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I’m Back

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I’m back after a nice week on Hilton Head Island. Thanks to the guest bloggers for filling in. I hope everyone here appreciated their efforts as much as I did.

I will have several book reviews in coming days. I got to finish “My Year Inside Radical Islam” by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, and plan a review shortly. I am also overdue in posting a review of “L.A. Rex,” which I enjoyed. Also, I plowed through almost all of “Next” by Michael Crichton on the return flight. The new Lawrence Block will be on deck once I’m done with that.

I got to relax, do a little beach sunning (though not too much with the cold snap), play a round of golf for the first time in years, play several rounds of miniature golf with the family, go kayaking, see alligators, read, hang out with the kids, drink some wine and margaritas, go for long and beautiful walks, swim in the ocean with the kids, and enjoy the views off of our hotel balcony. The eating was excellent.

And I got to ride a tandem bike with my four-year-old, which is an interesting experience. He doesn’t ride bikes and doesn’t really have a sense of balance, so every so often there was a shudder as he overreacted to a slight lean on the bike. No big deal, and we got the hang of it very quickly. And the bike riding is beautiful.

If you were watching the Salty Dog web cam at about 10:30 or so Monday night (Eastern) you would have seen us. My brother-in-law took a screenshot.


(Mrs. P. says I look annoyed in it, but I wasn’t.)

Thanks again to the guest bloggers. I may ask WLS to hang around for the duration of the U.S. Attorney firing controversy, so don’t be surprised to see more by him. Also, the invitation to Jack Dunphy is a standing invitation, as I have said many times.

7 Responses to “I’m Back”

  1. Hilton Head is so beautiful. I love how they seem to save all the trees by building around them. Makes for interesting parking lots, but beautiful scenery. Spent a week there for New Year’s a few years ago, and what a pleasant change from the UK, where we were living at the time.

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  2. Hilton Head is a great place to visit. I went there with my family as I was growing up. Its been about 7 or 8 years now, but still a great place.

    G (722480)

  3. Hey, cute pic. You do look a little annoyed, but I have that problem with pics too, sometimes.

    David N. Scott (71e316)

  4. hmm… nice space heater… whats the thermometer say?

    G (722480)

  5. How come you didnt ask me to be a guest blogger,,,, My hopes have been dashed!!

    Charlie (55cd2b)

  6. What a nice picture and a nicer family.

    DRJ (50237c)

  7. Take your kid on a motorcycle ride, as that over correction can be replaced with greater weight and inertia in the turns, and teach him a significant amount of balance that no bicycle can.

    When he turns 7, buy him a mini-bike. A 1973 Honda Elsinore 50 is the ultimate kiddie bike. I wish I still had mine.

    At 10, a Yamaha YZ 50, and at 12 a YZ-80.

    By the time he turns 15, he will be a an MX competitor in the 125 cc class. Imagine the product endorsement deals.

    Petit Bourgeois (375601)

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