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Rick Ellensburg: Kirsten Powers Is a “Right-Wing Pundit”

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Dishonest link, or insult? You be the judge.

Ellison says:

Right-wing pundits this week spent several days expressing such intense outrage over the outing by Mike Rogers, claiming that the conduct of this single, obscure blogger somehow shows how depraved and evil The Democratic Party itself is.

The link for the word “outrage” goes to a post at Kirsten Powers’s blog.

In other words, Ellensburg/Ellers/Ellison/Greenwald is calling Kirsten Powers a “right-wing pundit.”

Well, if Glenn Greenwald says it, it must be true. After all, he’s never misrepresented links before . . .

Allah has been trying to accomplish KP’s conversion for months now. Looks like it’s finally complete.

Enough Already

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It’s nobody’s business whether a politician is allegedly gay, whether they are a Republican or a Democrat.

Nor is there reason to assume allegations are true without proof.

Both sides should cut it out.

P.S. And, just as Democrats should be condemning the alleged outing of Larry Craig, conservatives should denounce this.

Meghan Daum on Internet Rage

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L.A. Times columnist Meghan Daum has a column today about the angry reaction to her column last week about the Columbia protests. Today’s column clarifies her point from last week, and mentions yours truly and this web site.

I give my reactions and the relevant background in the extended entry, including a description of the e-mail exchanges I had with Daum this week.


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