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Gee, What A Surprise…

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[published by Justin – not Patterico] 

It turns out that the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize murdered a couple of Americans in a terrorist attack.

Not that this news should be a surprise to anybody who is well read on the subject, but it is still astonishing to see primary source documents illustrating the depth of knowledge and cynicism from the U.S. State Department and the international community.

[published by Justin]

13 Responses to “Gee, What A Surprise…”

  1. The Nobel Foundation disgraced itself when it awarded the peace prize to an unrepentant terrorist in the first place.

    aunursa (1b5bad)

  2. You mean Kissinger or Botha?

    AF (8f7ccc)

  3. Bravo, Justin and everyone else here. The Nobel Prize is the biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind. The inventor of the the means to kill hundreds of million of people, high explosives, with which hundreds of millions of people have actually been killed since his invention (but made him very rich in the process of killing each other), wanted to be remembered kindly. The Nobel Prize Committee perpetuates his hypocrisy.

    nk (ca8012)

  4. teddy roosevelt also won the prize. Wasn’t he a killer too?

    actus (10527e)

  5. Of mosquitos. Literally. He saved a lot of lives by drying out swamps. He got the Nobel Prize for brokering peace between Russia and Japan. A silly thing to do, kind of like brokering peace between heynas and jackals. We had to deal with both of them later. Which suports Justin’s and my theory of the meaningless of the Nobel Prize.

    nk (32c481)

  6. There have been worthwhile recipients. The 2006 laureate, Muhammad Yunus, being a perfect example.

    Lech Wałęsa, Andrei Sakharov, Norman Borlaug, Martin Luther King Jr, George Marshall, and Albert Schweitzer come to mind.

    Although the list of useless fools and failures seems quite a bit larger.

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  7. @actus:
    teddy roosevelt was my favorite president of the 20th century, no more perfect than i am, but a model of anti-corporatism and pro-environmentalism at a time when there were very few others.
    @kevin murphy:
    two thumbs up for yunus, walesa, sakharov, marshall and schweitzer, one and a half thumbs up for king.
    borlaug’s green revolution did have short term benefits, at the cost of spurring overpopulation and creating botanical monocultures which might play out like the irish potato famine. hands in pockets for now.

    assistant devil's advocate (8e022d)

  8. It turns out that the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize murdered a couple of Americans in a terrorist attack.

    Hey, I always assumed that was part of the reason he got the prize.

    Attila (Pillage Idiot) (68fd1f)

  9. And remember when he died all those UN nations that flew their flags at half-mast and that he was often on american soil in the UN weailding a pistol to standing ovations from those UN wretches

    krazy kagu (711c87)

  10. Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace prize too. That means it is only given to the very deserving.

    R Xapt (bf5a7f)

  11. […] Of course, as Justin Levine pointed out, Yassir Arafat, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, was a murdering terrorist, with Americans among his victims. Considering how the late Mr Arafat turned down peace when it was offered to him by Israel’s Ehud Barak in January of 2001, one starts to wonder what the criteria for the Peace Prize are. (Past nominees have included such humanitarians as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Le Duc Tho and, of course, “Tookie” Williams.) […]

    Common Sense Political Thought » Archives » Breaking News: Al Gore nominated for Nobel Peace Prize! (819604)

  12. A new book on the web is “The War No More Book” by an anonymous author: A. Surtan Pursan
    You can read the whole book at
    The idea is that wars can’t be started if there were a law everywhere, and if it were enforced by arrest, trial and imprisonment upon conviction, that prohibits people from advocating murder of anyone for any reason. How can you start a war without advocating that people be killed? Right now there is no law ANYWHERE against seriously advocating that any number of people be killed.
    Can an anonymous author win the Nobel Peace Prize?

    peacewantedster (49d91c)

  13. The Nobel Price and the Nobel Peace Price is a completely different thing. Among past nominees are Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Milosevitz…not to mention the winners.
    If Gore has a little guts he would’t accept it.

    Ragika (9e20df)

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