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In Orwellian Twist, Orwellian Opinion Piece Cites Orwell

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On Sunday, the L.A. Times gave space to someone arguing that the L.A. Times is biased on the issue of Israel.

What’s that? You think you agree? Uh . . . I think you had better read it first.

You see, the writer feels that the paper is slavishly devoted to the Israeli point of view.

And the best part? In support of his argument, he cites Orwell.

Irony has never been so ironic.

6 Responses to “In Orwellian Twist, Orwellian Opinion Piece Cites Orwell”

  1. And who’s the author?

    That would be “SAREE MAKDISI, a professor of English and comparative literature at UCLA.”

    First, the unique insights on the situation provided by a literature professor?

    Second, I’m glad the country’s future leaders are in such good hands.

    jb (0b3562)

  2. Not only does he quote Orwell – he is a Professor of English at UCLA! One of Orwell’s main lessons is that totalitarian mouthpieces manipulate people by the misuse of language – exactly what the Professor does throughout his article. Imagine having to endure this idiot’s class.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  3. SInce I don’t read the LAT much,I can’t be a competent critic.But,I have the strong impression several years ago the paper claimed Palestinian bombers killed innocent people.What more proof of pro Israel bias do you people need?

    corwin (dfaf29)

  4. Yeah, i love that pro-Israel bias when the L.A. Times was issuing terrorist propaganda over July/August…

    G (722480)

  5. Makdisi is well-known for being an apologist for Palestinian terror and corruption — actually, not so much an apologist as one who consistently tries to shift the blame to Israel. He is a typical hack who suckered some institution into granting him a PhD (probably on someone else’s dime) and won the academic lottery by getting himself a nice tenured position at UCLA, probably by playing the politically correct victimology card. It’s bad enough that our tax dollars help to pay his salary, but I have no idea why any newspaper would give him column inches unless they were generally cowed by anyone who holds a faculty appointment.

    JVW (bcc29b)

  6. Yep, he has a collection of works over at too. Quite a collection, seems like Israel is the Focus of Evil in the Modern World. At least he doesn’t froth and foam like many in the Anti-Israel camp.

    Georg Felis (53e82c)

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