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Snappishness, Plus Wishing Teflon Don Well

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I’m in a snappish mood, because I’m tired. I started this off as a post snapping at some idiot bloggers from various sites around the Internet. But nothing good would come of that. I’d get a cheap sense of satisfaction from revealing their arguments to be stupid — and they are; trust me on this. But I would make a couple more enemies in the process. Upon reflection, this is not a good use of time. I know it seems to be the main thing we do here on these Internet tubes, but right now it seems like a bad idea.

So I’m just going to go to sleep — after passing along the good news that Teflon Don was promoted. Wish him well.

Maybe I’ll be less snappish in the morning.


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Both of this morning’s posts have been updated. None of it called for a new post, but I didn’t want you to miss the updates.

Captain Copyright Is Dead!

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[posted by Justin Levine]

Thank goodness! I previously railed against this propagandist crock here. A more notable critic sounded off here.

Interesting to note that Captain Copyright people now admit that even legal “experts” can’t seem to agree about the basic parameters of fair use and other issues surrounding copyright law. Congress, the courts, world organizations and the copyright lobby have created an awful mess regarding a crucial aspect of free speech in modern society. Shame.

[posted by Justin Levine]

Tyranny of Trademark Law – Part 7 [The OTHER form of censorship]

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[posted by Justin Levine]

Another instance of big business lobbyists trying to bully a blogging soccer mom. Absolutely disgraceful in my view.

Top pork man Steve Murphy and legal hack Jennifer Daniel Collins blow big time – despite Murphy’s cynical apology after the fact of getting bad press on this move. But as Part 6 of the Tyranny of Trademark series suggests, President Bush also bears partial responsibility for this one.

I wasn’t sure if I should headline this event as an exhibit under the “Tyranny of Trademark” or “The Coming Legal Superstorm Against Bloggers“. Either one would fit.

[posted by Justin Levine]

Saving the Army of M.Croches Some Time (UPDATED)

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Brad from Sadly, No! apologizes to me here for suggesting that I am “a loon conspiracy theorist who thinks the media want to help the terrorists.” Then he contrasts me with the other right-wingers who, he claims, do fit that description.

m.croche is no doubt busy digging up links to prove to Brad & Company that I am indeed such a loon conspiracy theorist. Let me save him the trouble.


John Edwards Hires Amanda Marcotte As Chief Campaign Blogger

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John Edwards has hired Amanda Marcotte to be his campaign’s chief blogger. Reactions from the right are not positive. This fellow notes some of her interesting opinions. This fellow notes the praise that the selection has gotten from the left blogosphere.

What really seems to be getting some attention is her apparent decision to delete a post about the Duke rape case. See here, here, here, and here. Unfortunately for her, what she tried to cover up has been preserved by Google’s cache. Here is a taste:

In the meantime, I’ve been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good fucking god is that channel pure evil. For awhile, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out.

Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it?

So unfair.

Marcotte has made it onto my own radar screen before, and I thought I’d remind you of the highlights.


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