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Weblog Award Finalists — Despite My Best Efforts to Avoid It . . .

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Really, I try to avoid this Weblog Awards nonsense. Paying attention to it has turned me into a pathetic vote-seeker in the past, and so I steadfastly refused to nominate myself or pay any attention during this last go-round.

But reader Rick W. e-mailed me with a link to the list of Finalists, and imagine my shock to see this list of Finalists for Best Conservative Blog:

Ace of Spades
Captain’s Quarters
Little Green Footballs
Hugh Hewitt
Michelle Malkin
Mary Katherine Ham
Patterico’s Pontifications
Red State
The Jawa Report
Power Line

I can’t look at that list without hearing that Sesame Street song going through my head:

One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong . . .

Well, it’s a pleasure to see my name on such a distinguished list, even if it’s a certainty that I will end up at the bottom. I’m okay with that. It’s like that saying: you’d rather have the worst house in the best neighborhood than the best house in the worst neighborhood.

This is a great neighborhood to be in, and I’m thrilled to be an occupant of the worst house of the group.

16 Responses to “Weblog Award Finalists — Despite My Best Efforts to Avoid It . . .”

  1. Your blog is the only one on the list that I read regularly so you must be doing something right.

    James B. Shearer (fc887e)

  2. Heh. I kinda feel like you’re always hassling me, James, but I’ll take your comment in the kind spirit in which you intended it. Keep reading, and keep hassling!

    Patterico (de0616)

  3. That is such a great list, Patterico.

    And you deserve to be on it. I have such a hard time rating them 1-10.

    I’ll tell you that even amongst such illustrious company, 6 of which I read regularly, three occasionally, and another rarely, you wouldn’t be number 10.

    Christoph (9824e6)

  4. Well done!

    rightisright (2cbc9b)

  5. location, location, location!

    assistant devil's advocate (ce34e1)

  6. I bet Xrlq wishes he was on that list.

    Bojangles (ec50a9)

  7. Actually, you’re pretty much head and shoulders above the rest of that list.

    Then again, I’m a liberal.

    Geek, Esq. (7fb9f3)

  8. “One of these things is not like the others”?

    You’re right. These are all serious or semi-serious commentary. Ace of Spades belongs in the Humor, Boobs And Random 80’s Videos From YouTube category. 😉

    PCachu (e072b7)

  9. I hope this makes up for the snubbing that the Nobel Prize Committee gave you?

    Pat Patterson (5b3946)

  10. Well, if you want to avoid such things, you could always make your site crappier; is that the way you want to go?

    Dana (3e4784)

  11. I second James. I read no other blogs.

    Leviticus (43095b)

  12. There are some quality blogs on the list, but Patterico is way out in front for quality of discussion. Guess that doesn’t warrant its own category…this year. A related category might be the “thinking liberal’s favorite conservative blog”.

    biwah (2dcf66)

  13. Ace of Spades
    Captain’s Quarters
    Little Green Footballs
    Hugh Hewitt
    Michelle Malkin
    Mary Katherine Ham
    Patterico’s Pontifications
    Red State
    The Jawa Report
    Power Line

    I would doubt that any of these people who run these fine weblogs have a full-time job as a prosecuter. I would not imply that what they do daily in their lives is in any way more or less important than yours. Only that you can do both so well. A father’s son you are.



    Rovin (317330)

  14. Oh, come one Patrick. Your reverse psychologies won’t work one me! 😉

    “See, I really am paying no attention . . . that that award over there. No attention at all.”


    “See how well I’m ignoring it?”

    I see through your little game.

    B. Minich (659df0)

  15. Should beat all those boring award shows with the suail hollywood idiots giving long boring speeches of why they won. I WANT TO THANK ALL THE FISH IN THE OCEAN ALL THE BIRDS IN THE AIR ALL THE ANIMALS IN THE JUNGLE ALL THE BUGS THAT C CRAWL went these critter could,nt give a darn why they won

    krazy kagu (5e1710)

  16. […] The preliminary results of the Weblog Awards place me among the top ten blogs in the category of Best Conservative Blog. Which is a nice way of saying that, as predicted, I came in last place. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » We’re Number Ten! We’re Number Ten! (421107)

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