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And for Her Next Post: Stunning and Irrefutable Proof That Water Is Wet

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Cassandra shows that Glenn Greenwald is a shameless hypocrite, here.

Cassandra’s post also highlights something slightly less obvious, and very insightful: the deep connection between Greenwald and Ann Coulter.

9 Responses to “And for Her Next Post: Stunning and Irrefutable Proof That Water Is Wet”

  1. why do bloggers spend so much time attacking one another? after awhile, it sounds like monkeys chittering, and it lends to the man on the street an impression of this medium that it isn’t quite as mature as traditional print or tv yet.
    i am aware of the various personal failings of the various internet personae operated by mr. greenwald, thank you. i believe it’s possible to attack somebody so many times that the attacker ends up inadvertently building up and contributing to the stature of the target, while in turn being seen as cartoonishly obsessed. what i use instead with my adversaries is olympian, aloof disdain, showing the world that they are relatively inconsequential compared to me. do you really think you can nail that wascally wabbit once and for all, or is he just gonna keep popping up like a cork in the bilge to talk shit?

    assistant devil's advocate (b68566)

  2. what i use instead with my adversaries is olympian, aloof disdain, showing the world that they are relatively inconsequential compared to me.

    How quaint.

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  3. assistant devil’s advocate, your Olympian disdain is duly noted. It is particularly effective as a weapon against … and … and …; not to mention …

    moneyrunner (d5b4e1)

  4. But first, before they can become a couple, Ann has to get that annoying phantom boyfriend out of the way.

    otcconan (f477ca)

  5. Frankly, I don’t see the connection. Ann Coulter is brassy and upfront with rhetoric that needs no dissection — it screams “I’m full of ____”. Disingenuous Disgrace, on the other hand, is always trying to ____ on your back and tell you it’s raining. He has even tried to pass himself off as a Libertarian and not a flaming lefty.

    BTW: As far the John Edwards remark at CPAC is concerned, I suppose Ms. Coulter could have been a little more restrained (at the risk of incurring apoplexy) but I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Calling a gay guy “faggot” is hateful. Implying the term to someone whose own wife calls him “The Breck Girl” is … well … just extending it to disingenuous disgraces?

    nk (db0112)

  6. OT, you should read Tim Ruttan’s whine about how Frontline didn’t cover the Times’ problem fairly on it’s recent News Wars show:,1,2248108.column?coll=la-news-columns

    Of course the irony is that what he’s complaining about is Frontline editing it’s show to it’s POV and not too his own. Sounds like a certin newspaper I can think of.

    Judge Crater (96685e)

  7. NK, using the word “faggot” or “spic” or “chink” is absolutely unacceptable.

    They are aggressively hateful words that should evoke images of violent gay or race bashers in the minds of normal people who are awake enough to know what those words truly means. It’s not like calling someone “girly-man”. It’s not like talking about New Orleans being “chocolate” again. Some terms are beyond the pale in society because we are supposed to follow a few rules in life. Ann Coulter did a lot of harm to conservatives by using this extreme language.

    And I truly and deeply dislike John Edwards and see him as a very weak and unserious person. Too bad Edwards is now raising money by simply linking to Coulter’s speech.

    Ann Coulter doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of my country. She obviously knows that electing a Republican will help in the War on Terror, but to sell a few books and get a few more CNN gigs, she’ll taint the GOP in a heartbeat. To Ann, it’s all about what’s good for Ann. Every republican should just admit that she’s selling us out and seriously hurting our cause. People who particularly had an issue with gay marriage (not me personally) should realize their effort is associated now with deep personal hatred at the most professional of Conservative dialogs.

    Dustin (ea244e)

  8. The thing about her remark is that it was such a weird non-sequitur. It’s one of those comments that seemingly comes out of nowhere and leaves you scratching your head and thinking, “Huh??”

    Or better yet, “WTF??”

    CraigC (368ec2)

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