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Voting for Best Conservative Blog Is Open

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I’m going to say this only once.

If you want to vote for this blog as Best Conservative Blog, the voting is open, and you can do so here. You can vote once per day through December 15.

I am in last place now, and that’s where I’m going to end up. I’ve known that from the beginning, and I’m fine with it. It’s quite arguably the correct result anyway, given the other fine blogs on the list.

But feel free to vote anyway should the spirit move you. It could at least minimize my embarrassment, y’know?

14 Responses to “Voting for Best Conservative Blog Is Open”

  1. I’ve already voted for you twice because I think you deserve to win. Your blog is a showcase for quality opinions – mostly yours but you have good commenters, too. Quality opinions coupled with fair-minded debate is hard to find, even on the internet.

    DRJ (a41dd4)

  2. I rocked the vote. I didn’t want Puffy and Springsteen getting all mad at me.

    JVW (255a81)

  3. I voted for you twice already, yesterday and today! 🙂

    Sure, you don’t get the traffic of Powerline or LGF or Michelle Malkin; so what? People visit sites because they like them, and it’s obvious that your readers like this site. The original articles are (usually) good, and you’ve really got a top-notch group of commenters; even the liberals who comment here (actus, aphrael, LA, and Psyberian come to mind) are pretty good.

    And your design presentation is by far the best I’ve seen; kudos to your designer!

    Dana (e7aa47)

  4. I sure do like quite a few of these blogs. It’s a rich and diverse group.

    powerline and ace of spades-that’s a wide old tent.

    But this site does have quite a bit of legitimate journalism that isn’t always found on the other blogs. Real interviews, great content. It goes beyond commentary. I did vote for this one today, though I voted for a different one yesterday (help me jon carrie!)

    Patt’s main fault is just that it isn’t as frequenstly updated. That leads to fewer readers. I guess he has a job or something. sheesh.

    Dustin (ea244e)

  5. Heh – Dustin doesn’t think you post enough, and yet another commenter in an earlier post accused you of being three people!

    I ususally just lurk, but do enjoy your blog, mostly because of the original content. You got my vote.

    Dean (662301)

  6. It’s not that he doesn’t post enough, it’s that a lot of the other sites post a hell of a lot more. Some of the other blogs actually have several people posting, too.

    Getting something new when you update every half hour probably increases more than just page-hits – it increases readership. Not a complaint, just an observation.

    Dustin (ea244e)

  7. I resent the omission, Dana.
    A pox on you. Harr…

    in re: the actual post,

    Why should I? My vote won’t matter anyway… Waaaaaa

    Leviticus (e4553e)

  8. I was thinking that your web design – the way it functions, and the capabilities it has, was aces. I sure do agree with Dana on that one. Good luck.

    RJN (e12f22)

  9. Considering I know who’s going to win, I voted for you yesterday Pat 🙂

    I couldn’t even get into the ‘best of the rest’ finals, so I’m bummed [heh]

    Lord Nazh (285c90)

  10. i voted for you. good luck.

    assistant devil's advocate (15036f)

  11. Last place!? Not so fast.

    Russell (874da3)

  12. Its hard to realy know theres so many out there

    krazy kagu (5e1710)

  13. Great commenters. And I like your personal touch, Mr. P.

    rightisright (2cbc9b)

  14. OK, so far you have 406 votes, and are no longer in last place; you’ve got Hugh Hewitt beat! Having voted for you five times, I am a solid 1.2% of your total votes; if there were a Patterico’s Pontifications coffee mug, I’d certainly deserve one! 🙂

    But out of thousands of visitors every day, I think you ought to have more votes by now; we should blame aphrael!

    Dana (3e4784)

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