    Stashiu3 (f9262c)

  7. I feel as if what Alec Baldwin said was although not the greatest choice of words not awful, I can imagine he is frustrated. It is a hard situation to be in. Let us not get so judgmental cause they are celebraties. I believe we are are very capible of the same. Just leave him be. Do not pass stones if you yourself do the same. Good luck to him and hopefully he will have a good relationship with his daughter some day. The mother has alot to assume here. She is no inocent in this situation.

    sherry Everett (08c36f)

  8. i can’t keep the baldwins apart, is this the same guy who promised to move to europe if bush was elected? laughed at howard veit’s “only if some kind of legal authority refused to intervene after hearing the tape” yeah, like i need a court’s permission to disclose the content of my voicemail. during the 45 minutes or so it would take to get a deputy sheriff out here on a 911 call, i _am_ the legal authority, the law, and the state.

    assistant devil's advocate (e74510)

  9. Let us not get so judgmental cause they are celebraties.(sic)

    I don’t judge him because he is a celebrity… I judge him because he’s a blowhard, a rotten parent, and an ass. You may withhold judgment if you wish to, and I applaud your kindness. It’s just misplaced in my opinion. There is no excuse for a father talking to his daughter like that. You can get your point across without emotional abuse.

    Stashiu3 (f9262c)

  10. And we give a flying frick about this because why? Moreover, while I am no Alec Baldwin fan (my favorite scene in Team America was the repeated shots of his demise and I wouldn’t shed any tears over a tragic blimp accident that just happened to put a permanent end to his puerile anti-Americanism) but, having been around a few women in “divorce mode” in my day, why is that people all assume that this tape is authentic? And why does mommy get a free pass for making this public? Did she think it would be good for her daughter? Wake up, people.

    TheManTheMyth (6e8923)

  11. What exactly is so awful about releasing the tape?

    It’s certainly not illegal. Baldwin knew he was being recorded. He threatened to “set her straight” is a way that is obviously a physical threat. He then rolls around publicly like he’s a laudable character. People should know that this man does not deserve fame. When you abuse a child, you deserve public outrage. It would have been LOVELY for Alec if Basinger had CONTINUED to accuse him of abuse in private. Alec would have continued to say awful things about his ex-wife in public and act as though he is innocent. The man is emotionally retarded and dangerous and I’m very glad the public is able to discuss this form of child abuse, even though Alec’s version of it is particularly brutal.

    Who cares that Alec and Kim are in court? These types live in the world of public opinion. If I left this type of recording, I’d have no right to silence it later. And Kim has obviously been trying to stop this abuse for awhile. Only now, after she exposes it to the world, does any good happen. (and yeah, Basinger’s a drunken fool, but who exactly did you expect to have Alec’s kid anyway)

    Dustin (7bc13a)

  12. My god “Frustrated”? 2 year olds can’t handle their frustrations and freak out in tantrums…how old is Mr. Baldwin? How old (i.e. capable of asorbing this rant)is his daughter? She’s 11!
    Whatever “frustrations” he has in his life(he’s just come off a jovial appearance on Letterman at the time of trying to make his court-appointed call), there’s NO excuse for that behavior. None. Sorry. “Good luck to him”? The mind boggles. Clearly, this guy needs more “help” than just a smile and a nod, and frankly I can understand and sympathise only with the person who leaked the tape. I’m sure they were as genuinely frightened for the little girl’s well-being “on the 20th!” as I was listening to it. An 11 year old is still a very young child. What–she was supposed to suck it up and “understand”?

    Three little things make that tape ample reason for a judge to say “visitation suspended(as happened, apparently):

    1) Calling his daughter a “vile little PIG”

    2) Saying not once but twice-with increasing emphasis-that she’d better be ready for him to “straighten [her] ass OUT!!” at his next visit. Maybe he’s never touched a hair of her head, but he’s awfully experienced at making it sound like it, which is pretty bad enough and certainly threatening.

    3) The overall tone of the entire thing, where the point isn’t that “oh, he’s frustrated and he’s yelling at his daughter; my dad did that(!)”, but that he’s getting incoherent and feeding off his own anger, rambling and ratcheting his tirade up and up; is he yelling at his 11 or 12 year old? Or at his ex-wife? Or does a distinction really matter to him? She had her phone turned off! She didn’t stand him up for the Academy Awards show! She’s just a trigger for his insanity.

    There is NO WAY that a guy who sounds like this, who did this, isn’t abusive. If not ever physically, the verbal punches are enough and they aren’t acceptable in this society, IMHO.
    And yeah, he apologized “afterwards”, I’ve since read. So what? I guarantee you that for a person to sound like that this isn’t an anomaly.
    I also think his subsequent, self-justifying response in rather ugly language about the release of this tape makes it clear that he’s always walking around with these demons.

    JPL (da5dfa)

  13. Well he is a liberal and therefore is probably engaging in a vigil right now with Ruth Bader Ginsberg lamenting the horror of upholding a ban on pulling eight and a half month old unborn babies 95% of the way out of the cervix and then plunging scissors into the back of their skulls, so by definition he is unfit to be around children, IMHO–and I say this as an atheist who thinks religion is for people who can’t face the fact they’ll be dead some day but still is able to somehow see that infanticide is incredibly evil.

    TheManTheMyth (6e8923)

  14. “You want to ask me if I have a God complex? Let me tell you something. I am God.”

    “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. The Shadow.”

    Curtiss (c03bd7)

  15. Just a typical example of today’s modern Left teaching their child personal interaction skills. Now, she’ll be able to engage in the Left’s idea of Civil Discourse.

    Exactly! Haters to the left, jokers to the right. Californicating the country!

    dubya (c16726)

  16. What exactly is so awful about releasing the tape?

    It’s certainly not illegal.

    It is when there’s a gag order, which there is. This poor kid has two extremely screwed up parents.

    It’s bad enough that she had to listen to that, but how do you think it’s going to affect her, especially among her peers, when the entire world has heard it?

    Pablo (08e1e8)

  17. I’ve been sickened by the tv media’s glossing over the way Baldwin is threatening the child with bodily harm in his message. It is clear that Baldwin has had limited access to the child because he is unstable and the child feels she is unsafe in his care. I feel the tv media is giving Baldwin an OJ pass because he’s a charming actor, however, he is clearly schizoid and the child must be protected. No unsupervised contact seems in the child’s best interest.

    sidonie (19a96c)

  18. Unless the child herself wanted the tape released, she has 2 parents that need some help. (Of course, we all do, but “some more than others”.)

    A comment on this, the showing of the Cho video, and 90% of everything else wrong in America today:

    What ever happened to personal responsibility, decency, and thoughtfulness? (aka: “The Golden Rule”)

    Who among us would wish our child the pain of having to deal with a world that knows of difficulty among her parents? Why is it easier for someone to facilitate this happeneing to someone else’s child?
    Why do family and friends of the victims and killer at VT need to see replays of the killer’s video.

    I bet 10:1 if we made detanees at Gitmo watch similar material having to do with their families, the same press outlets who broadcast Cho would scream “Torture, torture!!” until they became blue in the face and passed out.

    Apparently, nearly “everyone” figures that “someone” is going to put this stuff on the web where “anyone” will be able to see it. So “no one” feels personally responsible for what “the collective” does.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  19. “It’s bad enough that she had to listen to that, but how do you think it’s going to affect her, especially among her peers, when the entire world has heard it?”

    Pablo, good question. But I was an 11 year old girl once, and had a father who was a ringer for Baldwin–an important, successful, charming-to-others businessma who every so often went off exactly like this to me at that age.
    Once for replying “yeah” instead of “yes”, which he hated, and similar infractions. The truth was he simply had stresses and issues that had nothing to do with me, but I was vulnerable and handy. And afraid.
    My point, to answer your question quoted above is: how is it going to affect her? She might well be thrilled. Of course I can’t know, but I’ll bet that she heartily dislikes and is afraid of her father(not that she doesn’t “love” him, as children are literally imprinted to do towards their nominal parents, almost no matter what they do to them).
    The fact that “the world” hears what her father is like towards her might well give her a tiny measure of power–a “power” that in another, normal kid’s situation would be supplanted by simply being respected and loved as an individual. This girl has been treated like a THING all throughout her life, it seems.

    Oh, and for the Patterico record, given the many manifestos alluded to above: I’m not a lefty, but neither am I a righty; I’m a praticing Catholic who’s pro-choice(yeah, there’s a lot of us out here); I believe in God but have no particular feeling that *I* will “go to heaven” and not be dead when I die–or in hell, whatever that is, I’m just a leetle bit tired of all believers in God and religion regarded as children or simpletons who just can’t face the facts of death. We can and do. And some of us enjoy reading atheists writings and opinions. Shades of grey, my friends(which is the major reason I enjoy reading this blog, whether I “agree” with the author or not, I heartily respect his intelligence).

    JPL (da5dfa)

  20. JPL-

    You’re right, that she might be thrilled. But while she would like others to know what she is going through at home, she may not have liked it happening the way it did. Even though a parent may be terrible, the child still wishes the parent would be different, and hearing insults about a parent may be taken as a reflection on “me”, the child of the parent.

    Also, even the Democrats defended President Bush when Chavez referred to him as the devil. “We may think his a bum and an idiot, but he’s OUR bum and idiot”.

    We can hope she didn’t mind it, but I doubt an executive at a media company thought about it, or if they did, I don’t know how the would have known her feelings.

    Re your last paragraph, I’m interested (not debating or criticing, but discussing) in what it means to be a practicing Catholic and not believe in a major point of historic Christianity of all traditions, the resurrection of the dead and judgment. I assume you mean you attend mass regularly and you believe in many of the ethical teachings.
    While many appeal to religious belief primarily out of the apparent comfort of hoping for “more after death” (academically best known as Pascal’s wager), the Bible itself does not laud that position. In II Corinthians we read that “if the dead are not raised, we are living a lie, and most to be pitied.” Of course, that was from a perspective where faithfully living life as a Believer in Jesus might get you killed sooner than later- still true in many parts of the world at this moment.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  21. The fact that “the world” hears what her father is like towards her might well give her a tiny measure of power–a “power” that in another, normal kid’s situation would be supplanted by simply being respected and loved as an individual.

    JPL, do you think that, when her peers are snickering and calling her a “rude, thoughtless pig” and reminding her that “You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being”, that she’s going to get a “You go, Girl!” vibe from it? I don’t.

    This girl has been treated like a THING all throughout her life, it seems.

    Yes, it does. And this isn’t going to help.

    Pablo (08e1e8)

  22. “Well he is a liberal and therefore is probably engaging in a vigil right now with Ruth Bader Ginsberg lamenting the horror of upholding a ban on pulling eight and a half month old unborn babies 95% of the way out of the cervix and then plunging scissors into the back of their skulls”

    Actually he had Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a dominatrix outfit, whipping him because he’s sucha bad boy.

    Whoops — I’m sorry. That’s William Bennett.

    Never mind.

    David Ehrenstein (fe7ef8)

  23. Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Is a Disgrace…

    I don’t care if Alec Baldwin’s daughter is 11 years old or 12 years old or however old she is, she is a disgrace and her treatment of her father is beyond the pale….

    Jon Swift (59ce3a)

  24. And this jerk BALDWIN dose ads for PETA what a stupid bunch of numbskulls PETA,BALDWIN and PAMELA ANDERSON

    krazy kagu (05214f)

  25. I don’t care how frustrated a man is with his ex, it is NEVER okay to take it out on a little girl. He should save those nasty words for his ex – not his child. How dare this man call his daughter a brainless, thoughtless, little pig. He is more angry about people knowing what a horrible father he is than he is about the toll his harsh words will have on his daughter.

    Michelle (ecb179)

  26. Hi. To set the record straight, I made the tape public because I’ve had it with my ex. He’s a jerk who has thrown me out of a window, driven over several of our pets, shot over a dozen people with his bow & arrow kit, committed date rape hundreds of times, drunk gallons of Mad Dog 20 20, shopped ’til he dropped at Frederick’s of Hollywood, rolled joints while driving, and kept his posse of prostitutes in our attic.

    Now, do you wonder why I only sleep with him once or twice a month?

    Kim (5bbfe2)

  27. Kim,

    Give Eric Clapton a call and take a Caribbean vacation at his resort, “Crossroads”. Ask if you can bring your daughter, as well.

    MD in Philly (3d3f72)

  28. MD,

    Been there, purged that. I’ll stick with my little chipmunk, Alvin. He’s the only one who’ll play with me anymore. And besides, I’d miss the sound of concrete colliding with my head.

    Kim (5bbfe2)

  29. First of all, imagine that you are a child again.
    Think back to when
    your parents grounded you, or took away the car keys, or didn’t let
    you go to the mall. Think of how mad that made you. Think back to
    when you really wanted that new pair of Girbauds, but you didn’t get
    them because you were being a brat. I know that on more than one
    occasion, I called my dad an “asshole”, a “jerk”, and told him that I
    “hated him”. Now these are all terrible things to say to someone, and
    I felt terrible afterwards. But did that mean that I didn’t love my
    dad? Absolutley not. I love my Dad more than anything in this
    world. Did it mean that I should not be allowed to see my father
    again for being a bad child? No. He is my best friend, and those
    things were just said out of anger, and frustration. Everyone on
    this planet has said something to someone that they regreted saying.
    Every parent has went too far. No one is perfect. Everyone is so
    fast to point the finger, or to say that Alec Baldwin is a bad
    parent. The man is obviously at his wit’s end, and I am sure feels
    terrbile for what he said. Why isn’t the media talking about what a
    sick, twisted, and manipulative thing Kim did by realeasing that
    tape? How she BROKE the LAW in doing so? She should loose HER
    visitation rights for using her own daughter in such a way. For
    embarrasing her, and alienating her. And as far as him saying he was
    going to “straighten her out”, big deal, that’s what parents do. Kids
    need to be straightened out all the time. If I had a nickel for
    everytime my dad had to straighten me out I’d be a rich man. And who
    know’s what kind of a kid Ireland is. She could be hell on wheels as
    far as anybody knows. Cut the guy a break.

    Chandos Schultz (93c1aa)

  30. Chandos, it’s fairly obvious that you don’t have kids of your own, and are probably in your 20s at most. I can tell you, there is a big difference between what kids say to their parents, and what parents say to their kids. It’s called maturity (or lack of same), and being the parent vs. being a child. Kids say bad things to their parents, but (though you may deny it), that is generally just a sign of immaturity. A 20-year old parent may do things out of a similar immaturity as well.

    But Alec Baldwin is NOT 20 years old. He is at a stage where he should be way past that. As you’ll find out, a person his age doesn’t do something like that unless he is seriously troubled and most likely dangerous.

    Regardless of his liberalism, Baldwin has a LOT to learn about being a man.

    Gary (4882d7)

  31. You just don’t get it, any of you. Alec & I love this little game we play. Ireland is just a tile. We love hating each other. It gives us such excitement to our otherwise dreary lives. Do you have someone who calls you from across the country and flies all that distance just to see you, even if it is to scream at you and slap and pee all over you? I bet you don’t. And I can only imagine how jealous you are of both Alec and me because even though we’ve been divorced for years, we are CONNECTED — did I mention the part about Ireland’s being the tile we fight over. She’s insignificant. We’re the stars, the real showpeople. She’s a bit player who isn’t even unionized. That’s the real bitch in all this. Get that kid a card. She’s almost old enough to ramp this thing into high gear. God, I was bored before I got divorced!

    Kim (5bbfe2)

  32. Welcome to Dirty Laundry with Kim, Alec and Ireland! Staring, two old people on earth who are excellent examples of modern poor parents; featuring thier spoiled child who should be removed from both of thier care and placed in a loving home.

    In today’s 6th Season Premiere Episode, the 11 year old, moves in with a real parent who uses wise skills (non-abusive) to make sure she’s raised right before she ends up like today’s Paris Hilton, etc. Will she befriend anorexia, drugs or making lude sex tapes? Or will she join Girl Scouts and future entrepreuers of america? You’ll have to watch to find out.

    Kim, Alec and Ireland… shame on all of you for playing this game and bringing the rest of the world into air your dirty laundry. Shame on you! No one’s innocent at any age, Alec’s the only one who’s been exposed. But, all are players.

    BTW, Jerry Springer called. The show pitch was, Alec and Kim fight over ownership of a country. And the land was empty and deserted… no one took care of nutured and loved what was bestowed upon them by God.

    Jupiter (3423a9)

  33. Hey the all you idiots that think it is easy or that you have the insight on every situation.

    Alec Baldwin, whom I have never had a conversation with nor met, should be given a break. Actually more than a break. If I were him I would take my money and leave the country and you can pick on someone else.

    I just saw that idiot Nancy Grace telling the rest of you stupid americans what you think and it makes me sick…why don’t all you idiots just go on over to Iraq and let the guys that actually have family values ( and insist on a rules being followed) come on home.

    If Nancy Grace and Kim Basinger have such a grip on reality maybe they wouldn’t mind walking point on the next recci that the members of the armed forces are doing in Iraq.

    So for you dummies that are wondering what I am saying here….yep…mind you own business and let a man sort out the horse-shit going on in his life.

    If you give a shit about what is going on here you need see a realist and get a reality check.

    Alec, if you need a place to get away from the bullshit just email…what a crock of shit…I’d be taking no prisoners on this one.

    MO the Medic (10a863)

  34. Honestly, I can’t stand Alec Baldwin. His conversation with his daughter should be kept there. it doesn’t change how i view him at all and I wish him the best of luck with his daughter. I hope the media can lay off this.

    G (950c9a)

  35. Hi everybody,

    Well, wouldn’t you know it?!? I just gave Alec the blow job of his life. Are we fucked up or not? This kid, England or Ireland, 12 or 11 years old, it’s just so much to keep track of — well, we’re fine for now and will be for at least ten minutes, keep posted. We rely on all of you lowlife “fans” as bellows for our fire. So happy you’re all following our lives as we trash them to hell. Ah, it’s rich having fans!

    Kim (5bbfe2)

  36. Quick Hollywood Gossip Round Up Vol. 6…

    Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was saying there wasn’t much going on in Hollywood lately? Well I guess someone heard my cry, because things have picked up a bit.
    – A scathing message left by Alec Baldwin on his daughter’s voice mail …

    Hollywood Gossip - Life Altering Knowledge - and More! (59be14)

  37. I don’t blame Ireland for not wanting to talk to him, either.
    I’ve read some of these comments and for the person who disguised themselves as Kim Basinger in this website, GROW UP!!
    NO-ONE is going to believe that the real Kim Basinger would say such a thing about her own child!!
    And for Mo, who are you to be calling total strangers idiots?!
    You’re the idiot if you think that it’s okay to talk to people like that!
    Do you realize that you sound like a total jerk and also a juvenile deliquent when you talk like that??
    GROW UP!!
    You know, it’s men like Alex Baldwin who downgrade my opinion of certain men, and I was never a fan of his to begin with. But after listening to his uncontrollable and abusive verbal tirade on the news, this also downgrades my opinion that NO-ONE, CELEBRITY OR NOT, should get away with ANY sort of abuse in private or in the public eye!
    I don’t care WHO Alex Baldwin is or that he’s a celebrity, or if he has an alcohol problem, I KNOW he has an anger problem as he tried to justify his unjust actions, and mind you, if I ever see him in an airport screaming at his daughter or abusing her in ANY way, I’ll give him a lot more than he can handle AND I’ll call the police!!

    Anonymous (198a35)

  38. This is so sad. Baldwin is a serial abuser yet he is still “the victim” (witness his performance on The View). According the National Enquirer (yes, the same publication that had the straight goods throughout the O.J. trial and found pictures of his incriminating Bruno Magli’s):

    “Just last November, bystanders shockingly witnessed Alec lashing out at his 11-year-old daughter about how she packed her suitcase. Alec
    Baldwin ought to be ashamed of himself he’s nothing but a big bully! Eyewitness Don Rocha revealed in an exclusive interview.

    “Alec was red-faced, sweating and screaming obscenities, said the airline mechanic.

    “He was yelling at Ireland: “If you ever pack your —-ing suitcase like that again, I will —-ing kill you!” She turned red and tears streamed down her face. She was shaking and looked terrified.

    “When Rocha tried to capture Baldwin’s outburst on his cell-phone camera he says, Alec was on me like a pit bull. He tried to grab my cell phone right out of my hand. He got in my face and yelled: “Don’t you ever —-ing take a picture of me and my daughter, you son of a bitch! I called the airport police and reported the incident.”

    “Rocha called the airport police and a few minutes later the cops arrived and escorted Alec and Ireland out of the gate area.

    “Another eyewitness reports, Alec had his daughter in tears. He ranted and cursed at her in front of numerous airport employees and holiday passengers. He was waving his finger in her face and grabbed her by her jacket lapels.

    “After his most recent outburst, Alec claim his enemies attempt to take a picture of you on your worst day and insist that this who you are as a person.

    “When The ENQUIRER called Alec for comment on the airport incident, he again exploded in rage before hanging up.”

    He is a rage-filled, abusive man who doesn’t deserve the “understanding” of supposed child advocates like Rosie O’Donnell. (God knows, the poor girl’s mother is probably a nut-case, too.) Can you imagine Rosie’s and Hollywood’s reaction if the comments had come from, oh say, a prominent political conservative? And the audience actually applauded when Rosie admitted she sometimes swears at her children! What a bunch of hypocrites.

    By the way, I am a 60-year-old lifelong voting Democrat who is beginning to acknowledge the bias of Hollywood and the major media. The major media coverage (or lack thereof) results in everything — even child abuse — becoming politicized. What a sad, sad situation.

    Meg (678eda)

  39. “When The ENQUIRER called Alec for comment on the airport incident, he again exploded in rage before hanging up.”

    I dunno… I’d pretty react the same way on that one… He gets a pass from me on the last one…

    Scott Jacobs (a1de9d)

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