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Clint Taylor on World Leaders and the Occult

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Clint Taylor has an excellent essay on world leaders’ dabbling in fortune telling and the occult, here.

He subtly alludes to such activities by Nancy Reagan and Hillary Clinton:

While getting national policy advice from the occult sounds weird, it is, sad to say, not exactly unusual. And the dabblings of a couple of American first ladies notwithstanding, it is usually the province of the most evil and repressive dictatorships in the world.

That’s a good excuse for linking Harry Shearer’s Le Show skit in which Hillary talks to Eleanor Roosevelt. (Fair warning: I searched for it on Harry’s site because I had heard the original on the radio. But I can’t get the above file to play. Hopefully you will have better luck.)

2 Responses to “Clint Taylor on World Leaders and the Occult”

  1. there’s nothing wrong with talking to eleanor roosevelt. it’s when you hear her talking back to you…

    assistant devil's advocate (ee0417)

  2. Remmeber when the news media made fun of RONALD REAGAN when he used astrology? but did,nt saya thing when HILLARY CLINTON sued to say how she talked with the ghost of ELENOR ROOSIVELT

    krazy kagu (52a738)

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