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A Serious Editorial from a Serious Newspaper

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The L.A. Times editors have an opinion on everything, it seems — even Sanjaya.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, good for you.

3 Responses to “A Serious Editorial from a Serious Newspaper”

  1. What if I know what you’re talking about – because it has been everywhere all the time – but aside from a general sense of disgust I couldn’t care less?

    Stephen Macklin (68591a)

  2. I can’t help knowing since I have to hear about it every other hour, but I do my best not to pay any attention to American Idol. I like the idea of “Vote for the Worst.” My wife ran across that website and supposedly there are 15-year-old girls making nasty messages on the site threatening to send their lawyers after them, so it meets my approval.

    Andy (c87b34)

  3. I bet this is their Manhattan Project telling them to go after the Idol demographic, LOL!

    Patricia (824fa1)

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