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Marcotte Resigns

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Amanda Marcotte has resigned from the Edwards campaign (h/t Jeff G.):

I was hired by the Edwards campaign for the skills and talents I bring to the table, and my willingness to work hard for what’s right. Unfortunately, Bill Donohue and his calvacade of right wing shills don’t respect that a mere woman like me could be hired for my skills, and pretended that John Edwards had to be held accountable for some of my personal, non-mainstream views on religious influence on politics (I’m anti-theocracy, for those who were keeping track). Bill Donohue—anti-Semite, right wing lackey whose entire job is to create non-controversies in order to derail liberal politics—has been running a scorched earth campaign to get me fired for my personal beliefs and my writings on this blog.

In fact, he’s made no bones about the fact that his intent is to “silence” me, as if he—a perfect stranger—should have a right to curtail my freedom of speech. Why? Because I’m a woman? Because I’m pro-choice? Because I’m not religious? All of the above, it seems.

Regardless, it was creating a situation where I felt that every time I coughed, I was risking the Edwards campaign. No matter what you think about the campaign, I signed on to be a supporter and a tireless employee for them, and if I can’t do the job I was hired to do because Bill Donohue doesn’t have anything better to do with his time than harass me, then I won’t do it. I resigned my position today and they accepted.

I am genuinely, sincerely saddened. I have said on many occasions that I didn’t want Marcotte to lose her job. I explained part of the reason I felt that way in this post:

I agree with Allah:

I don’t like to see anyone fired, no matter how much they deserve it . . .

I share this attitude in general. The feeling, which Allah and I share, is that blogging has gotten too dangerous. This is one reason that I have said repeatedly that I hope Edwards keeps Marcotte. And if he has fired her, I hope he does rehire her.

But in that same post, I admitted a much more cynical reason to want to see Edwards keep her:

The other reason I hope Edwards uses Marcotte is that she is an obvious liability to Edwards. Since I don’t like Edwards, why in the world would I want him to lose a liability?

I said much the same thing here, here, here, and here.

So yes, while some on the left have falsely claimed that I was against her being Edwards’s blogger, I was actually very much in favor of it, as the record shows. Crazy lefties liked her in that position because of her inflammatory rhetoric; more rational lefties liked her in that position despite it. I agreed with the crazy lefties . . . just for a different reason.

But — assuming that Edwards had something to do with this — I can’t say I’m surprised. I do think the hire calls into question Edwards’s judgment, and I think he realized that. While the lefties tended to defend her personal blogging as separate from her campaign blogging, the fact is that they were intimately related. Marcotte was hired to be a campaign blogger on the strength of her blog writings — and then Edwards turned out to be appalled (or so he claims) by her blog writings. It was enough to make you wonder: what’s going to happen if this guy is President and gets a Supreme Court nomination?

I nominated Judge Reinhardt to the Supreme Court on the strength of his judicial opinions. It has now come to my attention that some of his opinions are certifiably insane. I am appalled by these opinions and would never rule that way myself. But hey, everybody deserves a fair shake, and I stand by my nomination.

Anyway, Allah warned us five days ago:

If you think you’ve seen the worst of Marcotte, wait ’til the axe finally falls and she gets to respond to the uproar at Pandagon, using her idiom of choice instead of the diplospeak the campaign’s momentarily forced on her.

And Marcotte makes Allah into a prophet when she says:

There is good news. The main good news is that I don’t have a conflict of interest issue anymore that was preventing me from defending myself against these baseless accusations. So it’s on. . . the real story is that we liberals are not taking this crap any longer and we’re pushing back. And now that I’m attached to only myself again, I’m ready and eager to join in the pushing back with you. Like Lorraine say, Jesus did not say to shut your piehole.

I have a feeling she’s going to tell us what Jesus did say. And it’s going to involve the f-word.

UPDATE: Jeff G. has more.

UPDATE x2: Yes, I’ve said the f-word myself. Many, many times. And plenty of other profane words to boot. I’m not a Puritan and don’t pretend to be.

And if a presidential candidate ever hired me (ha!), and he was seeking the vote of the crucial long-haired-stoner-resembling-Shaggy’s-unkempt-cousin constituency, or the dishonest-self-righteous-innuendo-spreading-sock-puppet-lefty-lawyer constituency . . . well, I’d sit him down before he hired me, and warn him about a few things.

Marcotte alienated constituencies a little wider than this. Just to take one example, she bagged on every anti-abortion Christian in the country, branding them all as misogynists. If Edwards didn’t know about this, she should have been savvy enough to tell him. It’s not all about the f-word, it’s about how it’s employed.

UPDATE x3: Via Darleen comes a link to the post that probably did her in, with this quote:

The Christian version of the virgin birth is generally interpreted as super-patriarchal, where god is viewed as so powerful he can impregnate without befouling himself by touching a woman, and women are nothing but vessels.

That was posted yesterday.

After all the squawking about her previous insulting comments about Christians generally, and the virgin birth in particular, it would come as no particular surprise if Edwards saw this and pulled the plug. As commenters note, it’s possible that she didn’t even realize she was being insulting.

UPDATE x4: Gloating over her losing her job (if that’s what happened) is crass. I’m seeing a lot of sites doing that. It’s unseemly. Please stop it.

UPDATE x5: Pandagon already has a link to a Form 3949 A, calling for Donohue’s organization to lose its tax-exempt status. It looks like a compelling document that will spark immediate action at the IRS — coming as it does from “Auguste” (no last name) with an address of “123 Main St” in “Everytown, USA.”

Yeah, John Edwards is devastated to lose his link to this crowd . . .

UPDATE x6: Howard Kurtz has this piece about the resignation in tomorrow’s Washington Post. It will appear on Page A04.

UPDATE x7: A comment from Marcotte on her “Announcement” post:

BTW, I’m still in Austin! I’m packed and ready to go and got my truck repaired to drive to NC, but I’m not leaving, it appears.

Does that sound like someone who quit voluntarily?

It’s not impossible, I guess.

100 Responses to “Marcotte Resigns”

  1. As much as I was hoping for 2 more years of comedy, I’m just glad that there’s absolutely no point in reading her again.

    Pablo (08e1e8)

  2. In tribute to Edwards’ principled stand, I say we refer to her forever after as “former Edwards staffer Amanda Marcotte…”

    richard mcenroe (85de60)

  3. Patterico

    Amanda just yesterday couldn’t help herself and dropped a bit of anti-Christian bigotry into a movie review

    The Christian version of the virgin birth is generally interpreted as super-patriarchal, where god is viewed as so powerful he can impregnate without befouling himself by touching a woman, and women are nothing but vessels.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else noticed that.

    [Link? — P]

    Darleen (543cb7)

  4. Nope, it’s Amanda Martyrcotte from hereon in, I’m afraid.

    Dan Collins (208fbe)

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  6. Darn…sarge beat me to it.

    The funny thing about the Dextrosphere vs. Sinestrophere…I don’t see any of the Repub candidates hiring one of the well known bloggers. What would be the point?

    Most of the right reads these people regularly anyway, they would be much more effective as grassroot coordinators. If it was up to me, I would hire them for piecemeal, local work, not as a national strategist.

    MunDane (70b7d0)

  7. The post above by Darleen (#3) has the quote that I suspect got her the heave-ho.

    Edwards had a meeting with them and told them to cool it. They agreed they’d do that. The problem is Marcotte doesn’t even understand her bigotry, she’s never self analyzed to see why she thinks the way she does, or considered how she might be wrong.

    So it is inevitable that she would do this. She thought if she Ix-Nayed the uck-fay, unt-kay, etcetera she’d be fine. What she doesn’t get is being an ignorant bigot isn’t going to be acceptable on a presidential campaign no matter how it is couched.

    Dwilkers (4f4ebf)

  8. I’m disappointed to hear this because I think Ms. Marcotte has a lot to offer the Edwards’ campaign. I guess this also means she will soon return to Texas. I guess it’s true what they say: Bad news comes in pairs.

    DRJ (605076)

  9. …what’s going to happen if [Edwards] is President and gets a Supreme Court nomination?

    Why, he would simply submit Harriet Miers.

    Psyberian (de47c4)

  10. I hope thats not the only news that doofus gets

    krazy kagu (5006b4)

  11. Edwards had a meeting with them and told them to cool it. They agreed they’d do that. The problem is Marcotte doesn’t even understand her bigotry. . .

    Nice call, Dwilkers — I bet you are exactly right. Marcotte was probably told that she was on “probation” and this latest salvo was her undoing.

    I wonder if Edwards gave her a nice severance package, so that she doesn’t spend all her Pandagon time dumping all over him. If so, she probably comes out of this pretty well off: a few bucks in her pocket and real street cred among the rabid left of the blogosphere.

    JVW (5be464)

  12. What’s more likely, I think, is that the “rehire — second chance” thing was an sop to the rabid leftocrats, with the other shoe being that Amanda would then resign for the good of the campaign. Gets Edwards off the hook with the kooks and gets her out of his hair, killing two birds with one stone.

    Bill M (afe2c3)

  13. Patterico

    I don’t know why but when I tried last time AND THIS TIME, your comment thingy fussed at me when I tried to do it as an embedded link.

    Darleen (543cb7)

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  15. Personally, I don’t see why anyone would take a “kept” blogger seriously at all. The beauty of the blogosphere is that it’s ‘arms-length’ from the phenomena that it analyzes. Campaigns would do much better if they picked a number of respectable blogs that have deep readership in base and broad constituencies and use them to feel the pulse of the highly-motivated electorate. Hiring a blogger just turns him or her into another paid mouthpiece.

    Jeffersonian (0d5ff9)

  16. Patterico:

    Remember this Marcotte classic?

    Amanda Marcotte
    Sep 4th, 2005 at 2:53 am

    I’m not an idiot. I’m a twat. Get it straight.

    I’m a hot, moist, inviting twat. Warm, wet, inviting. But not to you or your friends. Even if I were single, these nubile thighs do not wrap around the hips of Republicans. You can fuck yourselves or the dry twats of the self-hating misogynists who will allow you tiny penis to penetrate them. Have fun! Um, the wounds you get from rubbing you un-lubricated dick repeatedly into your heartless, soulless woman–iodine is your best friend, my be-scarred friend.

    Robert O'Brien (a9f406)

  17. Yup.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  18. I, like others here, aren’t buying the “resigned” part of this Kabuki effort. Edwards made a poorly-informed decision, wasn’t Alpha enough to drop Marcotte when he realized the extent of her offensiveness and made a deal with her to have her “resign” over some pretext – this Donahue guy’s reprobation being it, I suppose.

    He doesn’t deserve to be President for any number of reasons; the most recent is this “My Pet Blogger” debacle.

    Bonus points for lefty trolls on this thread if they can work in a reference to the Iraq war, and/or Bush’s “Lies”. Triple bonus points if they can blame a) Zionism b) Neoconservatives or c) Israel.

    Posts using my post as a jumping off point will be disqualified; i.e: “Well now that you mention it, Abraxas, Edward’s conduct is not nearly as heinuos as Chimpy McHitler’s hoodwinking of the entire Democratice party (sans Lieberman (may he forever burn in whatever passes for hell for us progressive secularists)) in the lead up to the most destructive American international effort in the world since … well … like, ever!!

    Quadruple bonus points for quoting* either Chomsky or Alan Sokal.

    *Quotes must be in context.

    Abraxas (db3144)

  19. Her language is lewd, crude, rude, and socially unacceptable. She is the equivalent of the soot pile calling the kettle black. It really doesn’t matter what the topic is. She is an equal opportunity dispenser of vitrol. She could make the Communists look soft when it comes to persecuting people who believe in religion. Her reliance on expletives as all purpose adjectives, adverbs,and verbs speaks volumes about how her thinking never goes beyond a superficial, sophmorically emotional knee-jerk. She is obviously a hurting puppy who has no qualms about hurting others to find some company in her misery. How Edwards could think that someone like her would be a good representative for him or his campaign is beyond me. It demonstrates an extraordinary lack of judgement as well as his singular unsuitability for the office of the President.

    Therese (9cd016)

  20. What is it about people whose free speech has been crushed won’t shut the fuck up?

    Nopundit (ce0684)

  21. Robert

    while Amanda hates the male conspirators of The Patriarchy, she absolutely loathes women who disagree with her …

    we are apostates, “self-hating misogynists”, inauthentic women.

    Goodness, what a way to go through life! Pickled pussed that people who find her views laughable might be enjoying life.

    Darleen (543cb7)

  22. Robert,

    I mean, since that was directed at me, personally, it would be hard to forget.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  23. Wait – not too long ago, didn’t Dick Cheney tell someone: “Go fuck yourself” right there on the House floor? “Let he who is without sin…”

    Psyberian (de47c4)

  24. The new statement containing “we liberals are not taking this crap…” is remarkably clean, “crap” being the only four-letter word used, and no coital imagery at all. She must be itching for a job with Obama.

    Wait till O’Reilly reads the whole dang blog on air! This is the beginning of the end of Silky Pony, as Allah calls him. Oh, well, he has a house the size of a shopping mall to roam around in.

    Patricia (824fa1)

  25. Psy,

    Yes. It happened in ’04.

    And America Re-elected Cheney.

    The difference is, that Cheney insulted a person to his face. Marcotte insults entire swaths of humanity, based on what she thinks they believe, act like, look like or behave like.

    I think they call that bigotry.

    No points for you.

    Abraxas (db3144)

  26. Dang!

    She was fun to laugh at.

    papertiger (92af82)

  27. Yeah Darleen, I bet you’re just the perfect Stepford wife aren’t you?

    Abraxis, a potty-mouth’s a potty-mouth. Simple tautology there.

    Psyberian (de47c4)

  28. Pandagon site is down (voluntarily? wonder if the super-patriarchial line will be disappeared)

    Darleen (543cb7)

  29. Potty mouth …

    If you’re only talking about crude language, yes.

    But the issue with Marcotte was her naked bigotry. The profanity with which she exercised it was only a sideshow.

    Abraxas (db3144)

  30. Whoops… back up

    with a HUGE graphic of IRS form 3949 already filled in to report Donahue for violating his non-profit status.

    Oh my

    Darleen (543cb7)

  31. […] It looks like Amanda “Wouldn’t it be Fuckerly” Marcotte finally got done negotiating the size of the parachute with the Breck Girl, because now she has “resigned” with much huffery and puffery (though, sadly, without her G-d given talent for including the word “fuck” above and beyond to the point where even His Imperial Nastiness looks like Emily Post). […]

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  32. I heard that donohoe thinks condoms dont save lives. What a nutcase.

    jamma (f3c950)

  33. I actually feel sorry for her… not so much for her being fired, I mean, having to resign, but for whatever happened to her earlier in her life that led to her being the terrible nasty person that she is today… I guess the village wasn’t paying attention while she was growing up.

    steve sturm (d3e296)

  34. Another blow against satire!

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  35. Amanda Marcotte Has Resigned from the Edwards Campaign…

    But not because she wrote anything hateful that could potentially reflect poorly on Edwards. No, she resigned because of Bill Donohue’s witch hunt and “scorched earth campaign” to get her fired for her personal beliefs and writings and because she’…

    The Political Pit Bull (22ab1b)

  36. I agree. Shame on her for being such an extremist.

    But here’s a much more important story:
    Iraqi lawmaker is U.S. Embassy bomber

    (h/t MacSwain)

    Psyberian (de47c4)

  37. The quote Robert O’Brien produced offends me, but only because it’s so poorly written. “Iodine is your best friend, my be-scarred friend”? Ugh.

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  38. “Marcotte insults entire swaths of humanity, based on what she thinks they believe, act like, look like or behave like.”

    Indeed. I am an atheist, and I was appalled and disgusted by Marcotte’s vile slander of all Christians.

    I live in North Carolina, which means that John Edwards is one of my senators. It also means that most of my friends and neighbors are Christians. I like these people. I do not like foulmouthed, hate-spewing bigots who insult them. I could never vote for a candidate who chose to employ such a person to speak for him.

    Pat (855d36)

  39. Ok Pat… I wasn’t “gloating”, not really.

    But she’s either absolutely clueless or she’s a sociopath.

    She thinks she had nothing but NOTHING to do with her own troubles.

    I divorced an alcoholic husband for a similar attitude.

    Darleen (543cb7)

  40. Was that a tongue in cheek position on feeling bad when anyone is fired, even if they are incompetent and incapable of doing the job they were hired to do? If not, the person issuing that comment is a huge supporter of guaranteed jobs, guaranteed salaries or wages, and guaranteed inefficiencies to just suggest a few results of such warm-hearted, buy misplaced pity. The next logical question is would this pity apply equally if either that incompetent person works for you personally, or if that person is harming or directly sabotaging your company’s profits, reputation, or for all you lawyers, setting you up for some nasty legal action. You know, that profit thing that keeps capitalism a workable system.

    Since most of you seem to be well entrenched and successful capitalists, I’ll assume the above sentiments toward those poor fired incompetents were indeed just lighthearted versions of crocodile tears. If not, then can I see your union card?

    allan (a98fa3)

  41. Darleen,

    I didn’t mean you. There were a couple of posts I caught on Memeorandum that were positively full of gloating. That’s why I said I’d seen sites doing it.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  42. What’s this about her turning Donahue in to the IRS?

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  43. What’s this about her turning Donahue in to the IRS?

    It’s not her. See the UPDATE x5. It’s “Auguste” speaking from his address at “123 Main St” in “Everytown USA.”

    The maturity level is quite high over there . . .

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  44. She has departed from leftist ideology on an important point. Mr.Donohue is the most influential rightwinger among the Political class–not Cheney, not Rove, not Dobson or Falwell. You don’t suppose Mel Martinez, in his new role of Republican chair, is knocking on Donahue’s door right now?

    kishnevi (da26af)

  45. I agree with Patterico. I think it is sad that she was fired and that it is unseemly to gloat.

    For all we know, the job might have been a maturing experience for her. I think that the intemperance she has shown in her writing is unfortunate, but blogging for Edwards might have transformed her.

    I also keep thinking about how excited she was about being hired. It’s just sad and unfortunate.

    Jerri Lynn Ward (9f83e6)

  46. Gotcha, I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  47. Jerri Lynn,

    Exactly. I can empathize even with people who have been rude to me. I really think it’s sad on some level.

    Even if you want to be a crass partisan, you should be upset at losing a club to whack Edwards with.

    What I don’t understand is dancing over it.

    I think someone losing their job is a big event, and gloating over it is really not something I want to associate myself with — no matter who we’re talking about (almost).

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  48. So the head of the Catholic League complaining about a person dissing Catholics is now considered political campaign intervention?

    What planet do this morons live on? If anything Donahue did Edwards a favor.

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  49. She’ll have a book out in 6 months and retire to the Bahamas on the royalties.

    Bill Faith (3cc7e8)

  50. Marcotte resigns! Marcotte f#$…

    Take a g*6 @#$%@ nap and look what I miss!Edwards’ blogger resigns Michelle Malkin Blogmaster Amanda Marcotte has resigned from the Edwards’ campaign. Of course, it’s all the right wing’s and Catholic activists’ fault (a blame-avoidance strategy I…

    Bill's Bites (72c8fd)

  51. I’m certainly not gloating. One could describe my thoughts on the subject as decidedly uninterested. Perhaps even bored.

    Then again, I’m not sad about it either.

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  52. Gloating over her losing her job (if that’s what happened) is crass.

    She says she resigned. Why would she lie?

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  53. There are resignations and there are “resignations.”

    I did say “if that’s what happened.” You know, so as not to be branding her a liar.

    But . . .

    Given her evident anger, I’m thinking it’s not so much a resignation . . . as a “resignation.”

    If you get my drift.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  54. I wonder if all those liberal commenters who vowed to pay her moving expenses if Edwards fired her are still going to pony up.

    Especially since she apparently hadn’t left Austin yet. (Check the comments to the Announcement.)

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  55. Also from the comments at her blog, Amanda Marcotte explains last week’s non-apology:

    On the why did I apologize thing—I never apologized for my opinions or beliefs. I do feel bad if people read my comments out of context and are hurt, but I don’t think that’s my fault so much as the fault of people who take my writing out of context.

    DRJ (605076)

  56. Well there’s a shocker.

    To anyone who wasn’t paying attention.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  57. Amanda Marcotte
    Feb 12th, 2007 at 11:49 pm

    All people claiming to be good Christians who agitated for me to be fired, one question:

    Who would Jesus witchhunt?

    Think hard before answering, assholes.

    Resigned or fired?

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  58. “I share this attitude in general. The feeling, which Allah and I share, is that blogging has gotten too dangerous.”

    Call me (via email), because I just don’t get that idea.

    marcotte, at least. should have known the thicket she was walking into… unless she was an utter rube.

    TC@LeatherPenguin (dbe53c)

  59. I really like the way she brings Jesus into it.

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  60. I question the timing.

    Neo (cba5df)

  61. I guess the problem is that you can’t distinguish between someone who claims she resigned because people wanted her fired — and someone who was fired. They behave similarly.

    Clearly, she resigned under pressure. How much of the pressure was imposed by Edwards, we’ll probably never know for sure. I have my suspicions. But that’s all they are.

    Patterico (a8fa4a)

  62. I doesn’t matter how much pressure there was from Edwards because to her (and all other liberals) it will always be the right-wing conspiracy that leaned on him to cause it.

    Bottom line is that she should have never been hired in the first place.

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  63. Given her evident anger, I’m thinking it’s not so much a resignation . . . as a “resignation.”

    Well, you can second-guess her if you want, but I’m taking her at her word! Or at least her word at that particular moment when she hit Send. If she resigned instead of being fired, I don’t feel so bad about mocking her stupid rhetoric.

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  64. The more I ponder this….

    Patterico is right on about the disclosure issue. I myself am no puritan, and I’ve been accused of having a potty mouth myself (and all of you who think so can f*ck off ‘kay?). If some presidential hopeful were to contact me about blogging for them, I’d laugh in their faces. I KNOW I’d be a liability.

    So who was the bigger idiot here? Marcotte, who obviously believes that her factless rants are an edgy liberal utopia of wisdom that would benefit the Democratic party? Or Edwards who either did absolutely no checking up on her credentials, such as they are, or who honestly thought she would grow up when faced with a real job?

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  65. So who was the bigger idiot here? Marcotte, who obviously believes that her factless rants are an edgy liberal utopia of wisdom that would benefit the Democratic party? Or Edwards who either did absolutely no checking up on her credentials, such as they are, or who honestly thought she would grow up when faced with a real job?

    This comment reminds me… does anybody know what Marcotte actually does for a living, or is she just another one of those spoiled liberal trust-fund bitches babies? I admit that I refuse to go to her shithole site myself to find out, as my blood pressure probably couldn’t take the strain…

    qdpsteve (cd214a)

  66. The thing that kills me (metaphore, people!) is I am associated with a bagpipe band that has, on more than one occasion, told Dumbass billy, “Will you please just shut the fuck up?”

    TC@LeatherPenguin (dbe53c)

  67. if Donohue’s got so much juice, then tell me why the Diocese is closing churches in NYC?

    Marcotte ducked before anyone threw a high hard one at her head.

    TC@LeatherPenguin (dbe53c)

  68. Sarah,
    Just hazarding a guess, but I’d say, in order:

    1. Marcotte
    2. Edwards staffer who recommended Marcotte
    3. Edwards
    4. Marcotte
    5. MyDD/Chris Bowers
    6. Feministe
    7. Feministing
    8. DNC
    9. Impolitic
    10. Donohue
    , , ,
    76. Dan Collins
    77. Protein Wisdom
    78. KC Johnson

    Dan Collins (5938d1)

  69. qdpsteve,

    The Bio –

    Amanda settled for selling her soul to blogging when Satan confessed that even he had not the powers to turn her into the second coming of Diana Ross. At 29 years old, she’s spent the past decade plus being a standard issue Austin layabout and actually plans to discontinue in the near future as she disembarks for Chapel Hill, NC to work on the Edwards ‘08 campaign. Before her stint in the Texas oasis of liberalism, she grew up in the mountains of West Texas, a place that some say is sparsely populated for a good reason. She is assisted in the strenous task of blogging by her two lovely assistants Molly and Dusty, whose primary job duties are interrupting her by scratching the furniture and interrupting her by walking across the keyboard, for which they get paid in kibble.

    Amanda likes music and is insufferable, but she actually doesn’t consider herself a genuine Insufferable Music Snob, if for no other reason than she’s kind of scared of the real ones. She does accept bribes.

    She ain’t sayin. Not to say that she hasn’t said in the comments or elsewhere, but I don’t care enough to look.

    Sarah D. (f7e827)

  70. Please don’t ever use “Marcotte” and “high hard one” in the same sentence.

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  71. here is the comment that I posted on Miss Marcotte’s site…

    ” RichV
    Feb 13th, 2007 at 1:57 am

    Amanda, I’m just sorry that you don’t feel any reponsiblity for what you’ve said. Your statements, offended not just the religious right…but the religious LEFT (yes it does exist…look at the American Presbyterian Church for instance). Personally, I think you are an interesting psychological study…that you make yourself feel better by making outragous offensive statements, by putting others down in such a manner…is at best sad, at worst something to pity.

    You were axed because you continued to make bigotted statements…despite, not using foul language…to wit:

    “The Christian version of the virgin birth is generally interpreted as super-patriarchal, where god is viewed as so powerful he can impregnate without befouling himself by touching a woman, and women are nothing but vessels.”

    I learned many years ago that one who uses foul language is too lazy to make reasoned arguements and merely seeks to deflect close examination of those very arguments…so sad…and by declaring “revenge” you merely continue to prove that you were an inappropriate choice in the first place…though I expect that you’ll delete this comment as you do all others that disagree with your own world view…that however is your choice…to censor those with whom you disagree.

    Rich V. ”

    I expect that it will be deleted forthwith…lol

    Rich V (686801)

  72. Oh, and to give you an idea of Donohue’s sheer power, the last time he forced somebody from their job was when radio hosts Opie & Anthony did that St. Patrick’s Cathedral thing back in 2002. So yeah, he’s a real power broker alright.

    Jim Treacher (15574e)

  73. Pat “I Got Busted Posting A False Statement About My Principles on Marcotte Being Fired” Tero,

    [Yes, Mac “Every Word Out of My Mouth Is a Goddamned Lie” Swain? — P]

    Your protestations about being against headhunting are too little, too late. You saddled up with the posse, helped hand Marcotte over to the rabel and, as you saw the noose being readied, you looked to the left and saw another posse. A posse forming for McCain’s rightwing nutjob.

    Then you had an epiphany … “Wholly shit, if it’s okay to go headhunting for offensive blog posts of all lower level employees of elected or campaigning politicians, where does that leave …


    You’re not being honest about following that principle from the beginning. Your first post does not say it – as you falsely claimed. Your second and third posts only say you hope Edwards keeps her because she’d be a liability. You and I know that’s a whole different ball of wax then you would now like to portray as your principled position.

    Your whole role in this matter was despicable and it didn’t go unnoticed, despite your efforts at revisionist history.

    [You’re an idiot and a liar, as usual.

    First link: “[I]f John Edwards wants to have a psychotic, profane, illogical, man-hating feminist as his chief blogger, more power to him. This is much better for us than if he had hired someone unlikely to embarrass him.” Does that sound like I want her fired, my utterly dishonest friend? No — I applauded her being hired. You liar.

    My second and third links say only that I hope Edwards keeps her because she’d be a liability? Yes, my moronic friend. That is what I claimed they said in the post.

    I care about this because I am worried about McCain? Man, you’re stupider than you appear. I already addressed that claim in one of the posts, saying: “I have no reason to defend Hynes, since I don’t know him, and I can’t stand John McCain.” Get it? I can’t stand John McCain. So I really could not care less what his blogger says.

    You are a piece of work. Always vicious, always lying, and always stupid. A hat trick! — P]

    Macswain (5b310d)

  74. Amanda Marcotte Quits in Disgrace…

    John Edwards’ bad girl Amanda Marcotte resigned from the Edwards campaign just a few hours ago. She did it in a typical classless rant which just reinforces why Edwards should have fired her in the first place as we suggested last week.
    John E…

    Right Pundits (c4dbb4)

  75. Gawd people, please think of poor, forgotten Cindy Sheehan, will ya?

    4 Borders Pundit (ac3367)

  76. The weirdest part what she kept referring to these writing skills she possessed like they were some sort of gift channelled from Tolstoy.

    And what about: “It’s on”??? lolol What does she think this is–an episode of Laguna Beach?

    what_evar, these girls are pretty psycho and I’m beginning to think Edwards is too.

    Edward Stratton III (b04db5)

  77. I don’t like to see anyone fired, no matter how much they deserve it . . .

    I wonder how she will manage, with all that mouth to feed.

    biwah (0c8ae3)

  78. If anything I got tired of reading Patterico saying she shouldn’t be fired. He wrote it so much, he qualified what he was saying so carefully, that his posts became disjointed and it reduced the quality of his writing.

    But that’s what he gets for trying to cover himself in a comment on this situation when angry bigots are going wild.

    Frankly, I think you’re wrong on this Rico. For the position of blogmaster for a presidential political campaign she made herself unqualified with her bigoted rants and she should never have been hired – it should never have gotten to the fired/not fired stage. Her bigoted rants against the fundamental beliefs of people Edwards needs to attract to be elected disqualify her for consideration on a national political campaign.

    They don’t like that? Well…they’re not thinking clearly. You can’t spit on people and expect them to support you. Heck if anything I think its surprising how the right side of the blogosphere had sort of shrugged and moved on considering what she says (and apparently believes).

    Dwilkers (4f4ebf)

  79. The feeling, which Allah and I share, is that blogging has gotten too dangerous.

    Indeed it has, but not in Marcotte’s case. It’s too bad when someone loses a good job unrelated to blogging because of something they blogged about. I have no sympathy at all for someone whose blogging gets them a job they should not have gotten in the first place, and then causes them to lose the same job they shouldn’t have gotten in the first place. The only way I’d feel any sympathy for her is if it turned out that she left a good job to work for the campaign, and now can’t get that job (or a comparable one) back. Barring that, one ill-conceived blog-related hiring and one healthily-conceived blog-related firing would tend to cancel each other out, no?

    Xrlq (f52b4f)

  80. I just love it when people get called for writing socially unacceptable words, and then complain about their “Free Speech Rights” being violated. It goes along with “guilty until proven innocent.”

    The court of public opinion knows no such rules. Frankly, I forgot about Donoghue’s existence prior to this.

    But I do feel sorry for her blowing a sweet gig. And it might have been a growing experience for her, as she might have had an opportunity to meet someone who will disagree with her that she can respect. Instead, she remains in her liberal cloister, views unchallenged, with head held high but feet in the excrement she spews.

    Dale (b48357)

  81. #73: Oh, bullshit, Treach. O&A pissed off damn near the whole city with that stunt. Billy D. just went along for the ride when the Daily News and NY Post started the outcry.

    TC@LeatherPenguin (dbe53c)

  82. The feeling, which Allah and I share, is that blogging has gotten too dangerous.

    Actually, I tend to think that it’s just too easy to say poorly considered things that leave a trail behind you. Blogging isn’t dangerous. Pretending it’s not speech that you can be held accountable for is dangerous.

    Pablo (cb50c5)

  83. TC

    I believe Treacher’s tongue was firmly in his cheek with that remark

    Hey MacSwine

    Pay attention now… do a little compare and contrast: first Pastor Edwards little comment when he was keeping Mad Mandy

    The tone and the sentiment of some of Amanda Marcotte’s and Melissa McEwan’s posts personally offended me. It’s not how I talk to people, and it’s not how I expect the people who work for me to talk to people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that kind of from anyone on my campaign, whether it’s intended as satire, humor or anything else.

    Now, Mandy

    There is good news. The main good news is that I don’t have a conflict of interest issue anymore that was preventing me from defending myself against these baseless accusations.

    Baseless? What friggin’ alternative universe is she living in that she couldn’t write a movie review without doing a little anti-Christian dance in it and expect no one would notice?

    If your employer gives you a second chance after you’ve shown up at work drunk, then catches you with a bottle of vodka in your desk the next week… WHO is the ultimate dumba**?

    Darleen (543cb7)

  84. whoops…sorry about the unclosed tag

    Darleen (543cb7)

  85. I’m with Pablo here.

    Blogging is not dangerous, it’s not like her screaming misandry was hidden. Amanda Marcotte’s writings were quite literally an open book, and the fact Edwards even considered her is as much a condemnation of his lack of professional judgment as it is confirmation that the nutroots are just as shrill and harpy-like as they accuse the right of being.

    If Edwards didn’t know exactly who and what he was getting (baggage included) by hiring her, then I wouldn’t trust the man to manage a Taco Bell properly. He’s either a complete moron himself, or he’s politically unable to see the damage this would have inevitably done to campaign.

    Either way his 2008 run is over and done as of today. The nutroots won’t trust him, the rank and file Dems won’t care without the nutroots pushing him as The Next Big Thing, and the politically savvy beltway Dems won’t support him because the man can’t even handle what is in effect the simple act of hiring a PR writer.

    Howard Dean, Ned Lamont, now John Edwards. I wonder which Dem will be the next to try to grab the third rail.

    Jared (b9c42a)

  86. So, how long before people stary calling Edwards a “Flip-Flopper”?

    That shit was *annoying*…

    Leviticus (b987b0)

  87. “If your employer gives you a second chance after you’ve shown up at work drunk, then catches you with a bottle of vodka in your desk the next week… WHO is the ultimate dumba**?”

    Darleen FTW!

    MandyPants should have just shut down any and all blogging–even commenting–outside of the campaign’s confines, but, just like a stone cold junkie, she thought she could sneak in a quick fix and no one would notice.

    TC@LeatherPenguin (dbe53c)

  88. Why does any campaign need an actual ‘real life experienced connected’ blogger anyway?

    I mean, what’s the job description? We’re talking about someone that’s going to do daily blog entries on the candidate’s behalf about his events, positions, etcetera. They need to be able to compile a list of influential blogs on their side of the sphere and get hooked up with contacts so they can feed them info the candidate wants to get out.

    That’s about it right?

    What campaigns need to do is either pony up and get the Kevin Drum types or go low budget and hire a college journalism student to do it. There’s no need to hire someone like Marcotte with so much baggage. Hiring someone like Marcotte (or pick someone on the other side if you like) makes no sense at all to me.

    Dwilkers (4f4ebf)

  89. I like your stuff, but come on, Patterico, look deeper.

    She didn’t “lose her job.” Her “job” has been trying to become famous and influential among a certain group of people so she could write a book and make a pile of money and go out lecturing.

    In this, she has WILDLY succeeded (or will soon succeed).

    She’s not depressed or pissed or slapped-down, she’s ECSTATIC, no matter what she writes today on her blog.

    People think Edwards played her. HA! She played everybody else. Brilliant marketing.

    Chester White (679c07)

  90. If Ms. Amanda was a “standard issue Austin layabout” for the last ten years,it looks like Ol’ Waylon Jennings was wrong when he sang these lyrics in Amanda.

    “Amanda, light of my life, Fate should have made you a gentleman’s wife.”

    Another dream bites the dust–Waylon Jennings as a wise man. I don’t think that a gentleman would have this particular potty mouthed Amanda.

    Mike Myers (4d9a65)

  91. Sorry, was over at LA’s blog…

    1. Patterico is notorious for editing comments (He is? You must mean deleting trash, or adding his own comments.)
    2. Patterico manipulated an image of a screenshot of this thread (This isn’t some government trial, saying a screen capture is manipulating an image is crap, Patterico, using pdf always works for me)
    3. Patterico has a motive for doing this and stirring up trouble (just as LA has a motive for covering up and running and hiding.)

    Dont believe everything you read, kids.

    Im closing this thread to commenting. Patterico – shame on you!

    [ Shame on *me*. That’s rich. This guy has no idea how hurtful that comment was to carlito. I’ll have more tonight. Maybe carlito will elaborate here in the comments. — P]

    G (722480)

  92. Seriously, after seeing people takeover his name after his other post had been edited just proves how uncivil they are.

    G (722480)

  93. The best way, IMHO, for politicians the utilize bloggers is the same way they utilize TV programs like “Larry King Live” and “Face the Nation”. Ask for an interview. And be prepared.

    As for Edwards, the damage was done days ago, his “outreach” to the religious exposed as a fraud, and the candidate as a political dunce.

    larry (336e87)

  94. Well, Patterico, as I wrote on my blog, Amanda Marcotte was felled by a vast, right-wing conspiracy that had the unmitigated temerity to smear her using her own words.

    Robert O'Brien (79fb89)

  95. […] I wanted her to flourish or fail on the strength of her writing, alone, not on any “movement” within the right side of the blogosphere or any carrying on by aggrieved persons. Not that there was no justification for greivance; edgy, offensive writing is going to justly offend. But I’m weary of the whole “I’m offended and therefore this person should not be allowed to speak or make his/her living at Harvard crapola. It’s old. It’s boring. It’s tiresome. It stifles ideas. It creates victims and martyrs where there needn’t (or shouldn’t) be and completely confounds and muddies up issues. […]

    The Anchoress » New and old media evolving quickly (1b383c)

  96. As I have mentioned before:

    If Ms Marcotte really supports John Edwards, she could volunteer her services to him. And if she really supports him, she will be willing to curtail her disingenuous remarks on her blog at least for the duration of the electoral process.

    AuntieCoosa (0da1a4)

  97. Pat “I Got Busted By Macswain Posting A False Story” Tero,

    Nice dodge. I imagine in elementary school the teacher had to hold your hand after school to make sure you got on the right bus. We’d all say, “Don’t worry Corky. We saved you a window seat.” Then you could stare mouth agape at all the purty, passing trees.

    Now I’ll walk you through the logical steps you are playing so stupid about. When you saw the liberal posse forming for McCain’s lackey, it wasn’t feelings for McCain that made your ass pucker. It’s that you saw the new headhunting standards leading right to your own doorstep.

    That’s when you suddenly found a principle. Your earlier posts on Marcotte did not reflect a principled standard against such firings as you pretend now. Thiose posts, as I’ve already said and as your quote proves, only hoped Edwards would keep Marcotte for purely strategic reasons, i.e. that she was a liability to Edwards. You didn’t have the balls to specifically decry all those in your rightwing posse that were calling for her head.

    I did enjoy your hissified name-calling rant though.

    Macswain (76d8da)

    When this kind of censorship is so prevelent in American politics, when any god-fearing nutjob can affect a Presidental campaign because his feelings were hurt…we need to send the tax man to their door. Religion has several seats at the American Political Table.
    Obviously they’re not going to shut-up…It’s time for them to PUT UP and pay taxes like any other corporation trying to buy the American government. *Can you say “No more devesate”?

    TJFRMLA (cc6075)

  99. Yo Gibberish… This isn’t censorship. You know, what is with you people? Do you get your brains removed when you go socialist? I’m starting to subscribe to the notion that liberalism is a mental disorder.
    Look, Marcotte is still free to speak about whatever she wants on her blog. Anyway, I honestly wish Marcotte could have stayed so she could further hurt Edwards campaign. Religion has some political power because the voters are religious! We aren’t a Goddless nation you know.

    G (722480)

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