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Chat with L.A. Times Editorial Page Editor Andrés Martinez

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The L.A. Times reports that Andrés Martinez, Editorial Page Editor of the Los Angeles Times, will make himself available for a live chat at 2 p.m. Pacific today. You can get details on how to participate here.

I will be working and can’t participate. But I insist that you guys do this. I want Patterico commenters to be well represented. Ask the questions that I would have asked.

For example, I’d like to know why the editorial page made such a huge issue out of the secrecy of the Board of Rights that exonerated Officer Steven Garcia in the Devin Brown case, but (as far as I am aware) didn’t even mention the secrecy of the Police Commission proceedings that found Garcia had acted out of policy. Do they care about secrecy only when they don’t like the findings?

Or you could ask them about their ignorant editorial on gay marriage. Do they even understand how the initiative process works in this state? Study up, though — don’t let them weasel out of it with an argument like this.

Or heck — come up with your own questions.

But please, participate. And let me know how it went.

And kudos to the paper for finally starting this sort of thing.

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  1. The SMELL A TIMES is the biggist lair around you cant trust these liberal left-wing PC journalists

    krazy kagu (272de2)

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