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Jamil Hussein Controversy in U.S. News and World Report

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The Jamil Hussein controversy is in U.S. News & World Report (at least online!), in a brief paragraph that quotes Jules Crittenden’s column on the subject.

Crittenden is a valuable ally to bloggers trying to bring issues to the attention of Big Media. You should be reading his blog daily.

10 Responses to “Jamil Hussein Controversy in U.S. News and World Report”

  1. i don’t trust either the u.s. military or the associated press, and i don’t have enough reliable information to determine who, exactly, jamil hussein is.
    “you should be reading his blog daily”
    i have a fairly demanding life in “meatspace” which precludes me from reading absolutely everything in cyberspace.

    assistant devil's advocate (bbbd90)

  2. AP’s credibility is on the line, and the issue is being surfaced in a few more MSM outlets every day. AP’s ability to ignore it’s professional obligation to provide open and forthright verification for the Burning Six story has about run its course. It’s time for the AP to put the evidence on the table, nothing else will do.

    mokus (b705f5)

  3. Right and Wong…

    CENTCOM says AP’s Iraqi police source isn’t Iraqi police — Part 10 — Continued from this post….

    Bill's Bites (72c8fd)

  4. Mark Tapscott has some good thoughts, too.

    DRJ (a41dd4)

  5. This whole situation with Jamil Hussein and the A(wt)P seems to be another case of GHBP [Green Helmet’s Blue Pacifier]

    jihad_for_what (18c246)

  6. Here’s a pretty horrifying article I saw in the Guardian today:,,1962643,00.html

    Difficult to believe, but apparently it’s pretty well-documented. Haven’t heard about it before. Coverup, anyone?

    Russell (96c1d0)

  7. “i don’t trust either the u.s. military or the associated press”

    But you trust some guy with an Iraqi area code? If he even has that.

    jpm100 (851d24)

  8. Apologies to ADA. I misread his post. My response in not appropriate.

    jpm100 (851d24)

  9. I hope everyone isn’t holding their breathe until the ASSociated (with terrorists) Press admits they have duped the American, no make that worlds, people for the past three years. BDS had progressed to insanity in most of the antique MSM. Conservative Bloggers will feret out the liars. Liberal bloggers are hiding under their rocks.

    Scrapiron (a90377)

  10. Scoop! Time’s 2006 Man-of-the-Year, days ahead of…

    It took a single, surreptitous email from my mole to preempt one of the media’s most anticipated events. Yes, Time Magazine’s Man-of-the-Year is none other than……

    Doug Ross @ Journal (59ce3a)

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