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DRJ Pores Through the Border Patrol Trial Transcripts — Volumes II – VI

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Last night I told you that the trial transcripts from that Ramos and Compean border patrol shooting case are available here.

I also read through the very short Volume I and gave you the interesting nuggets here, including the fact that shooting victim Aldrete had his urethra severed by the bullet.

Then I asked my loyal, longtime commenter DRJ to take over the task of reading through the transcripts and summarizing them.

DRJ is a perfect choice for this: patient, thorough, even-handed, and smart.

I have offered DRJ a blogging account for this purpose, but so far the analysis has come in comments. Because I want them to have the status of posts, I am publishing them here. What follows is DRJ’s analysis, from comments you can read here and here. Interspersed you will find commentary from me. Also, I am adding hyperlinks to the particular volumes of the transcripts, so you can follow along if you like.

I now turn it over to DRJ:


Three from Bill from INDC

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Bill from INDC has been on fire with excellent dispatches about Iraq, and I have been delinquent in linking the posts. Don’t miss:


All are excellent.

Border Patrol Transcripts — Volume I

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I will try to post summaries of the Border Patrol Transcripts when I can. Ideally I’ll get DRJ to take it over.

VOLUME I is pretrial stuff: boring issues about scheduling the trial. There is an interesting tidbit on page 7, though. According to the prosecutor, addressing the judge, the drug smuggler/shooting victim Aldrete’s surgeons “have tried, but not been able, to reattach his urethra. He uses a catheter in his — outside of his body, going from his bladder into a bag, to urinate.”

I had been under the impression that he had simply been shot in the fleshy part of his bottom and suffered no real injury. That is apparently not true.

That’s why transcripts are nice.

P.S. Kanof keeps calling Aldrete “the defendant.” On page 10, she says: “The defendant, and I meant to say the victim.”


P.P.S. DRJ, do you want to take this over?

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