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Althouse on Ellers/Ellison/Ellensburg

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Ann Althouse wonders how people can bear to read Rick Ellensburg. She adds:

I get the impression that he is insinuating that I support right-wing efforts at gay-bashing. If so — and I’m not going to put up with reading his crap to find out — that is utterly despicable and false.

I am shocked at the suggestion that Ellison might write something despicable and false, or baselessly suggest that someone supports right-wing anti-gay measures. What does right-wing pundit Kirsten Powers think about all this?

P.S. I hope Ann is aware that by defending herself against dishonest attacks by Greenwald, even once, she is automatically labeled as being “obsessed” with him. Commenter Macswain makes that accusation in comments below — even though this is the only post Althouse has ever done about him. That’s how his commenters operate: in classic Catch-22 style. If you don’t respond, it’s because you can’t refute his excellent arguments. If you do respond and defend yourself (even once, like Althouse), you’re “obsessed.” Yossarian would have been impressed.

Clint Taylor Was Right About the Hezbollah Presence in Venezuela

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Pipe bombs found outside the U.S. embassy in Venezuela may be connected with Hezbollah, potentially corroborating Clint Taylor’s earlier reports of that terror group’s Latin American operations.

Allah at Hot Air notes that today is the 23rd anniversary of the Beirut barracks bombing. Coincidence??

A hearty Patterico “huzzah!” to the first commenter who locates a DU or Kos poster/commenter arguing that this is merely part of Bush’s grand plan to invade every country in the world with oil.

UPDATE 7:38 p.m.: That didn’t take long. Kudos to LibraryLady, who has located the following DU thread, which connects the detention of the bombmaker with Bushitler plans to invade Venezuela.

Suggestion for L.A. Times Editors: A Column from the Readers’ Representative

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The L.A. Times has been looking for ways to improve its content and re-engage the reader.

How about giving the Readers’ Representative a column?

I was reminded of this idea upon reading NYT ombudsman Byron Calame’s column from yesterday, in which he said that he now believes the New York Times should not have published the Swift terrorist finance tracking story. While I was very disappointed that Calame’s change of heart came four months late and buried deep in his column, at least it appeared in the pages of the paper, and that’s worth something.

If memory serves, there used to be a column from the Readers’ Representative at the L.A. Times. It seems like it appeared only rarely (once a week? once a month?) and was short-lived. I wonder why.

I think people would like to hear how reader complaints are being handled at the paper. Right now, I think the issue of how the L.A. Times handles reader complaints sometimes gets more publicity through this web site than through the pages of its own paper.

That doesn’t make sense to me.

I have suggested that the paper make a direct connection to readers through comments and trackbacks. That’s the best way to re-engage the reader.

But failing that, why not make public some commentary from the person the editors have designated to be their liaison to the public?

New Gin Blossoms Album: Recommended

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My wife and I listened to most of the new Gin Blossoms album on the way back from dinner last night.

It’s surprisingly strong. It’s tough to assess an album after just one listen, but I can safely say that I recommend it.

It took them 10 years to get this out, so you’d think they could pick some strong songs, and they have. The songs have excellent harmonies and interesting chord changes. It’s not your typical three-chord junk.

Definitely worth the money if you’re a fan. If you’re not, maybe this will make you one.

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