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L.A. Weekly Investigates the Tennie Pierce Case — While the L.A. Times Snoozes and Loses

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Here’s the summary:

In a three-month investigation, the Weekly has learned that the crew present when Pierce ate dog food was not “nine white members,” as Pierce claimed in an emotional plea to a packed City Council chamber on November 28; that a taunting incident cited by Pierce as proof of harassment and retaliation was actually led by a black firefighter; that leaders of a respected black firefighters’ organization refuse to call what happened to Pierce race-based; and that Pierce called it “water under the bridge” — before hiring an attorney.

There’s much, much more. Read it all. It’s what the L.A. Times would never tell you in a million years about this travesty of a “case.”

It is absolutely pathetic that the paper many think of as the “respectable” newspaper in L.A. hasn’t bothered to undertake an investigation like this. The editors of the L.A. Times should be profoundly embarrassed by the way the L.A. Weekly has beaten the pants off of them.

But it wouldn’t be the first time.

3 Responses to “L.A. Weekly Investigates the Tennie Pierce Case — While the L.A. Times Snoozes and Loses”

  1. Embarassed?

    Since when is the party paper embarassed about pumping the party line?

    Smitty (0c5714)

  2. More from the SMELL A TIMES PEEUUUWW

    krazy kagu (64f044)

  3. what we need is more minority professionals and less professional minorities.

    assistant devil's advocate (c54e63)

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