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Kaus Mocks Rutten

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Mickey Kaus:

The LAT‘s Tim Rutten has defended against the charge that he’s “sanctimonious” by publishing a piece titled “These rules we live by.” Oh-kay!


I still want to see Rutten address how Rummygate affects his claim that David Hiller “had no trouble at all recognizing an ethical train wreck when he saw it coming.” Maybe it’s harder if you’re the guy driving the train?

In any event, it’s all moot now. The guest editor idea, you won’t be surprised to learn, is dead. (H/t Roderick.)

2 Responses to “Kaus Mocks Rutten”

  1. Don’t mistake a train wreck for backing into you own garage door.

    David Ehrenstein (2289f8)

  2. These guys live in a hall of mirrors all their own. I’m not certain just where I saw it (i.e. on which blog or newspiece) but a former member of the Fallen Angels Times editorial staff mentioned that when a really good editorial page is assembled, all of the ideas “sing” and “seem so obvious”. Well, if you’re preaching to a navel gazing choir assembled on the editorial floor of the Times, it’s “obvious”. If the Los Angeles Times staff were a horse (rather than a collection of the after parts of a herd of horses) a compassionate owner would put it out of its misery. And, with Sam Zell looking to acquire the Tribune Companies, then that just might happen. Adios to Tim Rutten and his sanctimonious compadres. Don’t let the screen door hit you in the backside on the way out.

    Mike Myers (4a5728)

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