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Ignoring the Oscars

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Last night I ignored the Oscars along with my neighbor, Patterico reader Jeff C. We did this last year and had a good time, so we figured we’d make a tradition out of it.

I haven’t seen the Scorsese movie, but I’m a fan of his and I’m happy to see he won Best Director. But I’m annoyed that United 93 got nothing. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen in ages.

38 Responses to “Ignoring the Oscars”

  1. I’ve never watched the Oscars. That folks want to watch rich movie industry people give each other awards puzzles me.

    I’m surprised The Departed won best picture. I watched it and thought it was way over the top, TOO much violence, TOO much profanity, etc. At one point near the end about 4 or 5 of the major characters are all shot in the head in a space of about 1 minutes across various scenes, leaving you sort of wondering who’s left alive.


    It wasn’t a bad movie and it certainly wasn’t boring, I’m just surprised it won. It just wasn’t that good a movie when stacked up against previous winners like LOTR, or Crash, etc.

    Then again, maybe it was just a weak year for movies.

    Dwilkers (4f4ebf)

  2. Of course you know why United 93 won nothing, right. It “glorifies” the BushHitler regime by giving it legitimacy, thereby supporting the evil, illegal (approved by Congress) war and casting aspersions on the innocent, peace-loving Islamic cultural group, al Quaeda…..

    Same reasoning was used to award an “academy award” to that piece of scientific tripe called “An Inconvenient Truth.” Hollywood — don’t ya just love it!!!

    Bill M (afe2c3)

  3. “At one point near the end about 4 or 5 of the major characters are all shot in the head in a space of about 1 minutes across various scenes, leaving you sort of wondering who’s left alive.”


    Thanks for ruining it.

    Just kidding. I’m only mad because I was going to say the same thing, followed by “What an awesome ending”.

    Leviticus (ed6d31)

  4. ….d’oh…. 🙂

    Dwilkers (4f4ebf)

  5. Ha. I actually watched and enjoyed most of the oscars. I like Ellen a lot and there were some good Al Gore jokes. I tuned out towards the end. It was probably the most interesting academy awards to watch….

    G (722480)

  6. Here’s what you missed, Patterico: Hollywood lefties laughing at Bush jokes, cheering Algore, and congratulating themselves for being such great humanitarians. In other words, SOS.

    CraigC (aa6a7c)

  7. My daughters didn’t watch the Oscars, but they did make a point to watch the red carpet show — and they’ll watch the red carpet Fashion Police shows coming up.

    Dana (3e4784)

  8. I avoided it too. I finished a very good first book, “Scar Night” by Alan Campbell, with my friend Samuel Adams. Much better science fiction than “An Inconvenient Truth”.

    nk (4e36bc)

  9. Patterico, sorry to change the topic, but did you see the SF Chronicle story on blogging prosecutors? (h/t) Romenesko.

    Bradley J. Fikes (a11a66)

  10. The Departed didn’t deserve the Director or Best Pic. It was just OK … but this was a crappy movie year … well except for a few.

    The oscars is just high school with alot of money.

    [I can’t say what was the best movie because I didn’t see the others. But United 93 was one of the best films I’d seen in years. — P]

    MOG (c949f7)

  11. The Oscar’s were last night? Darn I missed them and I was planning on having popcorn and throwing it at the TV whenever a liberal made an acceptance/thank you speech.

    Although quite honestly I find the Oscar’s boring and bloated. I haven’t watched in years.

    Mark (828090)

  12. I watched, because I was with family. Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t bother.

    The main thing for me is when a group of people win an Oscar (for sound mixing, or something), and the first guy to talk uses up the alotted time in its entirety. I HATE that.

    Leviticus (35fbde)

  13. Sometimes when a group of guys win, they have already planned who will speak. The other guys usually will chime in with a thank you to _____ and ____… though…

    I have seen it the other way around though, when the other person doesn’t get to say anything. (usually in groups of two)

    G (722480)

  14. Had dinner with my family last night. Drove my niece to the airport. What Oscars?

    tyree (b2fade)

  15. I watched and caught myself thinking, “Damn, Helen Mirren looks hot.” She’s 61. I am officially middle aged.

    Is it just me, or is there a shortage of 20-something starlets to ogle in this day and age? Everyone seems to be in their 30s or older now (Salma Hayek, Nicole Kidman, Kelly Preston, Reese Witherspoon).

    JVW (255a81)

  16. There isn’t a shortage of 20 year olds… they just aren’t as big as the others. (yet)… Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman, Bhiel, Britany Murphy….

    G (722480)

  17. I am always back-and-forth on Kirsten Dunst. Sometimes she reminds me of all those girls I had crushes on back in high school, and sometimes she strikes me as overly skeletal. I do like her as an actress though.

    Natalie Portman has done pretty well for herself, but Jessica Biel seems to still be in need of a break-out role. I sense that Brittany Murphy is on the downside of her career. Besides, she is almost 30 now.

    I did forget about Jessica Alba, truly one of the most beautiful women in the world. I wonder if she will ever show that she can carry a movie.

    JVW (255a81)

  18. I was unsurprised that ‘the Departed’ won best picture — I didn’t like it, but apparently many people did.

    I was horrified that it won best adapted screenplay, though, as almost all of my problems with it were related to the screenplay.

    Jared and I watched with his family, as we do (it’s a tradition!). Ellen deGeneres was surprisingly boring. The wierd performance art dance troupe stuff was incredible, though.

    aphrael (12fba5)

  19. I actually just saw The Departed a few days ago and liked it. Whether it was the best picture or not, I don’t know. I don’t watch enough movies.

    I don’t know much of anyone who actually watches a show where a bunch of people tell each other how cool they are. And then, of course, tell all the “common people” how they should act.

    Andy (ce9665)

  20. I went to see Amazing Grace instead of watching the Oscars.

    It was—well, amazing!

    Jerri Lynn Ward (d7ff57)

  21. I saw a picture of Britney Spears sitting in the front row while surfing Drudge. It’s amazing how she has let herself go to pot. She looked just like Jack Nicholson.

    nk (4e36bc)

  22. NK: was she wearing a wig? 🙂

    Dana (556f76)

  23. Of course, the Oscars will never be legitimate, since they denied the Best Picture award to the greatest movie of all time: Smokey and the Bandit.

    Dana (556f76)

  24. Then followed it up by overlooking The Cannonball Run.

    JVW (255a81)

  25. Dana, #22: Nope. Totally shaved. Click on the link. Her picture is just below the guy’s with the bullfrog neck. He looks familiar too.

    nk (4e36bc)

  26. I never watch it – I worked it a few times at the Shrine as LAPD during the 1990s… I was also a guest to the Awards and Gov Ball afterward in 98 or 97… not sure. Very boring self-involved narcissism. A friend is still a voting member of the Academy – he told me months ago that the fix was in for the Gore Docufakery. Did you read that his monthly home electric bill is MORE THAN TWICE the national average for the ANNUAL bill?

    What a dope!

    Clark Baker (337440)

  27. Reviewing the list nominated for “best” documentary, I notice that the attitude of the Hollywierd was front and center. Along with Allegore’s “Inconvenient Truth” was such political statements as:

    “Jesus Camp” a movie about the indoctrination of young Christians

    “Deliver Us From Evil” which was about (what else?) a pedophile priest

    “My Country, My Country” focusing on an Iraqi doctor who is against the war in Iraq

    Of course, a great film about radical Islam, “Obsession” was MIA as was “Young Americans” a film made by Pat Dollard who was a Hollywood agent with a five figure income that gave it up to become a photo journalist imbedded with the U.S.military in Iraq.

    Seems like the stars over Hollywood are all Red.

    retire05 (b7fd38)

  28. NK,

    Does this mean Britney and Jack Nicholson could audition for the same roles? Perhaps a Yul Brynner or Telly Savalas retrospective …

    DRJ (605076)

  29. “It’s amazing how she has let herself go to pot”


    Yeah, what was that uppity wench thinking? That’s a MAN’S haircut! Next thing you know, she’ll be wearing slacks instead of dresses, and showing her bare arms on the public beaches…

    I hate Britney Spears’ pre-packaged, dime-a-dozen pop nonsense, but you’ve gotta admit (now) that the girl’s got guts.

    Leviticus (43095b)

  30. “Of course, a great film about radical Islam, “Obsession” was MIA as was “Young Americans”…Seems like the stars over Hollywood are all Red.”


    Hmmm… Why haven’t I heard about these so-called “great films”? Maybe because… well, infer what you will.

    As for the infiltration of Hollywood by the Red Menace, McCarthyism ended a long, long time ago.
    No loyalty oaths for you!

    Leviticus (43095b)

  31. Leviticus, # 28,

    Do you mind clicking on the link in my comment #25. 😉

    nk (4e36bc)

  32. I did, but I can’t find the picture you’re referring to. Direct me, nk…

    Leviticus (43095b)

  33. It was a joke, Leviticus. It really is Jack Nicholson.

    nk (4e36bc)

  34. Oops.

    My bad. I thought JACK was the guy with the bullfrog neck, and I was looking for a link.

    See what happens when you resort to subjective adjectives!?

    Leviticus (43095b)

  35. “See what happens when you resort to subjective adjectives!?” obvious descriptions.

    G (722480)

  36. The Third Book of Moses wrote:

    I hate Britney Spears’ pre-packaged, dime-a-dozen pop nonsense, but you’ve gotta admit (now) that the girl’s got guts.

    No, Levi, the correct version would be: I hate Britney Spears’ pre-packaged, dime-a-dozen pop nonsense, but you’ve gotta admit (now) that the girl’s gone nuts.

    Dana (556f76)

  37. AL GORE who got the BEST DOCUMENTRY OSCAR for his junk science ego-trip A INCONVENT TRUTH did,nt arive on foot nore did he arive by HYBRID he probibly came in a 4 mpg limo and one of the only big money makers they gave it to was HAPPY FEET

    krazy kagu (05214f)

  38. These damn awards shows are not worth watching anymore you know the movie that gets BEST PICTURE is always the most liberal far left-wing peice of left-wing propeganda

    krazy kagu (c6ad08)

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