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Geffen: Clintons Are Fascists

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The New York Observer‘s Off the Record column has this piece about the Andres Martinez debacle. Takeaway quote, about a lunch Martinez had with potential L.A. Times purchaser David Geffen:

“[Mr. Geffen] spent half the lunch talking about how the Clintons were fascists,” said Mr. Martinez, of the August 2005 meeting. He had a few other gripes, according to Mr. Martinez: cuts to the sports section, coverage of his Malibu beach-house controversy, and an editorial critical of DreamWorks.

So there’s your L.A. Times under David Geffen. A big sports section; editorials praising the genius of DreamWorks; zero coverage of anything having to do with private beaches in Malibu — and an editorial slant that reflects the point of view that Bill and Hillary Clinton are “fascists.”

Good times!

(H/t E.B.)

4 Responses to “Geffen: Clintons Are Fascists”

  1. And if he keeps up with the interesting sidebars, readership might improve on curiosity alone.

    Ray G (50194a)

  2. If Geffin does end up getting the paper, my guess is the Times can take this story they published about the Santa Barbara News-Press a few weeks ago, and simply substitute the names of their own paper, editors and reporters.

    Despite any ideological sympathies the news staff and Geffin might have, there’s no way some of the egos in that place would be able to hold their tounge or tempers for very long if Geffin tried to turn the L.A. Times into his own vanity publication (and of course Hollywood moguls have never been known fire people who are synchopathic to their every whim).

    John (34537e)

  3. Interesting–a return to the “good old days” of the Los Angeles Times when it was a mouthpiece for the owner/publisher’s prejudices and passions du jour [say pre 1960 and pre Otis Chandler in the Time’s staff’s mythology of the way things were]-as opposed to the current “days of glory” [in Tim Rutten’s imagination] when the newsroom staff of self appointed paragons of virtue and political correctness tell the serfs who read their pap the way things are supposed to be.

    Frankly, a pox on both their houses. This particular labor/owner conflict will ultimately slide off into irrelevance. Why? Because the product that the Times puts out is scarcely worth reading no matter which way it tilts. And there are other ways to find out what is going on in the world.

    Mike Myers (4a5728)

  4. Well, the Clintons are fascists! 🙂

    Dana (3e4784)

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