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Watch your back Patterico – I’m gunning for your job!

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

Last month, I suggested that prosecutors may have overreached in trying to charge diaper-wearing astronaut Lisa Nowak with attempted murder (in addition to attempted kidnapping).

I was right. Though Patterico seemed to agree with me at the time. So on second thought, I’ll just stick with radio since the L.A. prosecutor’s office is in good rational hands.  

4 Responses to “Watch your back Patterico – I’m gunning for your job!”

  1. hot horny space vixens come and take me!

    assistant devil's advocate (f698aa)

  2. While the prosecutors have all the current evidence so I won’t second guess their view or yours, if anyone drives across country and attempts to subdue me in a secluded area with pepper spray and a blunt object while carrying gloves, a knife, rubber restraints, and garbage bags, I would kind of hope the initial charge would include attempted murder.

    Maybe the knife and garbage bags were meant to ensure my detention room included a delightful selection of sliced cheeses and fruit, with the rinds tidily gathered and bagged for disposal, but I don’t blame the cops for suspecting ultimate dismemberment was intended.

    aplomb (b1076c)

  3. I think she could be charged under the UCMJ for attempted murder. Does anyone know if double jeopardy applies to courts martial vs. civilian trials?

    JFH (a04690)

  4. JFH, there is no such thing as double jeopardy in the Military. If the Brass don’t think she has been punished enough by the civilain courts, they will court-martial her after her civilian sentence is over. I saw it happpen many times in the navy, usually over DUI cases. The sailor would get a reduced punishment or an aquittal and the command would Article 15 them and bust them down.


    Pol Mordreth (e154a8)

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