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Lefties Push “Fake But Accura –” . . . Ah, Hell. Here Are Some Cool Videos

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A couple of days ago, I started to draft a post about the “fake but accurate” stance that so many lefties have taken with respect to the Jamil Hussein story. It began:

How would you feel if you found out that a police officer manufactured a piece of evidence against a defendant?

What if someone tried to minimize the officer’s offense by arguing:

Who cares? The defendant was guilty anyway. So what if an officer manufactured another piece of evidence against him — there’s already plenty of other evidence against him. How come you don’t care about whether the defendant is guilty?

If someone said that to me, I’d light into them. I’d tell them that I do indeed care about whether the defendant is guilty. But regardless of a defendant’s guilt, it’s illegal and immoral for an officer to manufacture evidence against a defendant.

The point is that truth is important, even if you happen to think that your lies serve a “larger truth.”

Yet when bloggers show that there are holes in an AP story — notably serious, gaping, and unretracted holes in the story that four mosques were burned — many on the left say simply: so what? Iraq is a bad place anyway.

Meh. It needed some extension and revision, and so I put it on the back burner. In the meantime, half the conservative blogging world has said it better. Plus, I’ve been in trial, and have had to pack for a trip.

I’m tired. So forget that post. Here are some links to some cool videos. (So much for my personal dynamism, eh, assistant devil’s advocate?)

My favorite link is this:

Amazing pool shots

That’s at a site I never heard of before called, which I learned about (indirectly) from this Xrlq post. I just went to that site and watched everything on the home page. Almost everything was interesting on some level. A lotta idiots out there.

But you read blogs, so you already knew that.

12 Responses to “Lefties Push “Fake But Accura –” . . . Ah, Hell. Here Are Some Cool Videos”

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  2. Never forget it is important for us to be successful going forward is to analyze that which went wrong.

    David Ehrenstein (f45bb3)

  3. It’s also important to keep in mind there’s issues in the south of Iraq, mainly Shia-on-Shia tensions. But primarily, the toughest fight for this new government is inside of Baghdad. Most of the deaths, most of the violence is within a 30-mile radius of Baghdad, as well as in Anbar Province. In other words, a lot of the country is moving along positively.

    David Ehrenstein (f45bb3)

  4. Just like I always say about the OJ case, “The LAPD got caught trying to frame a guilty man. The jury had to acquit.

    Michael Llaneza (aa4bc1)

  5. The case should have been prosecuted in Santa Monica where O.J. would have had a jury of peers — who are of course white.

    David Ehrenstein (f45bb3)

  6. patterico, are you going to hire a media agent like i recommended on the other thread? a year or two from now you could have your own show (and be making more money than sin) and invite me to be on it. if you stay where you are now, there’s only going to be more criminals, particularly after the economy blows up due to the bush policies. remember, the key to advancement isn’t working harder, it’s working smarter.

    assistant devil's advocate (a496c0)

  7. No evidence was faked and no REAL cop needs to fake evidence. Raphael Perez, David Mack, and their ilk did so not because they were LA cops (Rampart), but because they were sleazeballs who Mayor Bradley ordered LA’s Personnel Department and LAPD to accept. Mark Fuhrman’s award-winning career also proves his excellent performance. LA’s downtown jury problem has to do with “jury nullification” and not bad cops framing suspects. Jurors knew OJ was guilty, but they wanted to “get some” after the Rodney King acquittals. Laywers like Johnny Cochran (currently serving as one of Muhammad’s 72 virgins) are only too pleased to exploit LA’s incompetent jury pool to acquit guilty suspects, and LA politicians are too afraid to admit it. I fear for any white male cop who is accused of anything – juries that are willing to acquit the guilty also have no problem convicting the factually innocent.

    Clark Baker (337440)

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    David Ehrenstein (f45bb3)

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    It’s the holiday season … do you suppose the wingnuts are reaching out to their fellow man? Ace of Spades – Palestinians killing each other gives me a warm holiday feeling.All Things Beautiful – I have an inalienable right to…

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  10. Like this?

    fishbane (3389fc)

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