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Down Time Today

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As many of you probably noticed, my site was down today for almost 2 1/2 hours. Here’s what that looks like graphically:


Goldstein Deflates the Bag of Hot Air That Is (Among Others) Glenn Greenwald

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In recent days, Jeff Goldstein has employed several wonderful turns of phrase to poke fun at the vainglorious, self-righteous entity known as Glenn Greenwald (aka Ellison, Rick Ellensburg, Thomas Ellers, and many more). I thought I’d isolate a few of them for you in this post.

First we have this:

This guy is so full of himself it’s a wonder he hasn’t knocked himself up—or at least drowned himself in a flood of him.

and, from the same post, this:

Still, give the guy some credit: his self-righteousness these days is so freakin’ pure you need to cut it with corn starch just to keep it from killing you during that first warm hit.

Here’s my favorite. It’s a little less one-linerish. But it’s incredibly well-written, and deflates this pompous ass like nothing else:

Anyway, as I’ve pointed out before, this sanctimonious, bombastic blowhard has followed Sullivan’s blueprint for success—the “conservative,” turned reluctantly by a rogue President, who is then embraced as a “brave” dissenting voice by the left, which respects his maverick individualism—and he’s making his nut with it.

But the whole thing is a sham. This guy has been a manufactured cutout from the very beginning (not just anybody made Kos’ Townhouse list for orchestrating talking point campaigns)—and that he is able to land book deals and plum gigs at Salon after having been caught sockpuppeting all over the place just goes to show that, as with Marcotte, the anti-war crowd is only concerned with whether or not you are on message. They couldn’t care less whether you are honest, or whether your emotion-packed screeds are embarrassingly shallow and rhetorically transparent. They’ll pretend otherwise, for the good of the cause.

Indeed. This is well illustrated by the fawning comments at the bottom of his latest diatribe, the hypocrisy of which I illustrate in the post immediately below.

Nice stuff, Jeff.

UPDATE: I would be remiss if I did not note Allah’s description of Greenwald:

Hypocrisy, egomania, apparent deceit, and stupendous sanctimony, all served cold in turgid, humorless prose . . .

That about sums it up, all right.

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